Vice-Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University

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Vice-Chancellor of the Banaras Hindu University
Hindi: Kashi Hindu Vishvavidyaalay ke Kulpati
Logo of Benares Hindu University.png
Seal of the university
Banaras Hindu University Flag.png
BHU Flag flies atop vice-chancellor's car and office
Sudhir K Jain Potrait.png
Sudhir K. Jain
since 07 January 2022
StyleThe Hon'ble Vice Chancellor[1] [2]
StatusChief Executive of the Banaras Hindu University
Member ofExecutive Council, Academic Council, and Finance Committee of the Banaras Hindu University
Reports toExecutive Council, University Court, and President of India
ResidenceCochin House, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India[5]
SeatCentral Office, Banaras Hindu University
NominatorMinistry of Education
AppointerPresident of India
(Visitor of the university)
Term length3 years
Second term of fresh appointment possible.
Constituting instrumentBanaras Hindu University Act of 1915
PrecursorChancellor of BHU
Formation01 April 1916
First holderSir Sunder Lal
DeputyThe Rector of the Banaras Hindu University
Salary210,000 (US$2,600) monthly. Excluding other allowances[6]
WebsiteOfficial website

The vice-chancellor of Banaras Hindu University (VC-BHU) is the chief administrator, and a full-time salaried officer of the Banaras Hindu University. The vice-chancellor derives his powers from sections 7(B) and 7(C) of the Banaras Hindu University Act (BHU Act) and from the statutes of the said act.[7][8]

Although the chancellor of Banaras Hindu University, preceding the vice-chancellor, is the "head of the university" under the BHU Act, it is only a titular position.[9] The vice-chancellor is the principal executive and academic officer of the university. She or he is the ex-officio chairperson of the Executive Council, the Academic Council, and the Finance Committee of the university.[10]

Applications for the appointment of vice-chancellor of Banaras Hindu University are invited openly by the Ministry of Education, which recommends the candidate to the president of India. Upon their satisfaction, the president appoints the vice-chancellor.[6][11] Per the BHU Act, vice-chancellors of the university have a three-year tenure in the office. They are, however, eligible for a second term of appointment upon expiration of the first term.[12] The maximum age for holding the office is 65 years.[13] When a vice-chancellor leaves office by the means of retirement, resignation, death, or ill-health, the rector assumes the office as officiating vice-chancellor to avoid interregnum.[14]

There have been 28 vice-chancellors since the establishment of the university.[15][3]

On 7 January 2022, Prof. Sudhir K. Jain took office as the current and 28th vice-chancellor of Banaras Hindu University.[16][17]

Chronological list[edit]

The vice-chancellors of Banaras Hindu University, in the chronological order, are as follows:[15]

No. Image Name Period of office[15] Appointed by

(President of India)

asterisk (*) denotes Governor-General of India

British India Appointments
1 Sir Sunder Lal VC-BHU.jpg Rai Bahadur

Sir Sunder Lal


1 April 1916 13 April 1918 The Lord Hardinge of Penshurst*
2 Sir P.S. Sivaswami Iyer


13 April 1918 8 May 1919 The Lord Chelmsford*
  • Presided as the vice-chancellor at university's first convocation[18]
Mahamana Madan Mohan Malaviya Portrait.jpg
Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya

Bharat Ratna

29 November 1919 6 September 1938 The Lord Chelmsford*
  • Founder of the university.
Photograph of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan presented to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in 1962.jpg
Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Bharat Ratna

17 September 1939 16 January 1948 The Earl of Willingdon*
  • Served as university's Vice-Chancellor for more than 8 years.
  • Went on to become the president of India
Dominion of India Appointments
5 Amarnath Jha VC-BHU.jpg Amarnath Jha

Padma Bhushan

27 February 1948 5 December 1948 Lord Mountbatten*
6 Pandit Govind Malaviya cropped.jpg Pandit Govind Malaviya 6 December 1948 21 November 1951 C. Rajagopalachari*
Independent India Appointments
7 Narendra Deva 1971 stamp of India.jpg Acharya Narendra Dev 6 December 1951 31 May 1954 Rajendra Prasad
8 CPRamaswami Aiyar 1939.jpg Sir C.P. Ramaswami Iyer


1 July 1954 2 July 1956
9 Veni Shankar Jha VC-BHU.jpg Veni Shankar Jha

Padma Bhushan

3 July 1956 16 April 1960
10 N.H. BHagwati VC-BHU.jpg N. H. Bhagwati 16 April 1960 15 April 1966
11 Triguna Sen 2010 stamp of India.jpg Triguna Sen 9 October 1966 15 March 1967 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
12 Professor Amar Chand Joshi.jpg A.C. Joshi 1 September 1967 31 July 1969 Zakir Husain
13 Kl shrimali.jpg Kalu Lal Shrimali

Padma Vibhushan

1 November 1969 31 January 1977 V. V. Giri
14 Moti Lal Dhar.jpg Moti Lal Dhar 2 February 1977 15 December 1977 Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
15 Professor Hari Narain.jpg Hari Narain

Padma Shri

15 May 1978 14 May 1981 Neelam Sanjiva Reddy [21]
16 Iqbal Narain.png Iqbal Narain 19 October 1981 29 April 1985
17 Raghunath Prasad RP Rastogi.jpg R.P. Rastogi 30 April 1985 29 April 1991 Zail Singh
18 Chandra Shekhar CS Jha.jpeg C.S. Jha 1 May 1991 14 June 1993 Ramaswamy Venkataraman
19 Devendra Nath DN Misra.jpeg D.N. Mishra 8 February 1994 27 June 1995 Shankar Dayal Sharma
20 Hari Gautam VC-BHU.jpg Hari Gautam 2 August 1995 25 August 1998
21 Prof. Y.C. Simhadri VC-BHU.png Y.C. Simhadri 31 August 1998 20 February 2002 K. R. Narayanan
22 Patcha Ramachandra Rao.jpg Patcha Ramachandra Rao 20 February 2002 19 February 2005 A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
23 Dr. Panjab Singh.jpg Panjab Singh 3 May 2005 7 May 2008
24 Prof. D.P. Singh Director NAAC Vice Chancellor Banaras Hindu University.jpg D.P. Singh 8 May 2008 21 August 2011 Pratibha Patil
25 Lalji Singh Bkm.jpg Lalji Singh

Padma Shri, FNA, FASc

22 August 2011 21 August 2014
26 Girish Chandra Tripathi.jpg Girish Chandra Tripathi 27 November 2014 26 November 2017 Pranab Mukherjee
27 Rakesh Bhatnagar 27th Vice-Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University.png Rakesh Bhatnagar 28 March 2018 28 March 2021 Ram Nath Kovind
28 Sudhir K Jain Potrait.png Sudhir K. Jain

Padma Shri

7 January 2022 Incumbent[27]
  • NIRF ranking of the university dropped from 3 to 6 after 5 years.[28][29]


Central Registry in the university is the Seat/Office of the Vice Chancellor.
Central Registry in the university is the Seat/Office of the Vice Chancellor.
Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya Resignation from Vice-Chancellor, Banaras Hindu University due to poor health.
Madan Mohan Malviya resigns as the Vice-chancellor in 1939 due to poor health

Sudhir K. JainRakesh BhatnagarGirish Chandra TripathiLalji SinghD. P. Singh (naturalist)Panjab SinghPatcha Ramachandra RaoY.C. SimhadriHari GautamIqbal NarainHari NarainMoti Lal DharKalu Lal ShrimaliA C JoshiTriguna SenNatwarlal H. BhagwatiVeni Shankar JhaSir C.P. Ramaswami IyerAcharya Narendra DevPandit Govind MalaviyaAmarnath JhaSir Sarvepalli RadhakrishnanPandit Madan Mohan MalaviyaSir P.S. Sivaswami IyerSir Sunder Lal

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