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Vadodara Innovation Council
FoundedMay 2011

Vadodara Innovation Council (VIC) is the first city-based Innovation Council in India, associated with the National Innovation Council. Vadodara Innovation Council started functioning in May-2011 under the leadership of technocrat Dr. Madhu Mehta.[1] VIC, a non-profit company, has the stated goal "To build Innovative, Curious and Questioning Society in Vadodara region".

Vadodara as an Innovative city[edit]

On 16 June 2013, Sam Pitroda has launched the vision and initiative to make 'Vadodara as an Innovative city', the first-of-its-kind in India.[2]

Tod Fod Jod Centre[edit]


It has started 'Tod Fod Jod Centre' (TFJC) for school students, being the second such initiative in India after Delhi. IT is a unique initiative, where students open the device, understand the different parts, its working principles, scientific & engineering concepts behind it and then assemble it. In its first phase, the students experimented with a ceiling fan, computer, clock, bicycle and telephone.[3][4][5]

Innovation partner to VCCI Expo 2014[edit]

Vadodara Chamber of Commerce Industry (VCCI) has partnered with VIC for VCCI Expo 2014 (27 November 2014 – 1 December 2014), where 56 participants showcased their innovation or prototypes.[6]

InnoQuest - Digital[edit]

It has partnered with DDKF Mumbai to start sessions on digital learning.


As a result of its hosting an innovation workshop for 10,000 school students in the short span of 8 months, it received commendable recognition at national level[citation needed]. The model is to be replicated in 1,000 cities of India.[7][8] In its first phase 31 schools including 11 municipal (government) schools were covered.

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