VFD Microfinance Bank

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VFD Microfinance Bank
ServicesOnline banking
ParentVFD Group

VFD Microfinance Bank is a fully digital bank with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. As a digital bank, it offers free banking services to Nigerians.[1][2][3] The bank is headed by Gbenga Omolokun as the managing director.[4][5] VFD Microfinance Bank is a subsidiary of VFD Group a proprietary investment company with Nonso Okpala as Managing Director/ CEO[6][7]


VBank (V by VFD or V) is a virtual bank and platform powered by VFD Microfinance Bank and was launched on March 25, 2020. It was created to offer free online banking.[2][8][9][10] Currently, VBank has onboarded more than 500,000 active individuals and businesses on its mobile banking platform across Nigeria.[11]


Veelage is VBank’s community-based reward system that allows customers to earn on the go. Veelagers are ranked and rewarded based on their active participation. [1]


VBiz is the VBank equivalent for businesses. It is an all-in-one platform enabling Corporate and SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) users to open, manage and transact from their V Bank Accounts. [2]


VBank has won the following awards:

  • Gage Banking App of The Year, 2021.[12]
  • Gage Mobile Banking App of The Year, 2022.[13]


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