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Reverted comment in Talk

Here, you rolled back my input that directly addresses how the article might be improved. Your only comment, "I cannot see how this post is intended to improve the article"

You do not understand how adding a counter-point to faulty reasoning cited in the article would improve the article?

My paragraph in Talk provides the counter-argument to Taylor's poorly-reasoned train of thought. It either deserves to be addressed in Talk with a counter argument or left to stand to inform others of the illogic of Taylor's thesis. To simply delete my comment because you do not understand it quashes open and reasonable debate. I provide a reasoned argument and rather than address that in Talk or ask me directly to clarify that which you do not understand you simply erased it so others cannot see it or address it (for or against). Your act is not just against my post but against any who support open debate.

Why? I could guess and leave it at that, yet that would be foolish and take away your right to speak.