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I saw to there is one user who push hard some naratives about "Czechoslovakia's non-violent defense against the Soviet occupation" even with some claims about vicory of that defence (when in fact and in other articles and at web I found to until 1989, that country was just a puppet state of soviet union and member of the warsaw pact) and "sources" are total mess, some "non violence on state level article" also what I don't know how passed control to be accepted as a article, it is total mess, and I saw you acted against that and some of that user edits. User started changing many pages even countries articles, Slovakia and also Czechoslovakia for example with a note to they "introduced" Non-violence at the state level (who? official? How? What success it had until 1989,if any?), and that can make readers confused or to get some wrong impression. I dont know what is it about, advocacy or promotion or even just some vandalism. Or even also washing invason or changing outcomes. But seems serious. Anyway it need serious wide acceptance in sources and community,among historians and political scientists for any such claims, not some fringe stuff or presonal opinions. If there some historian or so has some opinion what is not similar to majority views it should be named and contributed and said to it is minority view. Thank you. (talk) 18:03, 9 October 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]