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New Page Patrol newsletter October 2022[edit]

Hello PamD,

Much has happened since the last newsletter over two months ago. The open letter finished with 444 signatures. The letter was sent to several dozen people at the WMF, and we have heard that it is being discussed but there has been no official reply. A related article appears in the current issue of The Signpost. If you haven't seen it, you should, including the readers' comment section.

Awards: Barnstars were given for the past several years (thanks to MPGuy2824), and we are now all caught up. The 2021 cup went to John B123 for leading with 26,525 article reviews during 2021. To encourage moderate activity, a new "Iron" level barnstar is awarded annually for reviewing 360 articles ("one-a-day"), and 100 reviews earns the "Standard" NPP barnstar. About 90 reviewers received barnstars for each of the years 2018 to 2021 (including the new awards that were given retroactively). All awards issued for every year are listed on the Awards page. Check out the new Hall of Fame also.

Software news: Novem Linguae and MPGuy2824 have connected with WMF developers who can review and approve patches, so they have been able to fix some bugs, and make other improvements to the Page Curation software. You can see everything that has been fixed recently here. The reviewer report has also been improved.

NPP backlog May – October 15, 2022


  • There is much enthusiasm over the low backlog, but remember that the "quality and depth of patrolling are more important than speed".
  • Reminder: an article should not be tagged for any kind of deletion for a minimum of 15 minutes after creation and it is often appropriate to wait an hour or more. (from the NPP tutorial)
  • Reviewers should focus their effort where it can do the most good, reviewing articles. Other clean-up tasks that don't require advanced permissions can be left to other editors that routinely improve articles in these ways (creating Talk Pages, specifying projects and ratings, adding categories, etc.) Let's rely on others when it makes the most sense. On the other hand, if you enjoy doing these tasks while reviewing and it keeps you engaged with NPP (or are guiding a newcomer), then by all means continue.
  • This user script puts a link to the feed in your top toolbar.
Saving the best for last: From a July low of 8,500, the backlog climbed back to 11,000 in August and then reversed in September dropping to below 6,000 and continued falling with the October backlog drive to under 1,000, a level not seen in over four years. Keep in mind that there are 2,000 new articles every week, so the number of reviews is far higher than the backlog reduction. To keep the backlog under a thousand, we have to keep reviewing at about half the recent rate!
  • Newsletter feedback - please take this short poll about the newsletter.
  • If you're interested in instant messaging and chat rooms, please join us on the New Page Patrol Discord, where you can ask for help and live chat with other patrollers.
  • Please add the project discussion page to your watchlist.
  • If you are no longer very active on Wikipedia or you no longer wish to be a reviewer, please ask any admin to remove you from the group. If you want the tools back again, just ask at PERM.
  • To opt out of future mailings, please remove yourself here.

New Pages Patrol newsletter January 2023[edit]

Hello PamD,

New Page Review queue December 2022

The October drive reduced the backlog from 9,700 to an amazing 0! Congratulations to WaddlesJP13 who led with 2084 points. See this page for further details. The queue is steadily rising again and is approaching 2,000. It would be great if <2,000 were the “new normal”. Please continue to help out even if it's only for a few or even one patrol a day.

2022 Awards

Onel5969 won the 2022 cup for 28,302 article reviews last year - that's an average of nearly 80/day. There was one Gold Award (5000+ reviews), 11 Silver (2000+), 28 Iron (360+) and 39 more for the 100+ barnstar. Rosguill led again for the 4th year by clearing 49,294 redirects. For the full details see the Awards page and the Hall of Fame. Congratulations everyone!

Minimum deletion time: The previous WP:NPP guideline was to wait 15 minutes before tagging for deletion (including draftification and WP:BLAR). Due to complaints, a consensus decided to raise the time to 1 hour. To illustrate this, very new pages in the feed are now highlighted in red. (As always, this is not applicable to attack pages, copyvios, vandalism, etc.)

New draftify script: In response to feedback from AFC, the The Move to Draft script now provides a choice of set messages that also link the creator to a new, friendly explanation page. The script also warns reviewers if the creator is probably still developing the article. The former script is no longer maintained. Please edit your edit your common.js or vector.js file from User:Evad37/MoveToDraft.js to User:MPGuy2824/MoveToDraft.js

Redirects: Some of our redirect reviewers have reduced their activity and the backlog is up to 9,000+ (two months deep). If you are interested in this distinctly different task and need any help, see this guide, this checklist, and spend some time at WP:RFD.

Discussions with the WMF The PageTriage open letter signed by 444 users is bearing fruit. The Growth Team has assigned some software engineers to work on PageTriage, the software that powers the NewPagesFeed and the Page Curation toolbar. WMF has submitted dozens of patches in the last few weeks to modernize PageTriage's code, which will make it easier to write patches in the future. This work is helpful but is not very visible to the end user. For patches visible to the end user, volunteers such as Novem Linguae and MPGuy2824 have been writing patches for bug reports and feature requests. The Growth Team also had a video conference with the NPP coordinators to discuss revamping the landing pages that new users see.

  • Newsletter feedback - please take this short poll about the newsletter.
  • There is live chat with patrollers on the New Page Patrol Discord.
  • Please add the project discussion page to your watchlist.
  • If you no longer wish to be a reviewer, please ask any admin to remove you from the group. If you want the tools back again, just ask at PERM.
  • To opt out of future mailings, please remove yourself here.

New Pages Patrol newsletter June 2023[edit]

Hello PamD,

New Page Review queue April to June 2023


Redirect drive: In response to an unusually high redirect backlog, we held a redirect backlog drive in May. The drive completed with 23851 reviews done in total, bringing the redirect backlog to 0 (momentarily). Congratulations to Hey man im josh who led with a staggering 4316 points, followed by Meena and Greyzxq with 2868 and 2546 points respectively. See this page for more details. The redirect queue is steadily rising again and is steadily approaching 4,000. Please continue to help out, even if it's only for a few or even one review a day.

Redirect autopatrol: All administrators without autopatrol have now been added to the redirect autopatrol list. If you see any users who consistently create significant amounts of good quality redirects, consider requesting redirect autopatrol for them here.

WMF work on PageTriage: The WMF Moderator Tools team, consisting of Sam, Jason and Susana, and also some patches from Jon, has been hard at work updating PageTriage. They are focusing their efforts on modernising the extension's code rather than on bug fixes or new features, though some user-facing work will be prioritised. This will help make sure that this extension is not deprecated, and is easier to work on in the future. In the next month or so, we will have an opt-in beta test where new page patrollers can help test the rewrite of Special:NewPagesFeed, to help find bugs. We will post more details at WT:NPPR when we are ready for beta testers.

Articles for Creation (AFC): All new page reviewers are now automatically approved for Articles for Creation draft reviewing (you do not need to apply at WT:AFCP like was required previously). To install the AFC helper script, visit Special:Preferences, visit the Gadgets tab, tick "Yet Another AFC Helper Script", then click "Save". To find drafts to review, visit Special:NewPagesFeed, and at the top left, tick "Articles for Creation". To review a draft, visit a submitted draft, click on the "More" menu, then click "Review (AFCH)". You can also comment on and submit drafts that are unsubmitted using the script.

You can review the AFC workflow at WP:AFCR. It is up to you if you also want to mark your AFC accepts as NPP reviewed (this is allowed but optional, depends if you would like a second set of eyes on your accept). Don't forget that draftspace is optional, so moves of drafts to mainspace (even if they are not ready) should not be reverted, except possibly if there is conflict of interest.

Pro tip: Did you know that visual artists such as painters have their own SNG? The most common part of this "creative professionals" criteria that applies to artists is WP:ARTIST 4b (solo exhibition, not group exhibition, at a major museum) or 4d (being represented within the permanent collections of two museums).


The Blackpool article...[edit]

Welcome to the drive![edit]

Welcome, welcome, welcome PamD! I'm glad that you are joining the drive! Please, have a cup of WikiTea, and go cite some articles.

CactiStaccingCrane (talk)15:39, 2 February 2024 UTC [refresh]via JWB and Geardona (talk to me?)

A barnstar for you![edit]

The Original Barnstar
Thanks you PamD for updating Chameli Devi Jain Award for Outstanding Women Mediapersons. Youknowwhoistheman (talk) 15:42, 25 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

The Signpost: 29 March 2024[edit]

Women in Red April 2024[edit]

Women in Red | April 2024, Volume 10, Issue 4, Numbers 293, 294, 302, 303, 304

Online events:


  • The second round of "One biography a week" begins in April as part of #1day1woman.

Tip of the month:

Other ways to participate:

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

--Lajmmoore (talk 19:43, 30 March 2024 (UTC) via MassMessaging[reply]

March 2024[edit]

Information icon Hello and welcome to Wikipedia. Constructive contributions to Wikipedia are appreciated, but a recent edit of yours has an edit summary that appears to be inadequate, inaccurate, or inappropriate. The summaries are helpful to people browsing an article's history, so it is important that you use edit summaries that accurately tell other editors what you did. Feel free to use the sandbox to make test edits. This one. WP:EDITSUMMARY: provide a meaningful summary for every edit, especially when reverting (undoing) the actions of other editors Paradoctor (talk) 15:59, 31 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

@Paradoctor Sorry about that: I couldn't just use "Undo" as there were two edits, and forgot that "Rollback" doesn't allow for an edit summary while "Rollback (AGF)" does. I should have gone to your talk page, or followed it up with a dummy edit with an edit summary. My reason for reverting your edit was that the QVH dab page didn't seem appropriate: anything known as "Queen Victoria Hospital" would have been on the dab page, anything else would be irrelevant. (But perhaps WP:DTR: If you look at my edit history or my edit summary analysis, you can see that 99.6% of my edits have summaries (and most of the rest are probably cases where Twinkle adds an automatic one). A "You seem to have forgotten to add a summary to this edit, I wonder if you could explain it" might have been more appropriate here.) PamD 17:47, 31 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
I don't mind the revert as such. If I did, I would have let you known.
couldn't just use "Undo" WP:UNDO: It is also possible to undo several consecutive edits, even if they conflict among themselves: view the "diff" to be removed (by selecting the earliest and most recent revisions in the history and clicking "compare selected revisions"), and click the "undo" link.
If you look at [...] my edit summary analysis Surprise. I did. That's why I used {{uw-wrongsummary}}, not {{uw-editsummary2}}.
seem to have forgotten to add a summary You didn't forget, the edit has an edit summary. What you neglected to do was to provide a meaningful edit summary, as per above. The way it is now, your revert could easily be read as a vandalism revert.
or followed it up with a dummy edit with an edit summary That's the thing that gets me. Why haven't you after I notified you? It's not as if there was something stopping you.
[Please don't ping me, I'm watching.] Paradoctor (talk) 18:35, 31 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
@Paradoctor I didn't see any need as I'd explained myself to you here, but have now made a dummy edit with explanation. {{wrongsummary}} doesn't seem to match the situation of leaving an automatic edit summary, as it suggests a positive choice of inappropriate words. "Revert" is a neutral term and implies nothing. Yes, I suppose multiple "Undo"s would have worked. PamD 21:00, 31 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Am on phone so can't easily correct on talkpage: I meant {{uw-wrongsummary}}. PamD 21:01, 31 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
For the second time: Please don't ping me, I'm watching.
I'd explained myself to you here Edit histories are permanent public record, you know that, right? If it was only for myself, then I wouldn't have asked.
doesn't seem to match the situation of leaving an automatic edit summary We're responsible for our edits, automated or not. Also note H:ES: Except for the automatic summary when creating a redirect, [...] these are not a substitute for a proper edit summary
"Revert" is a neutral term and implies nothing. It is so neutral that it explains nothing beyond the bare fact that it is a revert. As I pointed out at the very beginning of this conversation: WP:FIES provide a meaningful summary [added emphasis]. Which means giving a reason, which the canned edit summary doesn't.
Perhaps more to the is that just about the only situation where lack of meaningful edit summary is widely tolerated is reversion of obvious vandalism. Which means saying "this is a revert" and nothing else carries a strong connotation of vandalism. You've been around a smidgen longer than I, this should not come as a surprise. Paradoctor (talk) 00:04, 1 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Edit summaries are not compulsory. "Revert" is neutral. Templating a longstanding editor with a template welcoming them to Wikipedia is not appropriate. This conversation has wasted enough time and is now closed. PamD 08:01, 1 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]

New Pages Patrol newsletter April 2024[edit]

Hello PamD,

New Page Review queue January to March 2024

Backlog update: The October drive reduced the article backlog from 11,626 to 7,609 and the redirect backlog from 16,985 to 6,431! Congratulations to Schminnte, who led with over 2,300 points.

Following that, New Page Patrol organized another backlog drive for articles in January 2024. The January drive started with 13,650 articles and reduced the backlog to 7,430 articles. Congratulations to JTtheOG, who achieved first place with 1,340 points in this drive.

Looking at the graph, it seems like backlog drives are one of the only things keeping the backlog under control. Another backlog drive is being planned for May. Feel free to participate in the May backlog drive planning discussion.

It's worth noting that both queues are gradually increasing again and are nearing 14,034 articles and 22,540 redirects. We encourage you to keep contributing, even if it's just a single patrol per day. Your support is greatly appreciated!

2023 Awards

Onel5969 won the 2023 cup with 17,761 article reviews last year - that's an average of nearly 50/day. There was one Platinum Award (10,000+ reviews), 2 Gold Awards (5000+ reviews), 6 Silver (2000+), 8 Bronze (1000+), 30 Iron (360+) and 70 more for the 100+ barnstar. Hey man im josh led on redirect reviews by clearing 36,175 of them. For the full details, see the Awards page and the Hall of Fame. Congratulations everyone for their efforts in reviewing!

WMF work on PageTriage: The WMF Moderator Tools team and volunteer software developers deployed the rewritten NewPagesFeed in October, and then gave the NewPagesFeed a slight visual facelift in November. This concludes most major work to Special:NewPagesFeed, and most major work by the WMF Moderator Tools team, who wrapped up their major work on PageTriage in October. The WMF Moderator Tools team and volunteer software developers will continue small work on PageTriage as time permits.

Recruitment: A couple of the coordinators have been inviting editors to become reviewers, via mass-messages to their talk pages. If you know someone who you'd think would make a good reviewer, then a personal invitation to them would be great. Additionally, if there are Wikiprojects that you are active on, then you can add a post there asking participants to join NPP. Please be careful not to double invite folks that have already been invited.

Reviewing tip: Reviewers who prefer to patrol new pages within their most familiar subjects can use the regularly updated NPP Browser tool.


MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 16:27, 2 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Leeds Wikipedia meetup on Saturday 4th May[edit]

Hello there! Interested in having a chat with fellow Wikipedians? There's a meetup in Leeds on Saturday 4th May 2024, at the Tiled Hall Café at Leeds Central Library.

Full details here.

You're receiving this one-off message as you're either a member of WikiProject Yorkshire, you've expressed an interest in a previous Leeds meetup years ago, or (for about 4 of you), we've met :)

I plan to organise more in future, so if you'd like to be notified next time, please say so over on the meetup page.

Please also invite any Wikimedia people you know (or have had wiki dealings with) – spread the word! Hope to see you there.

Jonathan Deamer (talk)

20:35, 7 April 2024 (UTC)

Thank you for your kind words[edit]

Hi PamD, thank you for your kind words in the NPP discussion. I worry that accessibility to Wikipedia is harmed by “bloat”, both in the increasing level of technical skills expected, and in the discussions of how WP operates.

That chart really pinged my meter, as you appreciated. I got the bot/message a month ago and was bothered by it. I thought I would just ignore it, as hey-man-I’m-Josh suggested, but I kept coming back to it. I finally concluded that if it was bothering me that much, I should give some feedback on why it had turned me off from volunteering.

I don’t have much by way of technical skills, and I find it intimidating to do much on WP besides working on content. That flowchart just confirmed for me that I should stick to content. Mr Serjeant Buzfuz (talk) 12:19, 8 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]