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Hello and welcome to my chat page!

About me[edit]

1. I'm nerdy, lets go ahead and establish that fact. Above all I think that my life calling is to contribute to the technological society we live in today.

2. I'm nice-ish, that self explainatory.

3. and without giving out to much information, I'm a guy.


I'm a skeptic of a lot of things. I'll question things from, tachyons to the string theory. Currently I'm pondering the string theory and I've devoleped my own theory about the theory.

content below is not proven material

The string theory is already proven to be somewhat correct. It explains parts of quantuam mechanics for example uncertainty. It says that vibrations of an electron or a photon leave behind traces of little string that can create particles. I think this could be true with the particles taychons I believe that manipulating the 11 dimensional string can alter the form of the particle also.


Math is awesome.

Question of the, however long I feel like it[edit]

There are 100 lockers, and a 100 students. Each locker has a number of 1-100 and each student is given a number 1-100. If the students line up in order 1-100, and opened any whole number multiple of their number, for example student 1 could open all 100, student 2 could open 2, 4, 6, 8 ,10 , and any other multiple of 2,what lockers would be opened

You can respond below