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I'm gradually restoring the great Miss America article massacre (sorry for editing your archive, but that's where the list is), and noticed that this year's contest article did actually have a reference when you redirected it. I mean, now I added an additional reference, some more text and an image, so that part is good, but you were a bit over-bold there. --GRuban (talk) 16:15, 17 November 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Edit: fuck, beaten[edit]

FFS - I can't figure out how to begin a chat with you re: Economic Violence. I'm also a Cascadian btw, would love to join your editors' group if that's allowed! Oh, and this is user OrangeTruncate. This is embarrassing. Haha

By only two hours! Sad. I was on my way there just now! I guess you will be getting the notifs for this one... jp×g🗯️ 03:41, 24 November 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Gotcha, bwahaha. I actually told a family member I wanted to go down in history for this one. For better or worse, I guess. Do you think it's all a big dud? ☆ Bri (talk) 03:46, 24 November 2023 (UTC)[reply]
More a miscommunication, alas. – SJ + 04:01, 2 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Editor experience invitation[edit]

Hi Bri :) I'm looking for people to interview here. Feel free to pass if you're not interested. Clovermoss🍀 (talk) 10:05, 2 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for the invitation. I think I have completed my responses. It was an interesting experience in reflection. ☆ Bri (talk) 18:44, 2 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]
Category:Collection of Walter P. Chrysler Museum has been nominated for renaming. A discussion is taking place to decide whether this proposal complies with the categorization guidelines. If you would like to participate in the discussion, you are invited to add your comments at the category's entry on the categories for discussion page. Thank you. Ham II (talk) 10:14, 3 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Editing topics and creating articles[edit]

Moved to User talk:Mogboru1

Speedy deletion declined: Ayano Nagai[edit]

Hello Bri. I am just letting you know that I declined the speedy deletion of Ayano Nagai, a page you tagged for speedy deletion, because of the following concern: G5: ineligible, substantive contribs from non-banned editors. Thank you. Ivanvector (Talk/Edits) 17:19, 11 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

I also declined Alexandra Papadopoulou (author). I had already deleted it earlier today, but when I was going through the LTA's other contribs I noticed that Cplakidas also made some changes to other pages to accommodate that article, even though the changes to the article themselves were probably not substantive, and so I think that disqualifies it from G5 deletion and I restored it. If you think it should be deleted anyway I'm not sure what the right process is, probably AFD. Ivanvector (Talk/Edits) 18:29, 11 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

DYK for Al-Rantisi Hospital[edit]

On 13 December 2023, Did you know was updated with a fact from the article Al-Rantisi Hospital, which you recently created, substantially expanded, or brought to good article status. The fact was ... that Al-Rantisi Hospital can make water from air? The nomination discussion and review may be seen at Template:Did you know nominations/Al-Rantisi Hospital. You are welcome to check how many pageviews the nominated article or articles got while on the front page (here's how, Al-Rantisi Hospital), and the hook may be added to the statistics page after its run on the Main Page has completed. Finally, if you know of an interesting fact from another recently created article, then please feel free to suggest it on the Did you know talk page.

Z1720 (talk) 00:02, 13 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

A tag has been placed on Category:1845 in Washington Territory indicating that it is currently empty, and is not a disambiguation category, a category redirect, a featured topics category, under discussion at Categories for discussion, or a project category that by its nature may become empty on occasion. If it remains empty for seven days or more, it may be deleted under section C1 of the criteria for speedy deletion.

If you think this page should not be deleted for this reason you may contest the nomination by visiting the page and removing the speedy deletion tag. –Aidan721 (talk) 16:49, 18 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

A tag has been placed on Category:1840s in Washington Territory indicating that it is currently empty, and is not a disambiguation category, a category redirect, a featured topics category, under discussion at Categories for discussion, or a project category that by its nature may become empty on occasion. If it remains empty for seven days or more, it may be deleted under section C1 of the criteria for speedy deletion.

If you think this page should not be deleted for this reason you may contest the nomination by visiting the page and removing the speedy deletion tag. –Aidan721 (talk) 16:50, 18 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Regent Bakery and Cafe‎[edit]

Feel free to revisit Regent Bakery and Cafe‎ whenever you're ready! I'm finished commenting and tinkering, so no worries about edit conflicts. ---Another Believer (Talk) 17:52, 18 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Seasons Greetings![edit]

New pages patrol January 2024 Backlog drive[edit]

New Page Patrol | January 2024 Articles Backlog Drive
  • On 1 January 2024, a one-month backlog drive for New Page Patrol will begin.
  • Barnstars will be awarded based on the number of articles patrolled.
  • Barnstars will also be granted for re-reviewing articles previously reviewed by other patrollers during the drive.
  • Each review will earn 1 point.
  • Interested in taking part? Sign up here.
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MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 02:09, 20 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

People's Bike Library of Portland[edit]

Just noticed People's Bike Library of Portland has been translated and even promoted at pt:People's Bike Library of Portland. Very cool! Thought you might appreciate. ---Another Believer (Talk) 03:50, 21 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Meetup in Seattle on 16 January 2024[edit]

Seattle Wikimedia meetup | 16 January 2024
  • What: Meetup to chat about Wikipedia and schedule an edit-a-thon
  • When: Tuesday 16 January 2024, 5:45–7:45 pm
  • Where: Distant Worlds Coffeehouse at 6401 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
  • Please come! We'd love to see you.
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(t · c) buidhe 05:30, 27 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Slowking bios[edit]

Happy new year, Bri! Is there an umbrella discussion of [deleting the persistent slowking bios]? Other options tried [a deleted list, or drafting]? It feels wasteful... I'm sure there's been discussion outside the individual AfDs, feel free to point me to it. – SJ + 04:01, 2 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Happy New Year back to you.
Maybe the short answer to your question is that I'm not aware of any drastic "nuke from orbit" plan if that's what you're asking. Just G5s as we go. I only got involved relatively recently, so I don't really know the whole history.
There have been discussions about what to do about them. I'll assume you haven't seen these and just infodump.
I will say that the community's reaction does not appear internally consistent, especially considering the fact the LTA is allowed to be active on Meta and on other Wikimedia things (including conferences and DC meetups, apparently, and maybe Hawaii as well). ☆ Bri (talk) 05:53, 2 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Got it, thank you kindly. – SJ + 11:54, 2 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Deletion of Moved Material - Need Assist[edit]

{{talkback|Talk:2024 United States presidential election}} Twillisjr (talk) 14:16, 12 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]

I had a look and I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. ☆ Bri (talk) 18:04, 12 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]
If you believe the federal legalization of cannabis should be a section of the 2024 United States presidential election page, your support is needed. Twillisjr (talk) 14:10, 22 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]

mail is calling[edit]

Hello, Bri. Please check your email; you've got mail!
It may take a few minutes from the time the email is sent for it to show up in your inbox. You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{You've got mail}} or {{ygm}} template.

Smallbones(smalltalk) 23:34, 29 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Hi Bri, please take a look at edits of Northworx (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · filter log · block user · block log). Recently they were hired to whitewash the article. They are a sock of Expertwikiguy (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · filter log · block user · block log). (talk) 12:37, 7 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Away this weekend[edit]

I'm going to go on a self-imposed Wiki blackout until I get caught up with some stuff. Probably out till late Sunday at best. ☆ Bri (talk) 03:16, 10 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Miss Universe Philippines 2024[edit]

Hello @Bri. I find some paragraphs at the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 irrelevant to the article and the tone of some paragraphs are "unencyclopedic", especially one that talks about this edition being a "clash of veterans" (every year of Miss Universe Philippines has been dubbed a "clash of veterans"). The article is starting to have a tone similar to a newspaper article. Could you check if the article is still encyclopedic or not? "Removed paragraph adds greater context to the article" as a comment is not sufficient as to why it brings greater context to the article. Thank you! Allyriana000 (talk) 21:15, 22 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]

There is a discussion at the article's talk page, sorry if I missed that.
Hello @Bri, following up on your sentiments regarding the issue.Allyriana000 (talk) 13:39, 25 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Seattle March 2024 Events[edit]

Seattle world fair stamp There are a couple of events this month that we hope are of interest to you.
Tuesday, March 12 2024 3pm – 7pm (PDT), Seattle articles edit-a-thon, Seattle Public Library University Branch
This edit-a-thon is based on importance or popularity (as determined by pageviews, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Seattle/Popular pages; or main articles, such as those linked in Template:Seattle; also see Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Seattle articles by quality statistics).
Tuesday March 19 2024 6pm – 8pm (PDT), March monthly meetup, Little Oddfellows Café—new location!!!
Since our previous meeting place, Distant Worlds Café, now closes at 6:30pm, we will meet this month at Little Oddfellows café inside of Elliott Bay Book Company in Capitol Hill.
Cascadia Wikimedians placed this banner at 01:02, 9 March 2024 (UTC) by using the Wikipedia:Meetup/Portland/Participants list.
To subscribe to or unsubscribe from messages from Wikipedia:Meetup/Portland, please add or remove your name here.

RFA2024 update: no longer accepting new proposals in phase I[edit]

Hey there! This is to let you know that phase I of the 2024 requests for adminship (RfA) review is now no longer accepting new proposals. Lots of proposals remain open for discussion, and the current round of review looks to be on a good track towards making significant progress towards improving RfA's structure and environment. I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has given us their idea for change to make RfA better, and the same to everyone who has given the necessary feedback to improve those ideas. The following proposals remain open for discussion:

  • Proposal 2, initiated by HouseBlaster, provides for the addition of a text box at Wikipedia:Requests for adminship reminding all editors of our policies and enforcement mechanisms around decorum.
  • Proposals 3 and 3b, initiated by Barkeep49 and Usedtobecool, respectively, provide for trials of discussion-only periods at RfA. The first would add three extra discussion-only days to the beginning, while the second would convert the first two days to discussion-only.
  • Proposal 5, initiated by SilkTork, provides for a trial of RfAs without threaded discussion in the voting sections.
  • Proposals 6c and 6d, initiated by BilledMammal, provide for allowing users to be selected as provisional admins for a limited time through various concrete selection criteria and smaller-scale vetting.
  • Proposal 7, initiated by Lee Vilenski, provides for the "General discussion" section being broken up with section headings.
  • Proposal 9b, initiated by Reaper Eternal, provides for the requirement that allegations of policy violation be substantiated with appropriate links to where the alleged misconduct occured.
  • Proposals 12c, 21, and 21b, initiated by City of Silver, Ritchie333, and HouseBlaster, respectively, provide for reducing the discretionary zone, which currently extends from 65% to 75%. The first would reduce it 65%–70%, the second would reduce it to 50%–66%, and the third would reduce it to 60%–70%.
  • Proposal 13, initiated by Novem Lingaue, provides for periodic, privately balloted admin elections.
  • Proposal 14, initiated by Kusma, provides for the creation of some minimum suffrage requirements to cast a vote.
  • Proposals 16 and 16c, initiated by Thebiguglyalien and Soni, respectively, provide for community-based admin desysop procedures. 16 would desysop where consensus is established in favor at the administrators' noticeboard; 16c would allow a petition to force reconfirmation.
  • Proposal 16e, initiated by BilledMammal, would extend the recall procedures of 16 to bureaucrats.
  • Proposal 17, initiated by SchroCat, provides for "on-call" admins and 'crats to monitor RfAs for decorum.
  • Proposal 18, initiated by theleekycauldron, provides for lowering the RfB target from 85% to 75%.
  • Proposal 24, initiated by SportingFlyer, provides for a more robust alternate version of the optional candidate poll.
  • Proposal 25, initiated by Femke, provides for the requirement that nominees be extended-confirmed in addition to their nominators.
  • Proposal 27, initiated by WereSpielChequers, provides for the creation of a training course for admin hopefuls, as well as periodic retraining to keep admins from drifting out of sync with community norms.
  • Proposal 28, initiated by HouseBlaster, tightens restrictions on multi-part questions.

To read proposals that were closed as unsuccessful, please see Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/2024 review/Phase I/Closed proposals. You are cordially invited once again to participate in the open discussions; when phase I ends, phase II will review the outcomes of trial proposals and refine the implementation details of other proposals. Another notification will be sent out when this phase begins, likely with the first successful close of a major proposal. Happy editing! theleekycauldron (talk • she/her), via:

MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 10:52, 14 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Iran or Persia for Miss Universe 2024?[edit]

Hello @Bri! I have made a discussion about the use of "Persia" or "Iran" in the aforementioned article. Iran will debut at Miss Universe, but the candidate will use the name "Persia" in the competition as the Iranian government disallowed the Miss Persia Organization to use "Iran" for their candidate at Miss Universe due to religious beliefs. The problem now arises as the users switch Persia to Iran and vice-versa. Would you give your take on this at the talk page? It would be greatly appreciated if you do so. Thank you! Allyriana000 (talk) 13:51, 25 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Got it, my reply is at Talk:Miss Universe 2024, and thanks for the ping. ☆ Bri (talk) 16:23, 25 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

New message from JalenFolf[edit]

 You are invited to join the discussion at Template talk:Annotated biography link § Substitute?. Jalen Folf (Bark[s]) 00:42, 7 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]


I disagree with your removals of orphan tags, but I am not going to war over it.

But looking at WP:ORPHAN it states thare: More colloquially, editors also sometimes use "orphan" to refer to pages that do not have as many incoming links as they ought to, even if they do not meet the technical definition for orphan status.

Based on that, I contest your removals. The Banner talk 10:00, 11 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]

It's a little confusing what you're telling me here. Do we need to have a discussion on whether it's acceptable to remove the orphan tag on articles with 1 or 2 inlinks? If so, maybe in a more watched area. Unfortunately WT:Orphan seems to be pretty quiet; only a single edit there in 2024. Maybe @JoeNMLC: can give some advice. ☆ Bri (talk) 15:05, 11 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]
That is exactly what I mean. An article with zero incoming links is indeed always an orphan. But in my opinion, incoming links from a list are not really helpful. A more content based approach is better. In my opinion, a list of things fails that content-approach. And it is not incorrect to say an article is an orphan with just a few incoming links. But a wider discussion is welcome.The Banner talk 16:17, 11 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Bri and @The Banner - See recent Teahouse answer here to clarify. Regards, JoeNMLC (talk) 17:52, 11 April 2024 (UTC)[reply]