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my wiki[edit]

Has my page been accepted ? Hey it says:"This submission is not adequately supported by reliable sources."The sources all known blogs and websites like indiewire and imdb. Which sources in particular are not reliable in your opinion? I'd like to get this page accepted. Please let me know. thank you.

here is the link to the article i've created:

Fares Fares[edit]

Tova Milo's submitted page[edit]

Dear Avs5221,

Thank you very much for the prompt review of my submitted page on Tova Milo. I have made some revisions to the page, please reconsider accepting it.

The mentioned award is considered one of the most important awards in the area (also listed as a notable award in other entries). I have added a citation from the award page stating that it is "awarded to the paper that had the most impact in terms of research, methodology, or transfer to practice over the intervening decade" in this premier venue.

I have also added other evidence of notability based on (a) publications and citations and (b) membership in editorial boards of the major journals in the field. I went through the "notability" guidelines and this seems to adhere to them.

In general, I have imporved the article by adding more references as required.

Many thanks for your work.

-- Adding link to the page:

Unreal Media Server[edit]

OK, we don't have major INDEPENDENT OF SUBJECT magazines that have articles about this software. Why would they publish such an article? If you look through the references, you find couple of industry-related magazines that reviewed our product. This proves you such a product exists in this industry, and reading the articles in these magazines you can verify the information I provided for Wikipedia article.

This is just a proprietary software product, and yes it does have coverage in magazines related to streaming media software. Hope this is clear to you.

Now you can say - this is still not notable enough to be included in Wikipedia. OK, might be. But Wikipedia has articles discussing such proprietary software products, that's the thing. Take a look here:

All products mentioned there are individual products that have more or less the same coverage in public sources as ours has. Our product has to be in this article, that's for sure! But it can't because you refuse to approve an article. What do you think about it?

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Two-Tier Enterprise Resource Planning Feedback[edit]

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Ure, Emily denied submission for Wikipedia page Guanico Abajo, Panama[edit]

Hello Avs5221. I have added references to support my article about a rural community I am a volunteer at in Panama. Unfortunately, it has not been researched by more than a handful of people and I can not produce many secondary sources. I attached all of the references I could locate on the internet that are applicable. I am a reliable primary source and am unsure how to reference my own work. Please let me know what I can do to have my Wikipedia page accepted. Thank you! Emily Ure

HDtracks Article[edit]

I'm confused. I've written this from a neutral, verifiable, third-party perspective. I've included notability links to Wall Street Journal, the New York TImes, CNN Technology News, Stereophile, etc. I was very careful to make sure that the story was NOT written as an ad for this website, and followed closely the examples from iTunes, eMusic and other digital music stores that have approved articles on Wikipedia. I think I was rather conservative in my description of HDtracks, especially when compared to the entries for competing companies like eMusic and iTunes. deserves to have an entry because they were the first ones in the industry to offer high-resolution music from all the major labels, the first to offer these files without any digital rights management, years before iTunes did with Apple, and have effectively pioneered this industry. Can I please get some specific examples of what it is you think makes this read like an advertisement vs the neutral, factual, third-party article that I wrote it to be? I'm not an HDtracks employee, I'm not writing an ad for them. Their parent company, Chesky Records, has a Wikipedia entry, which is referenced, too. I would appreicate some actual examples of what it is I need to change to get this approved rather than having to guess at it, as I have done my best to write it so it did NOT appear as an ad and was filled with factual, notable references to the company's important work for audiophile customers like myself.

Hope you like it![edit]

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