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I had an account here a while back, and worked on the Video game controversy, Net Yaroze, and Blu-ray articles, among others.

Past Projects[edit]

  • “PSX=PS1 see PSX
I personally changed at least 99% of occurrences of “PSX” meaning PlayStation, to PS1, the official abbreviation… See PSX, for the actual PSX, a luxury PS2/PVR released only in Japan.
Well, it seems people are still using PSX to mean PS1… I have had to go around and change a bunch of them again… (13 March 2006)
  • MaxDrive
Created the MaxDrive stub. MaxDrive = a device used to transfer PS2 saves to a PC/Mac.
  • Gen7 similar articles
I placed the below text, as the caption for a thumb of (linked image no longer available) image of the Xbox 360, on the the PS3 Talk page, and similar objects on the Xbox 360, and Nintendo Revolution Talk pages… Hopefully they will help encourage equal work on all the 7th generation console pages. Edit: I see it has now been replaced by an even better version :)
“If you are contributing to this article, chances are you would enjoy working on similar articles. Don't forget to help out at Xbox 360, and Nintendo Revolution!”
  • User XHTML
Created categories, and templates, for XHTML = “User xhtml-1”, etc.
  • CVG Infoboxes
Created infoboxes for several Virtual Boy games, including Vertical Force, Teleroboxer, and Panic Bomber
  • WinSAT
Created the (fairly large) WinSAT article.
  • User standards compliance
Created a template & category for User standards compliant
  • Rent to own
Major work on the rent to own article, including addressing the serious pro-industry bias and adding a bunch of references.

Current Projects[edit]

Future Projects[edit]

Currently, I'm too busy to think about future projects myself, but feel free to suggest something!