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    I have semi-retired now as I have, for the most part, ceased to edit actively on Wikipedia. I keep an eye on my watchlist and talkpage but I don't tend to get involve in editing articles as I once did. I have spent the vast majority of my time on Wikipedia in the Military History project and also association football project related articles. I have helped produce a number of pieces of featured content. A list can be found here. At one time I was a Coordinator for the military history project.

    I am an administrator here on wikipedia, which means that I have some extra tools to help with the mopping. I am entirely happy for any administrator to reverse any action of mine but I'd appreciate a talkpage note letting me know you have done so. I am open to recall as an administrator. For the process to be followed, please see my accountability page.

    I am the owner of the global username Woody. I originally used the username Woodym555 (talk · contribs).