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    Bloody Gunzels...

    My nickname is wongm. I am from Victoria, Australia. These days I usually only clean up articles I stumble upon, and updating railway articles based on news articles.

    About me[edit]

    My personal blog is

    I work as a software developer in Melbourne, Australia - I studied at Swinburne University of Technology.

    Check out what music I listen to via the audioscrobbler project at

    I like both trains and photography - I have a stack of railway photographs at

    A long term project of mine has been a history of the railways of Geelong and the surrounding areas - - I intend to work some of the info into here as well.

    Another area of interest to me is Hong Kong - you'll find my blog at



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    • Everyone in rail seems obsessed with passenger rail. Freight rail is what pays the bills kids.
    • By extension, every article on a railway line seems to be based around a list of passenger trains that run on it.

    Pages I've done[edit]

    Some of the more notable creations and major edits...


    A few maps I have made...