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Hey fellow Wikipedians!

Although this account's nearing its eigth-year anniversary, I've been a lurker here since my elementary school days. Yeah, that's a long time. The lack of articles on Korean cuisine is what finally spurred me to join the community and coordinate WikiProject Food and Drink. You might also remember me from WP:RRTF (props to 2ReinreB2 for all the hard work; the task force might be defunct now, but no one can say we didn't have a good run!)

Content creation is fun, but I've found myself getting increasingly involved in maintenance tasks, e.g. nominating articles for GA status, vandalism patrol using Twinkle, writing policies and guidelines, and developing moderation software. Wikipedia's more than a collection of long bodies of text; it is a community, and I'd do anything to keep it standing on its feet. I commit myself to the five pillars of Wikipedia, especially WP:NPOV, hence why I developed Biasbot AS. Editing is one hell of an adventure: you'll end up learning so many freaking cool things. I'll never forget the times how AfCs made me got me into Pepsi fruit juice flood, the Pig Olympics, United States v. 11 1/4 Dozen Packages of Articles Labeled in Part Mrs. Moffat's Shoo-Fly Powders for Drunkenness, and that someone documented the history behind those who theorize that the Moon is made of green cheese. A green cheese moon? Mmm mmm. Also, check out backward running -- maybe I'll try that out someday. You especially get that huge dopamine hit as you proudly like at your new article, Joseph LaBate, or when you mediate a battle between two pitchforked edit warr-ers at ANI.

I'm fluent in American and Canadian english. I can read Central American Spanish well enough to do basic edits over at the Spanish Wikipedia but nothing too substantial (Spanish grammatical structures are fascinating, and it's better for me to master it before trying anything ambitious). On a side note, heliographs are pretty damn cool, although they aren't used much anymore and certainly won't help much with editing :)

In high school, my interests gradually shifted into more general, scientific fields of study and advanced literature, although I still remain in a supporter role for my old WikiProjects (I'd like to revamp linguistic relativity at some point, but I'll admit that my memory of Hopi and his theories needs a refresher). You can see my older stuff here, although it is not reflective of my current work, so don't read too much into it.


Get your nerd on!

Biasbot AS[edit]

I run Biasbot AS, a bot that attempts to somewhat semi-automate the enforcement of Wikipedia's neutral point of view policy by using natural language processing to detect explicit and implicit bias in articles. Take a look at the bot's userpage and this essay for a closer look.

Articles to Create/Articles of Interest to Reach GA/FA Status[edit]

I don't own these articles -- I just create and/or contribute to them. They're in no particular order, but they're all articles that I enjoy reading as much as editing, so I take my time.

Status Item Notes
 Done The Good Lie Add refs, update assessment
 Doing... Flying Saucer Working Party Add ref
 Done Jihadi John and Operation Onymous Desc. of real identities
 Done Multipurpose tree Gallery
 Doing... Identification with the Aggressor Accompanying image
 Not done The Shed at Dulwich Can't say there's more potential to an article than this one. Links to documentary and imagery needed.
 Done Homeless veterans in the United States Better categorization needed
 Not done List of electronic music genres Remove dead links.
 Doing... Internet censorship in Hong Kong WP:NPOV
 Doing... Traditions and anecdotes associated with the Stanley Cup Commons search
 Not done British Columbia mainland coastal forests Yessssss. Remove dead links
 Doing... ALPHA experiment Better connections to the general subject of antimatter.
 Done Cicada 3301 Further elaboration on puzzles, including drop-down boxes for examples.
 Not done Takotsubo cardiomyopathy Clean up heading
 Not done Seán na Ráithíneach Ó Murchadha References needed or possible WP:AfD
 Doing... Sphaenolobium Expansion more than a mere copy, follow templates
 Doing... Tesla fire incidents Needs a more scientific approach other than merely the documentation of events, especially in relation to quantum/solid-state chemistry and physics.
 Done LSTMs, or more specifically, Peephole convolutional LSTMs More than a mathematical proof...
 Done Hostile architecture Update architecture
 Done Interstate 80 in California Basic cleanup.
 Doing... Stanford marshmallow experiment Fix citations (1970 and 1972).
 Doing... Yamaha C40 Stub class to start class.
 Doing... Stockholm Syndrome Look through Commons for visuals
 Doing... Twelve-string guitar Add accompanying videos through commons
 Done Dakkochi Stub class
 Doing... Witness-indistinguishable proof Stub to start
 Done Hungarian algorithm A pretty fascinating algorithm I came across while preparing for computing olympiads. Done w/ cleanup, added to watchlist.
 Done 0.999... Yes, we did it!!! Give it a read. Yes, it's the only article that ends in "..." Even mathematicians are confused. In ONE FINAL case reality greets us: yes, 0.999... mathematically equals 1. Happy to help this reach featured status!
 Doing... Charlottesville car attack Cleanup (grammatical wordiness)
 Doing... Abbotsford Canucks Creating articles for non-existing players
 Doing... Jing Ulrich Heading/introduction must follow WP:NPOV
 Doing... People's Park (Berkeley) Better sources for verification
 Done BJ Fogg and Captology Better cleanup of references + accurate reflections of Dr. Fogg's work.
Idea: BooksCorpus
Idea: Create {{UM-WrongInfo}} Can be simply a warning notice about posting incorrect information on user pages
 On hold: Patrol the new pages feed Might have to wait.


You'll find me checking AfCs, helping users at the Teahouse, and patrolling vandalism using Igloo and Twinkle. Surprisingly, I've found that Hatnote is an effective tool for detecting edits with vandalism. You can read my essay on it here.

I'm also a mass message sender. This enables me to send out messages to thousands, if not millions, of users, and I originally used it to facilitate sending monthly newsletters for WikiProjects. I now mostly use it in an administrative role (i.e. processing deliveries from the mass message senders talk page). Please send requests through talk page the instead of contacting me directly, where it will be reviewed by the other 56 mass message senders on this wiki.

Wait, buuuut...[edit]

Yes, Wikipedia isn't reliable. The day Wikipedia reaches a plateau of complete accuracy and NPOV is the day the limits to infinity become a reality. What is true is that Wikipedia is one of the most popular mediums of information today, viewed by millions of users on the daily. My job, my bot's job, and everyone's job are to make your experience better by making content as accurately, concisely, and neutrally written as possible.

In terms of my editing style, I use what I call "blocking" edits -- trying to aggregate all changes into a single edit as opposed to multiple revisions. This makes it easier for other editors to look through the edit history and add revisions. Using the Preview window definitely helps reduce the number of edits.

(If I used the "thank" function to change your edit: You improved the article in a way I couldn't -- thank you!)

On that note, check out WP:AWB and WP:FRAM. It really hits the points on people you'll meet in this community.

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Commons & Photography[edit]

I try to upload to Commons whenever I get the chance. I have some Nikon, Kodak, and Fuji models -- nothing too special though. Years ago, I took a photo of the Googleplex with my dad's iPhone and uploaded it to Commons, and now it's the headliner on the Google page and has been viewed hundreds of millions of times to this day. That's pretty big stuff for a sixth-grader, isn't it?

Featured in Articles[edit]


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