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I joined Wikipedia on December 2, 2006 (before that I only used it as a reference, never edited), and now spend quite a bit of my free time editing, mostly WikiGnoming. I unsuccessfully applied twice for adminship, before succeeding on December 8, 2007. I also took multiple attempts before passing RFB on January 23, 2010. In short, I can be summed up with only six characters: "db-bio".

Alternate Accounts

  • Useight's Public Sock - my legitimate sock for use at public computers. I rarely use public computers, so this account will likely have few edits. This account does not have admin rights.
  • Us8 - my Doppelganger account. This account will not be editing at all.

Milestone Edits
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1st -- December 2, 2006
100th -- April 1, 2007
500th -- June 6, 2007
1,000th -- June 16, 2007
2,000th -- July 18, 2007
5,000th -- December 9, 2007
10,000th -- April 9, 2008
15,000th -- June 5, 2008
20,000th -- August 7, 2008
25,000th -- October 4, 2008
30,000th -- January 11, 2009
35,000th -- February 11, 2009
40,000th -- March 6, 2009
45,000th -- April 24, 2009
50,000th -- June 4, 2009
60,000th -- January 7, 2010
70,000th -- October 30, 2010
75,000th -- December 20, 2020

These are a few of my userboxes; the rest can be found here.


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