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    Words to live by as we edit:
    Truth without compassion is cruelty. Honesty without kindness is brutality. People who are brutally honest get more satisfaction out of the brutality than out of the honesty.
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    My name is Asareel (Ah-sah-ree-l). Roll that beautiful "r". If you want an explanation for why I go by ARoseWolf on Wikipedia I explain that below. I know Asareel is an unusual name and it may be difficult to pronounce (If you are like me I pronounce user names I see here out loud as I type them) so you can refer to me as Rose but if you feel extra sweet use Asareel and if you feel extra adventurous you may use Tsistunagiska because that's totally easier to pronounce (primarily for my dear friend Ched who remembers my old user name with fondness I am sure). Asareel is a Hebrew name, paying homage to my Jewish ancestry, and typically is associated with males but I have just taken it over and made it mine since my parents decided to give it to me. Speaking of my parents, I was adopted by my uncle and aunt after being taken to Italy as a small child after my mother died. We lived in the Piedmont region of Italy. We left Italy when I was 11 and moved to the US, eventually settling in Alaska where my Papa owned and operated a General Store. In my adult life I have since moved much further north and now reside above the Arctic Circle. I will take breaks from Wikipedia in the winter due to the harsh climate and the need to focus on making it through the dark days but Wikipedia is something I love and I will always return if I can.

    How did I get my start?[edit]

    I came to the English Wikipedia in August of 2020 after searching for and finding an article on my ancestors, the Cherokee people, in very bad shape and in need of major updates. I have an account on the Cherokee Wikipedia which I primarily spent time on prior to coming here. I have learned a lot from my early experiences here and hope to continue my growth. It wasn't long after coming to Wikipedia I found a project that I wanted to be involved in with good reason, my daughter. Women in Red has given me a purpose to create and speak up for women related topics so that my daughter will grow up in a world where her voice matters. She will have amazing women to read about here because of the efforts of so many. Our goal and every Wikipedian's goal should be to leave this encyclopedia more improved, through civil collaboration, than when we came here. Building the community aids us in those efforts.


    My philosophy on Wikipedia is ever evolving as I gain experience but two things remain central, kindness and civility. No matter what your views are I will strive to be understanding. No matter whether we agree or disagree I will always treat you with respect. If I have offended you then I apologize and if I have made errors then I would like the opportunity to correct them. I will pull up a chair and listen intently to what you have to say. You are why I am here. The encyclopedia is important but it is the journey and adventure of both listening to and creating great "symphonies" here with others that is both fascinating and rewarding. My grandmother used to call me a promise. As a child you don't understand the full weight of a name's meaning. My name could mean the "beattitude of God" or "one whom God has bound by a vow". I'm not a religious person but I do believe I am a promise, like the rainbow. This drives my desire to be helpful and kind. We may come from very different backgrounds but life has guided us to this point in time to meet and build something beautiful together so let's get started.


    Recently I made a post here on Wikipedia and my sister-in-law read it. Being as she lives with me every day, a scary thought, she knows my views and the manner in which I communicate those views. She made a comment about what I wrote that I hadn't really thought about but makes sense. My use of the word "Song" may not be understood by most unless you have interacted with me for some time. A simple explanation would be that our individual lives are a Song and the path we walk is our Dance. My view of life, of us, is, admittedly, based upon my experiences. It does not make it right or wrong, it only makes it mine. I am in such a habit of using words to describe it that I sometimes forget not everyone may understand my use of it. I apologize if anything I have ever said has left you confused about the meaning behind its use. Please know that you can approach me if you want clarification and I will NOT be angry for it. I don't believe my views are controversial but with so many different views it is possible that it might be for someone. Know that I only ever want to act out of kindness.

    Puesta de sol, Tok, Alaska, Estados Unidos, 2017-08-28, DD 183-185 HDR.jpg
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    The Wild Rose was a special flower to the ancestors, especially after the Removal. It was a symbol of hope for a new nation rebuilt. It was also a reminder of all they had left behind and those lost on the way.
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    This user page was inspired from Phaedriel. All credit is due to her lasting impression. She is missed.Coeur Heart Orange.png
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