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    This project is completed, check User:Triddle/stubsensor#Reports for the newest version.
    There's a huge one!
    If you disagree with the removal of a stub tag from an article please see the conflict resolution section.

    Welcome to the second stub cleanup project. Here you can get information about volunteering to help remove the stub tag from articles that are really not stubs. This project was created with a new version of stubsensor and should be more accurate than the last one. As last time stubsensor does not edit any articles, only people do.

    Your mission[edit]

    These instructions are not official. You are welcome to change them but I ask that you read the conflict resolution section first and list your reasoning for changing anything there. This is to help everyone get a better understanding for the criteria.

    The task is to remove the {{stub}} (or one of its relatives) from the listed articles that it does not belong on. This is really the key; it would be simple to make a computer program to remove the tag from each article but this is not what should be done. A human really needs to make a decision to remove that stub tag or not. The following definitions and examples may make this easier:

    Differences between a stub and a substub[edit]

    Substubs are simply a type of stub.

    • Stubs are actually long enough to have a tad of useful information in them. Substubs are usually no longer than a dictionary definition, and usually contain information that anyone would know. See Wiktionary.
    • Stubs are usually easy to expand upon because they have some general information with which to build a much longer article, like asking a mason to draw a house: you get a pretty detailed floor plan. Substubs contain very little information, or worse, false or misleading information, like asking a three-year-old to draw a house and getting a box for the house and a triangle for the roof.
    • Stubs are usually created by a person who wants to see the article expanded either by himself or herself or by someone who really knows the subject of the article. Substubs are usually created by people just because they can, then they leave without looking back.


    Constructed for example purposes[edit]
    Stub Substub

    An airplane is a machine that flies through the air. It was created by the Wright brothers in 1903. It is able to fly because the wing shape creates greater air pressure under the wing than above it.

    Today, the Boeing 747 line of airplanes has revolutionized commercial air travel and mass transit, making inter-continental flights not only possible but commonplace.

    Airplanes are flying machines with wings.

    A computer in the modern sense of the word is a machine that computes information electronically. They nowadays use transistors and microchips to process data. They normally use the binary number system, which is composed of ones and zeros.

    A computer processes information with a mouse. It is in binary.

    Real stubs in Wikipedia[edit]


    Ironworker was originally a brand name, but has since become the generic name, for a machine which can shear, notch, and punch holes in steel plate. This is accomplished with a powerful hydraulic system and a blade made of extremely hard and brittle (high carbon content) steel. Because of the enormous forces required to shear steel the machines must also be made of thick steel. It is common to see machines using steel over 1 inch (25 mm). The hydraulic system is driven by an electric motor and three phase alternating current is chosen when possible. Hydraulic rams push down on a variety of hardened steel blades and dies to perform the shearing, punching, and notching action.
    Public distributed artificial intelligence In artificial intelligence, public distributed artificial intelligence seeks to use large numbers of members of the public to help create artificially intelligent applications and was pioneered by Chris McKinstry with the launch in May of 1996 of the MISTIC (Minimum Intelligent Signal Test Item Corpus) project. It was an attempt to collect large numbers of propositions of human consensus fact. The project was superseded in July of 2000 by the Mindpixel project which seeks to not only collect propositions but also validate them against the population of World Wide Web users that created them yielding large numbers of Probabilistic propositions.
    Real substubs in Wikipedia[edit]

    Power Rangers: SPD

    Power Rangers: SPD is a new Power Rangers season coming in 2005.
    Ingredient An ingredient is one of the things that goes into a mixture when something is made, especially in cooking or in following a formula.
    Anthony J. Drexel Biddle Anthony J. Drexel Biddle (1876 - 1948) was the man the play and film The Happiest Millionaire was based upon.
    Real examples of patent nonsense in Wikipedia[edit]

    Standard Oil of Colorado

    Well one day Rockerfeller decided Colorado was awesome so He made an oil refinery there.

    Light Cone

    Dryers' first invented the ice cream cone using less dense cream and more milk by products producing a low calorie LITE-CONE.

    Bottom line[edit]

    • Stubs are short. Substubs are really, really short.

    Where to help[edit]

    You are much more likely to contribute useful work if you read at least the your mission section as it addresses issues that have been seen in the past. That section is also likely to change if other issues arise so please check it periodically as you work.

    Overall 100% complete - Great work everyone!


    Feel free to sign your name here and leave any comments you wish.

    • Thanks for your help everyone and I'm glad I can contribute to cleaning up Wikipedia. The next version of stubsensor is going to ignore articles that have the cleanup template; you can leave any new ideas you have here too. Triddle 17:13, 20 May 2005 (UTC)
    • I came, I saw, I de-stub-ified. --RoySmith 20:48, 5 Jun 2005 (UTC)
    • I'm a Wikipedia janitor, what can I say? - JesseW 02:33, 7 Jun 2005 (UTC)

    False positives[edit]

    A false positive is an article that was not a stub or that did not exist. False negatives can be resolved through modification of Stubsensor or some times by correcting errors in the original article. Some articles must be ignored on a case by case basis.


    Resolved with more modifications to the cruft detector
    Stubsensor seems to be having trouble with this one
    I think it has more than a strubsworth of info and have destubbed it. --Tagishsimon (talk)
    More template goodness
    Moved article to expand tag. Triddle 17:26, Jun 4, 2005 (UTC)


    Fixed with a new simpler cruft detector design
    The new cruft detector handles these both and considers them to be 133 and 38 characters, respectively. We won't see these again.


    Resolved with new taxobox detection code

    Articles to ignore[edit]

    Could possibly be solved by creating a gallery in the article and moving all the pictures into the gallery.
    Lots of computer generated text

    Conflict resolution[edit]

    Remember that stubsensor never edits an article, only people do. See your mission to read the instructions for volunteers.

    Please bring conflicts out into the light as soon as possible. If you are another editor who disagrees with the removal of the stub template from an article please list the article, the reason, and sign the comment. The goal is to work together to find the following things: 1) a consistent view of what a stub is or is not; 2) the correct tag for the article (if it is not a stub does it need {{expand}} or {{cleanup}}; 3) what else can be done to help solve the conflict. Once you have listed your reasoning you are welcome to change the your mission section if you think it would help avoid conflict in the future.

    Linux Tablet[edit]

    • (This was copied from my talk page. Triddle)[Stubsensor] Has twice taken the stub tag off Linux Tablet, an extremely long article with little more than headings in it. Its a stub.... Any chance the code can be mangled to check how much of an article isn't in == == statements? --Kiand 08:52, 21 May 2005 (UTC)
      • (this was copied from User Talk:Kiand. Triddle) Hi Kiand, Stubsensor does not remove any tag, only people do. Please see the current cleanup project to understand what stubsensor does and what the volunteers (myself included) are attempting to do. After reviewing the article it is clear why I removed the stub tag: The article is badly misleading, including many paragraphs that don't contribute to the article at all and are merely notes to future editors. Perhaps if all the empty sections (which should be labeled as a {{section-stub}}) were removed and messages to future editors were moved into the talk page this ambiguity would be removed. Also, the article may be in need of cleanup, but that does not make it a stub. In fact there are many strong paragraphs and if all the unfinished content were removed the article may have enough to not be a stub anymore on that basis alone. Perhaps a better tag for this article would be {{expand}} rather than {{stub}}. Regardless the next version of stubsensor is going to ignore all articles that have the {{cleanup}} tag in it so next time this article should be left out of any reports. Please also continue to respond to this (if you would like to) at the conflict resolution section of the current cleanup project as I'm trying to get as many eyeballs to look at these cases so I can make sure they are handled as well as possible. Thanks for your note, Triddle 16:59, 21 May 2005 (UTC)
    TBTH, I wanted that article deleted, and it barely passed VFD (it actually lost but not enough margin of concensous), so I don't really want to have to go through it, tagging each section... I'm actually just waiting to see if the original author fixes it up, and if not, VFD'ing again after a suitable time, as its an orphaned HOW-TO...
    I only contacted you as I thought the stub removal was a bot. Oops.. --Kiand 17:09, 21 May 2005 (UTC)
    I rewrote the article; it really did only contain a stub worth of information. Now it is a true stub. I hope this takes care of the problem. Triddle 19:46, 21 May 2005 (UTC)

    East Los Angeles, California[edit]

    re: The removal of {{California-geo-stub}} from the East Los Angeles, California article: This particular article, except for the opening paragraph and a picture, is nothing but the User:Rambot added data (census, etc.). Therefore, even though it has lots of text, it's still a geo-stub in my opinion, and the stub should not have been removed. BlankVerse 09:21, 3 Jun 2005 (UTC)

    I agree, I'll revert it myself and add this article to the list of articles to ignore. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. Triddle 18:20, Jun 3, 2005 (UTC)
    From this example, I think that you need to be especially cautious about de-stubbing any of the articles with rambot-generated data. The wording and the size of the rambot data is all pretty similar, so your stubsensor reports should look for those keywords, and subtract out the size of the rambot data.
    Also, a suggestion: You current title for this section, as well as the name for the link to it, I think is confusing and misleading, because normal Wikipedia usage for "Conflict resolution" is as a reference to RFC, RFM, RFAR, etc. I would suggest a rename to something like "Problem reporting", or something similar. BlankVerse 08:45, 4 Jun 2005 (UTC)
    I decided on the term conflict resolution because I noticed a trend from the first cleanup project: other contributors would simply revert the article, then it would wind up back on the report, the stub tag would get removed again...... I think it really needs a bold statement to get people's attention as its required to avoid frustration and duplication of effort. However I'm not interested in being misleading; do you think that such terminology makes the project seem to be official in some manner? Thanks for your notes. Triddle 16:54, Jun 4, 2005 (UTC)
    Very few things on the Wikipedia are "official"—it's mostly stitched together tradition and mass action. The stubsensor project is fairly new, but already has a number of people working for it, so you've become part of the ad-hoc bureaucracy of the Wikipedia. Your tag in the edit summary already makes it clear that it is an ongoing project, so I would imagine that "Problem reporting" is a more appropriate link (did you use something similar for the first cleanup?). BlankVerse 05:46, 5 Jun 2005 (UTC)