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Thanks for visiting my userpage! My name's Tony, and I'm a user here just like you. I was formerly an administrator, CheckUser, and Oversighter, but unfortunately I don't have much time for Wikipedia anymore, so I handed those flags in. I still like to pontificate because I think more highly of myself than I should, which is why I am still a member of the functionaries list. I think that adds some value to the project and when I feel it stops adding value, I plan on resigning that as well.

At various points in my time on Wikipedia I’ve been involved in improving processes, creating content, working against abuse and harassment, and even making a few changes to our overall view on article creation. These days, unfortunately, I don’t have as much time for Wikipedia as I’d like.

Despite the fact that most of my work now focuses behind the scenes, I’m a firm believer that we are fundamentally here to build an encyclopedia and that our content work is the reason for our existence. All that we do should be done with the question of what improves Wikipedia for the reader in mind, and I hope every edit or action I take works towards that goal.

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