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This bot is no longer active on Wikipedia.

Theo's Little Bot was a bot (source code) on the English Wikipedia. This bot ran on Toolforge.


Most recent update: [ Maintaining this horrible codebase is not exactly "fun"

Use appendtext so that we don’t overwrite everything. Apparently a patch was merged that prevents this stupidity, but it hasn’t been rolled out yet.] (theopolisme - 25 May 2014)

Bot Task Status Description Disable
Task 26 Expired Adds {{COI editnotice}} to talk pages of articles in certain subcategories of Category:Organizations (consensus for trial) click here
Task 25 Denied Converts publication_date parameter in a variety of infoboxes to use {{start date}} click here
Task 24 Completed Converts publication_date parameter in {{infobox poem}} to use {{start date}} click here
Task 23 Not Running Removes Google Analytics tracking parameters (like utm_source, for example) from links (also replaces links with their canonical urls if possible) click here
Task 22 Disabled Automates inclusion of live Rotten Tomatoes statistics in articles, using the new {{Rotten Tomatoes score}} click here
Task 21 Not Running Adds {{Information}} to self-published files uploaded to Wikipedia that don't already have an information template click here
Task 20 Denied Automatically adds pre-formatted NFUR rationales to files that meet certain conditions click here
Task 19 Not Running Updates "available" status for users at Wikipedia:Adopt-a-user/Adoptee's Area/Adopters click here
Task 18 Not Running For references using {{cite web}} that are currently tagged with {{dead link}}, the bot attempts to add the archiveurl parameter using the Wayback Machine. click here
Task 17 Disabled A variety of TAFI-related tasks, including WikiProject notification click here
Task 16 Not Running Maintains {{cite wdl}} by automatically creating subpages of the template with citation contents click here
Task 15 Not Running Replaces accidental uses of {{citation}} or {{cite}} (i.e., those that include no other parameters) with {{citation needed}} click here
Task 14 Not Running Automatically selects and then manages Today's articles for improvement from the project's holding area click here
Task 13 Not Running Adds url parameter to {{cite web}} templates that include archiveurl, but not url. click here
Task 12 Completed Removes links/references to and per AN/I thread click here
Task 11 Completed Reassesses pages with {{WikiProject Latin music}} if they previously had music=yes click here
Task 10 Not Running Manages the Today's articles for improvement nominations page and holding area click here
Task 9 Not Running Notify uploaders of files with inadequate source information click here
Task 7 Disabled Add {{TAFI}} and {{Former TAFI}} to articles for Today's articles for improvement click here
Task 6 Completed Add importance=low to {{WikiProject Classical Greece and Rome}} for pages that meet constraints click here
Task 5 Completed Add reggaeton=yes to WikiProject template for pages in Category:Reggaeton click here
Task 4 Completed Add road parameters to WikiProject Australia banners click here
Task 2 Disabled Notify uploaders of files with no description click here
Task 1 Disabled Reduce size of non-free images click here
Task NA Not applicable Make API queries (as necessary) from Theopolisme's Toolforge tools n/a


Please use the bot's issue reporter (be sure to include the task number).