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I am the Master of Hedgehogs, somebody who likes to edit Wikipedia, Wiktionary, all that. I have various hobbies, like collecting Squishmallows, playing chess and playing video games. You could find me moving through the forest at a rapid pace, until one day in 2023, when I landed back in the world of my favorite puzzle game! I've made some userboxes for you to use. If that's not what you're here for, then you can drop me a line by pushing the "Talk" tab up top. Cheddar and mozzarella are some of my favorite cheeses. Check out my new adoptive userscript, Chocolate!

Chess puzzles[edit]

This section contains all of my chess puzzles. Try them if you like to play chess!

Puzzles without fairy pieces[edit]

There are have:

  1. Never gonna give you rooks (rookroll)
  2. ???
  3. ???

Puzzles with fairy pieces[edit]

There are:

  1. Chancellor smothered mate
  2. Backrank mate promotion...or not
  3. Amazing amazons
  4. Dragons...somehow
  5. Unknown 2
  6. Unknown 3

Joke puzzles[edit]

There are:

  1. Pawn of illusions
  2. Quit fooling around

Articles I made[edit]

You read that right! I've made couple articles and also helped with some!

  1. Chessplus
  2. Joj, a redirect to the disambiguation page JOJ
  3. CoolMathGames, a redirect to Cool Math Games
  4. Cool math games, a redirect to Cool Math Games
  5. Chessplus Team, a redirect to a page I made, Chessplus
  6. Chess plus, a redirect to a page I made, Chessplus
  7. A joke essay. No, really, a joke essay (and its shortcut, WP:NOREALLY)
  8. Humorous page on the comically large falling anvil, and its shortcuts, WP:ANVIL, and WP:FALLING
  9. Humorous page on the game Wikipedia Dash


There's some kind of stairway here. Something is attached to the ceiling. There's also a panel on the wall.

Enter basement

In case of malfunctions[edit]

Here's what to do in case I malfunction:

If it's not a severe malfunction[edit]

If it is a severe malfunction[edit]