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    This user helped get Three Studies of Lucian Freud listed on the "In the News" section of the main page on 15 November 2013.
    Did you know ... that the Russian airstrike on Kyiv TV Tower killed Yevhenii Sakun, one of at least 14 civilian journalists killed in the line of duty during the Russo-Ukrainian War? On the main page on 17 April 2022
    Did you know ... that Fane Lozman took Riviera Beach to the US Supreme Court once in 2013 for seizing his floating home and again in 2018 for arresting him, and won both times? On the main page on 11 May 2022
    Did you know ... that The Onion said in a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court that "the federal judiciary is staffed entirely by total Latin dorks"? On the main page on 16 October 2022
    Did you know ... that "the Hurricane Shark is real"? On the main page on 20 October 2022
    Did you know ... that Liz Truss's rise to power went from "astonishing" to "explosive" a day before she resigned as prime minister? On the main page on 1 November 2022
    Did you know ... that to optimize Atkinson Hyperlegible for visually impaired people, its designers intentionally broke the rule that a typeface should be uniform? On the main page on 22 November 2022
    Did you know ... that Debbie Friedman and Drorah Setel's Mi Shebeirach for healing, written by the couple amidst the AIDS crisis, has become "the emotional highlight of synagogue services" for many Jews? On the main page on 7 January 2023
    Did you know ... that of up to 300 bullets fired in the Ash Street shootout between U.S. Army Rangers and alleged drug dealers, none were reported to have hit anyone? On the main page on 28 January 2023
    Did you know ... that in a lawsuit over Mike Tyson's face tattoo, a judge found it "just silly" to say that tattoos cannot be copyrighted, but refused to delay The Hangover Part II? On the main page on 18 March 2023
    This user helped "Fucking Trans Women" become a good article on 28 December 2022.
    This user helped "Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach (2018)" become a good article on 11 November 2022.
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    On leave from admin work
    I am focused almost[1] exclusively on content work for the time being, and will politely defer requests for admin action elsewhere.
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    My name is Tamzin Hadasa Kelly.[2] Yes, Tamzin is a real name,[3] pronounced /ˈtæmzɪn/ in most American accents. I take she / her, they / them, or xe / xem pronouns.[4] I live in Cape May County, New Jersey.

    I am, first and foremost, an editor here. Over the years, I've taken on a few additional roles, including administrator,[5] sockpuppet investigations clerk, bot operator ('zinbot), and global renamer.[6]

    I previously edited under the usernames Francophonie&Androphilie (Nov. 2012 – Jan. 2013) and PinkAmpersand (Jan. 2013 – Oct. 2020). Please see User:Tamzin/Disclosures and commitments for other policy-compliance stuff and some notes on accountability.

    Things I've written[edit]

    Collaboration with...

    1. ^ a b c d theleekycauldron.
    2. ^ Red-tailed hawk.
    3. ^ PerfectSoundWhatever.
    4. ^ Elli.
    5. ^ Espresso Addict.
    6. ^ SuperbowserX.
    7. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u Fellow RfD participants.
    8. ^ Thryduulf (as a DAB, drafted together at Gender violence); converted to SIA by BD2412.
    9. ^ John123521.
    10. ^ TheresNoTime
    11. ^ Writ Keeper
    12. ^ Stjn
    13. ^ Many people who'd made essentially the same point before me.

    Expanded or translated from...

    1. ^ An earlier version by various editors.
    2. ^ An earlier version by Lord Roem and others.
    3. ^ An abandoned draft by Sir-Joshi01.
    4. ^ fr:Masacre de Borodianka, by Laurent Jerry, Baldurar, and others.
    5. ^ fr:La Curée, chasse au chevreuil dans les forêts du Grand Jura, by Marc-AntoineV, expanding on an earlier English version by several editors.
    6. ^ List of journalists murdered in Ukraine, by Gauaren erregina and others.
    7. ^ a b c An existing DAB page.
    8. ^ An unsourced BCA by and others.


    1. ^ Led to the creations of Fuccboi (novel) (mostly by theleekycauldron) and Fuccbois (mostly by HelenDegenerate), with me and Drmies as minority contributors and cheerleaders. I received DYK credit for my minority contributions to the former, but don't really feel I earned the topicon, and so instead will celebrate with a single ASCII question mark: ?
    2. ^ Boldly merged to Haw 2016, restored at RfD 2022.
    3. ^ The local list is incomplete due to limitations in how MediaWiki detects redirect creation. On the other hand, it includes blank-and-redirects and redirects that were later turned into content pages, which XTools omits. Neither list includes soft redirects, but some can be seen around the 340-byte mark here.
    4. ^ Work in progress.
    5. ^ Coäuthors are only noted on projects with a small number of contributors.
    6. ^ Not in use on Wikimedia yet.

    Several things that make editing easier[edit]

    The pipe trick exists and I feel like a lot of people don't know about that because it doesn't show up in diffs. (Update: This has since been confirmed by multiple functionaries telling me they hadn't heard of it till they read this.)

    I use Twinkle, RedWarn, and popups for a whole bunch of useful things. The first two's relevance depends on your editing style, but I think popups is indispensable to any editor. At XfDs I use XFDCloser.

    // General
    // [[m:MoreMenu]]: Whole bunch of useful buttons
    mw.loader.using(['mediawiki.util', 'mediawiki.api'], function () {
    // [[WP:JWB]]
    // Mainspace-oriented
    // [[User:Dr pda/prosesize.js]]: Get a page's prose wordcount
    importScript('User:Dr pda/prosesize.js');
    // [[User:Andy M. Wang/pageswap]]: Swap pages' histories
    importScript('User:Andy M. Wang/pageswap.js');
    // [[User:Wugapodes/Capricorn]]: Redirect categorization
    // [[User:Novem Linguae/Scripts/CiteHighlighter]]: Highlight source quality
    importScript('User:Novem Linguae/Scripts/CiteHighlighter.js');
     // [[User:Trappist the monk/HarvErrors.js]]
    importScript('User:Trappist the monk/HarvErrors.js');
    // Anti-abuse
    // [[Wikipedia:Redwarn]]: Mostly counter-vandalism-oriented
    mw.loader.load( '/w/index.php?title=User:RedWarn/.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript' );
    // Mark locked accounts
    // All the IP information you want, in one place
    importScript('User:GeneralNotability/ip-ext-info.js ');
    // Rollback summaries and more (requires `rollback`)
    // [[User:Tamzin/scripts/massRollbackWithBotMode.js]]: Mass rollback (requires `rollback` and `markbotedits`)
    //Mass revdel (admin-only)
    importScript( 'User:Writ Keeper/Scripts/massRevdel.js' );
    // [[User:Mr. Stradivarius/gadgets/SpamUserPage.js]] (admin-only)
    importScript('User:Mr. Stradivarius/gadgets/SpamUserPage.js');
    // Other-namespace-oriented
    // [[User:PleaseStand/userinfo.js]]: Information when you view a userpage
    // [[User:Evad37/OneClickArchiver]]: Archive discussion-page content
    // Specific venues
    importScript('User:SD0001/RFUD-helper.js'); // [[User:SD0001/RFUD-helper.js]]
    // [[WP:SPI]]
    /* [[User:Writ Keeper/Scripts/cuStaleness.js]] & [[User:Writ Keeper/Scripts/sockStaleness.js]]:
       See whether accounts/IPs are likely stale for CU; see who created them */
    importScript('User:Writ Keeper/Scripts/cuStaleness.js'); // I wrote part of this one!
    importScript('User:Writ Keeper/Scripts/sockStaleness.js');
    // [[WP:SPIHELPER]]: If you're not a clerk/CU/patrolling admin, you don't need this
    importScript('User:GeneralNotability/spihelper.js'); // And a much smaller part of this one
    maxUsersCUStaleness = 100;
    lazyCheckCUStaleness = false;
    // [[User:RoySmith/tag-check.js]]: Ditto
    // [[WP:EFFP]]
    // [[User:Suffusion of Yellow/effp-helper.js]]: Proxy edits caught in the filter
    importScript( 'User:Suffusion of Yellow/effp-helper.js' );
    // [[User:Suffusion of Yellow/batchtest-plus.js]]: Test new filters against old hits
    importScript( 'User:Suffusion of Yellow/batchtest-plus.js' );
    window.batchTestPlusMaxConcurrentRequests = 5;
    // Wikidata
    // [[User:Yair rand/WikidataInfo.js]]: Information about a page's Wikidata item
    mw.loader.load("// rand/WikidataInfo.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript");
    Here's how I've messed with my CSS. If you do template work, I strongly recommend the bit that sets all the -show classes to visible.
    /* Look here! Tutorial on how to see all of the `-show` classes. */
    @import url('//');
    @import url('//');
    /* From [[User:theleekycauldron/common.css]] */
    .mw-body-content {color:#147000}
    .mw-body-content {color:#5c9e4c}
    .mw-body-content a.extiw {color:#a6a825;} /* interwiki links */
    .mw-body-content a.extiw:visited {color:#b3960b;}
    .mw-body-content a.external {color: #b0048b}
    .mw-body-content a.external:visited {color: #6e0152}
    /* Correct name */
    #toc-mw-content-text > a > div {
    	display: none;
    #toc-mw-content-text > a::after {
    	display: inline;
    	content: "(Lede)";
    /* bad eyesight + frequent editing in "night light mode" hours + fairly
    reflective laptop screen + often editing in direct sunlight = I often can't
    discern link color*/
    .mw-parser-output a:not([class*="user-blocked-"]) {
    	text-decoration: underline dashed 1px;
    .mw-parser-output .reference a, .mw-parser-output .toc a, .mw-parser-output .mw-editsection a {
    	text-decoration: none !important;
    .mw-parser-output .reference a:hover, .mw-parser-output .toc a:hover, .mw-parser-output .mw-editsection a:hover,
    .mw-parser-output .reference a:focus, .mw-parser-output .toc a:focus, .mw-parser-output .mw-editsection a:focus {
    	text-decoration: underline !important;
    /* watchlists are stressful. scanning contribs for revs that aren't"current" is
    more pleasant. this is more pleasant still. */
    .mw-contributions-current {
    	background-color: Aquamarine;
    /* still needs troubleshooting */
    /*.toc {
    	float: left;
    	clear: right;
    	margin: 0.5em 1.5em 0.5em 0;
    /* All those capital letters make me feel like I'm being yelled at.  Wish I
    could say I were joking, but I'm not. */
    .mw-anonuserlink {
    	text-transform: lowercase;
    .watchlist-message {
    	background-color: pink;
    /* Flag deprecated HTML */
    tt, center, dir, font, menu, xmp { 
    	text-decoration: underline red solid;
    strike {
    	text-decoration: line-through red;
    /* Distinguish del/ins from strikethrough and underline */
    del {
        border: 1px red dashed;
    ins {
        border: 1px green dashed;
    .selfreference {
    	background-color: pink;
    /* I like seeing things */
    	display: table !important;
    /* from [[:Category:CS1 maint: url-status]] */
    .mw-parser-output span.cs1-maint {display: inline;} /* display Citation Style 1 maintenance messages */
    .mw-parser-output span.cs1-hidden-error {display: inline;} /* display hidden Citation Style 1 error messages */
    .harv-error {display: inline !important;} /* display Module:Footnotes errors */
    /* from [[Template:Short description/doc]] */
    .shortdescription {
      display:block !important;
      white-space: pre-wrap;
    /* Number entries in history and on special pages.  Forked from */
    .ns--1 #content ul,
    #content #pagehistory {list-style: decimal}
    .page-Special_Page {list-style-image: url(bullet.gif)}
    /* BETA: [[MOS:LISTGAP]] / [[WP:*:]] violation highlighter.
    DISCLAIMER: MW markup and HTML are infinitely complex, and there are valid use
    cases for all of these, especially `ol + ol`. Correct flagged markup at your
    peril. */
    /* List gaps */
    .mw-parser-output dl + dl, .mw-parser-output ul + ul, .mw-parser-output ol + ol {
    	border-top: 1em solid pink;
    	border-top: 1em solid rgba(255,192,203,0.5);
    /* The common mistake of
    * Foo
    :* Bar / :: Bar
    (At any level of nesting) */
    .mw-parser-output ul + dl > dd > ul, .mw-parser-output ul + dl > dd > dl {
    	border-left: 1em solid pink;
    	border-left: 1em solid rgba(255,192,203,0.5);

    Three controversial opinions about Wikipedia[edit]

    1. WP:NODISCLAIMERS has outlived its usefulness. As a major provider of information to a global audience, we should hold ourselves to disclaimer standards similar to those of major media organizations.
    2. We should not allow BLPs about people who do not unambiguously meet GNG, as established by references that are actually in their articles. Any BLP subject who has not been the subject of long-term coverage in reliable sources as an adult should be able to have their article deleted on request.
    3. It's spelled "lede".

    One lie I've told[edit]

    I don't actually need a cetacean. I live quite close to a beach that dolphins routinely swim by. I have all the cetaceans I could ever need.

    Three dolphins dive in the midground on the left, swimming toward the right of the frame. In the background on the right, a fairly large vehicle ferry sails toward the left of the frame. In the foreground, a beach of brown sand with some black rock outcroppings toward the waterline.
    Cetaceans acquired


    1. ^ I may still block the occasional vandal or such, or follow up on past admin actions.
    2. ^ Acceptable nicknames: 'zin, TZ, T.H.. Please no Tam or Tammy. Not a gender thing; I just don't like them as names.
    3. ^ Tamzin is the feminine form of Thomas, my birth name; I chose this name when I transitioned so that I would still be named after my grandfather, Thomas V. Kelly (Z''L), a lifelong opponent of fascism and all who would govern by fear (see Edwin Walker § Political career). My middle name at birth was Harrison, after my great-grandfather Harry (Z''L), who fled Poland in the build-up to HaShoah and started a family here, doing the most audacious thing a Jew can do: live. In the Jewish tradition, it is common to name people after relatives by sharing just an initial. Thus, when I transitioned, I preserved the aitch in his honor, picking the new middle name Hadasa, the birth name of Queen Esther—the original antifascist, a woman who through both wit and beauty convinced her husband, the king, that it was not enough merely to spare the Jews death; we needed the right to fight back. (See tattoo.)
    4. ^ See User:Tamzin/Gender for more information if you care, but that's all you really need to know.
    5. ^ For what I can help you with in that capacity, please see WP:MOPRIGHTS. For permissions requests, self-requested blocks, and copies of deleted content, please see User:Tamzin/Discretionary admin things.
    6. ^ See m:Special:CentralAuth/Tamzin and m:User:Tamzin for a full accounting of my permissions on various wikis. Additionally, I am an op in #wikipedia-en-help connect.