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Hi. A hootoo researcher who obviously has too much time on his hands, because he's decided to join this crazy project too.

I seem to spend a large chunk of my h2g2 time hanging around Editorial Feedback as a curator making suggested corrections. I wrote the Edited Guide Entry on Atmospheric Pollution from the Internal Combustion Engine in the Urban Environment. (I also have a writing credit on Static Electric Discharges and How To Prevent Them Zapping You, and Big Al was helpful enough to get a writing credit on my Entry.) He contributed a couple of paragraphs of text and many other helpful suggestions.

On h2g2, I try to be useful. I want to write more entries, and in the meantime I'm doing something useful as a curator, though I'm less active than I used to be.

So I'll probably be doing the equivalent here: proofreading, improving sentence flow, and that sort of thing. Maybe I'll occasionally add some information to some places.

But I'll spend far more time on h2g2.

/Suggestion for policy on raunchy pictures

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