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Smallchief's great-great-great-great grandfather (1822).
Smallchief in Veracruz, Mexico, 1966.
Smallchief in Badakhshan, Afghanistan, 2000.
Smallchief and the Memsahib in Naples, 2023.

Smallchief or Little Chief are family names dating from 1825 when an American Indian ancestor of that title signed a treaty with the United States. I create content about the history of the Indians of the Americas and the Europeans who encountered them, World War II resistance movements, agriculture, conservation and protected areas, the Vietnam War, missionaries, refugees, and women's soccer. I also have a statistical bent and create lists with socio-economic and geographic data. My editing focuses on obscure and neglected topics. I rarely edit articles about current events. Technologically speaking, I am rushing headlong into the 15th century -- and not disposed to attempt a great leap forward.

The most viewed article I have created is List of snowiest places in the United States by state with an average of 478 views per day. The least viewed article I have created is China Centenary Missionary Conference with a rock-bottom average of 0.5 views per day. So be it. Perhaps the article to which I contributed with the fewest views is Cayetano Pignatelli, 3rd Marquis of Rubi with 0.20 views per day. That's a mouthful of a title, so I changed it to his better known name of Marqués de Rubí, expanded the article, and added a few links. I anticipate more views in the future. It'll be interesting to see if that happens.

190 articles created 2010-2024. No stubs![edit]

2010 (26)[edit]

Antelope Creek Phase; Chamuscado and Rodriguez Expedition; Claude Charles Du Tisne; Comanche-Mexico Wars; Escanjaque Indians; Etzanoa; Francis Dunlap Gamewell; Gaspar Castaño de Sosa; George E. Hyde; Joseph James and Joseph James, Jr.; Juan Sabeata; Jumano Indians; Jusepe Gutierrez; La Junta Indians; Leonor Cortes Moctezuma; Manso Indians; Nicolas de Aguilar; Querecho Indians; Rayado Indians; Seymour Expedition, China 1900; Siege of the Legations, Beijing 1900; Taovaya Indians; Teyas Indians; Tompiro Indians; Umana and Leyba expedition; White Plume;

2011 (15)[edit]

Acaxee Rebellion; Black Kettle National Grassland (Oklahoma); China Centenary Missionary Conference; J. T. Nickel Family Nature and Wildlife Preserve; Lewis Hector Garrard; List of largest lakes of the United States by volume; Niobrara Valley Preserve; Pierre Antoine and Paul Mallet; Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site; Quautlatas; Santo Tomas Internment Camp; Susanna Carson Rijnhart; Whizbang, Oklahoma; William Walker (Wyandot leader);

2012 (19)[edit]

Agave murpheyi; Agriculture in the prehistoric Southwest; Battle of Cottonwood; Battle of Julesburg; Battle of Mud Springs; Battle of Platte Bridge; Battle of Rush Creek; Battle of the Twin Villages; Coahuiltecan people; Fetterman Fight; Fort Fizzle (Montana); Manzano Wilderness; McPherson Valley Wetlands; Nez Perce in Yellowstone Park; 1985 United States women's national soccer team; Oberlin Band (China); Ollokot; San Pedro Parks Wilderness; Suma Indians;

2013 (19)[edit]

Ann Bridge; Bustamante, Nuevo Leon; Cambodian genocide denial; Charlotte White; Cynthia Farrar; Demobilization of United States armed forces after World War II; Depopulation of the Great Plains; Indochina refugee crisis; Kings River (Arkansas); List of most important agricultural crops worldwide; Mesa de Maya; Monica Gonzalez (soccer); Pedro Vial; Prehistoric agriculture on the Great Plains; Sierra del Burro; Sierra de San Carlos; Sierra de Picachos; Sierra de Tamaulipas; Sofia Huerta;

2014 (6)[edit]

Albert Shelton; Bianca Sierra; Cambodian humanitarian crisis; El Cielo Biosphere; Lost Battalion (Pacific, World War II); 1954 in the Vietnam War;

2015 (10)[edit]

Caprice Dydasco; Jeffrey Race; Mayer Halff; 1940-1946 in the Vietnam War; 1947-50 in the Vietnam War; 1985 United States women's national soccer team; National Security Action Memorandum 273; Operation Crazy Horse; Operation Thayer; Southern Plains villagers

2016 (15)[edit]

Ban Vinai Refugee Camp; Battle of Kuruyuki; Camp Holmes Internment Camp; Casma/Sechin culture; Chiribaya culture; Juan de Ulibarrí; Las Haldas; List of U.S. states by changes in life expectancy, 1985-2010; Llanos de Moxos (archaeology); Lomas; Oroncota; Paria, Bolivia; Pre-Columbian rafts; Reductions; Sierra de San Borja;

2017 (13)[edit]

Garua; Inca-Caranqui; Katie Johnson (soccer); Lionel Rosenblatt; List of U.S. counties with longest life expectancy; List of U.S. counties with shortest life expectancy; Maxwell Wildlife Refuge; Pambamarca Fortress Complex; Paposo; Quispiguanca; Rumicucho; Saraguro people; Victor L. Tomseth;

2018 (9)[edit]

Agriculture in the Middle Ages; Amutui Quimey Reservoir; Battle of Tres Castillos; Lake Cholila; Lake Menéndez; Lake Rivadavia; Sánchez Navarro latifundio; Second Phase Offensive (Korean War); Source of the Amazon River;

2019 (9)[edit]

Elvire de Greef; Florentino Goikoetxea; Madeleine Lavigne; Megantoni District, La Convención Province; List of snowiest places in the United States by state; Pat O'Leary Line; San Miguel del Vado; Tecolote; Timeline of Mexican War of Independence;

2020 (10)[edit]

Cerro de la Sal; Escape and evasion lines (World War II); Food and Agriculture in Nazi Germany; Gran Pajonal; Michael Trotobas; Operation Marathon (World War II); Philippe de Vomécourt; Pozuzo; Zaña; Zaña River

2021 (8)[edit]

Encomiendas in Peru; Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve; Huayuri; List of U.S. cities by adjusted per capita personal income; List of states by adjusted per capita personal income; Nupe River; Pernil Alto; Surrender of General Botho Elster;

2022 (12)[edit]

Battle of Punished Woman's Fork; Battle of Turkey Springs; Battle of Villa Verde Trail; Edward E. McClish; Itatín; John Brown (mountain man); Murder trial of seven Cheyenne (1879); Naomi Flores; Pinhook Draw fight; Sangre de Cristo Land Grant; Timeline of SOE's Prosper Network; Yay Panlilio;

2023 (13)[edit]

Alonso de Posada; Francisco Xavier Chaves; Golden Triangle of Meat-packing; List of Colorado counties by socioeconomic factors; List of New Mexico counties by socioeconomic factors; List of Oklahoma counties by socioeconomic factors; List of U.S. states by socioeconomic factors; List of West Virginia counties by socioeconomic factors; Maria Rosa Villalpando; Mississippian shatter zone; Navajo trading posts; Supply of Franciscan missions in New Mexico; Tierra Amarilla Land Grant.

2024 (7)[edit]

Donald Darling; History of agriculture in Palestine; La Retirada; Peggy van Lier; Spanish peace treaties with the Comanche; Texan raids on New Mexico (1843); Trix Terwindt;

435 articles with at least 2,500 bytes added or article more than doubled in size[edit]

2010 (34)[edit]

Antonio de Espejo; Battle of Beicang; Battle of Dagu Forts (1900); Battle of Yangcun; Bidong Island; Boxer Rebellion; Deer Creek/Bryson Paddock Sites; Eastern Agricultural Complex; Edgar Buell; Étienne de Veniard, Sieur de Bourgmont; Francisco Vasquez de Coronado; George Bent; Half Breed Tract; Isabel Moctezuma; Juan de Onate; Juan de Tolosa; Kaw (tribe); Laotian Civil War; List of rivers of Kansas; List of rivers of Oklahoma; Long Tieng; Mixton war; Newkirk, Oklahoma; Plains Indians; Po'pay; Preah Vihear Temple; Quivira; Sa Kaeo Refugee Camp; Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge; Tallgrass Prairie Preserve; Walnut River (Kansas); White Hair; Wichita people; Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

2011 (40)[edit]

Aldo Leopold Wilderness; Alice Mildred Cable; Annie Royle Taylor; Battle of Peking (1900); Battle of Tientsin; Battle of Valverde; Battle of White Bird Canyon; Bernard de la Harpe; Burbank, Oklahoma; Cheyenne Bottoms; Chichimeca War; Chilocco Indian Agricultural School; Cimarron National Grassland; Comanche National Grassland; Dawes Act; Edward Hobart Seymour; Evangeline Frances "Eva" French; First Battle of Adobe Walls; Folsom, New Mexico; Francesca Law French; Francisco Tenamaztle; Henry M. Teller; History of New Mexico; Isaac McCoy; James Owen Dorsey; John Hay Air Base; Johnson Mesa; Kiowa National Grassland; Kit Carson; List of Lakes in Oklahoma; List of lakes of the United States by area; Louis-Joseph Gaultier de La Vérendrye;Nez Perce War; Quivira National Wildlife Refuge; Saur Revolution; Spiro Mounds; Shidler, Oklahoma; Sugarite Canyon State Park; Tepehuán Revolt

2012 (38)[edit]

Apache-Mexico Wars; Battle of Bear Paw; Battle of the Big Hole; Battle of Big Mound; Battle of Camas Creek; Battle of Canyon Creek; Battle of Dead Buffalo Lake; Battle of the Badlands; Battle of the Clearwater; Battle of Killdeer Mountain; Battle of Stony Lake; Battle of the Tongue River; Battle of Whitestone Hill; Blue River (Oklahoma); Casas Grandes; Chickasaw National Recreation Area; Coahuiltecan languages; Deep Fork River; Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge; El Chino Mine; Europe First; Gila Wilderness; Hayfield Fight; Henry Kelsey; James Kirker; List of lakes, reservoirs, and dams in Kansas; Looking Glass (Native American leader); Northern Chinese Famine of 1876-1879; Opata people; Powder River Expedition (1865); Psoralea esculenta; Pueblo Revolt; Red Cloud's War; Tepary beans; Thomas Moonlight; Wagon Box Fight; Yaqui people; Yvette Pierpaoli.

2013 (26)[edit]

Battle of Powder River; Bolson de Mapimi; Battle of the Rosebud; Cache River National Wildlife Refuge; Cofitachequi; Comanche Wars; El Naranjo, San Luis Potosi; Fatu Huku; General Zaragoza, Nuevo León; Great Sioux War of 1876; Hiva Oa; Little River (Red River); List of rivers of Arkansas; Maderas del Carmen; Mountain Fork; Noam Chomsky's political views; Open field system; Operation New Life; Protestant Missions in China 1807-1953; San Andres National Wildlife Refuge; Sierra del Carmen; Soto La Marina River; Tamasopo, San Luis Potosi; Xilitla, San Luis Potosi; Valle Vidal; Vermejo Park Ranch

2014 (27)[edit]

Aldama Municipality, Tamaulipas; Cambodian Civil War; Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support; Gareth Porter; Gómez Farías Municipality, Tamaulipas; Hearts and Minds (Vietnam); Llera de Canales, Tamaulipas; Operation Freedom Deal; Operation Menu; Orderly Departure Program; Sarah Hagen; Vietnamese boat people; Vietnam War; Vietnam War casualties; White River National Wildlife Refuge; 1955 in the Vietnam War; 1956 in the Vietnam War; 1957 in the Vietnam War; 1958 in the Vietnam War; 1959 in the Vietnam War; 1960 in the Vietnam War; 1961 in the Vietnam War; 1962 in the Vietnam War; 1963 in the Vietnam War; 1964 in the Vietnam War; 1965 in the Vietnam War; 1966 in the Vietnam War.

2015 (24)[edit]

Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge; Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge; Burma Railway; Civilian Internee; Dead Indian Pass; Dismal River culture; Einkorn wheat; Fragging; Jerry Daniels; Land reform in Vietnam; National Security Action Memorandum 263; North Vietnam; Occupation of the Channel Islands; Operation Masher; Operations Enhance and Enhance Plus; Pinus remota; Pinyon pine; Qinngua Valley; Raton Mesa; Siege of Plei Me; Strategic Hamlet Program; 1971 in the Vietnam War; 1972 in the Vietnam War; 1973 in the Vietnam War.

2016 (29)[edit]

Anden; Calathea allouia; Camp O'Donnell; Canna indica; Chincha people; Dan Borislow; El Fuerte de Samaipata; Guaycura people; Huchuy Qosqo; Kennewick Man; Las Vegas culture (archaeology); Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva; Lupaca; Mantaro Valley; Margaret Utinsky; Maranta arundinacea; Misión San Francisco Javier de Viggé-Biaundó; Misión Santa Rosa de las Palmas; Monqui; Misión de Nuestra Señora de Loreto Conchó; New Bilibid Prison; Qullqa; Reductions; Sacred Valley; Sechin Bajo; Sierra de Juárez; Solutrean hypothesis; Spanish missions in Baja California; Weaving.

2017 (27)[edit]

Andean civilizations; Apiaguaiki Tumpa; Bears Ears National Monument; Carchi River; Chané; Cochasqui; Cojitambo; Cradle of civilization; Edward S. Herman; El Quinche; Garua; Guaycuru peoples; Harlan County, Kentucky; Incan agriculture; Inca Empire; Jesuit missions among the Guaraní; Mbayá; Mira River (Ecuador and Colombia);Otavalo people; Payaguá; Rumichaca Bridge; Sabinoso Wilderness; The Kelly Family, Tumebamba; Worthington Mountains, Zinc, Arkansas; 1975 in the Vietnam War.

2018 (27)[edit]

Agriculture in ancient Rome; Alumine Lake; Battle of Chosin Reservoir; Battle of Hembrillo Basin; Beijing Legation Quarter; Cedros Island; Cherokee Outlet; Cholila, Argentina; Cura Annonae; Davis Mountains; Delaware River (Texas); Frederick O'Brien; Galletué Lake; Huechulafquen Lake; Icalma Lake; Los Alerces National Park; Manso River (Argentina and Chile), Mapimí, Durango; Maria Sánchez (footballer); Mascardi Lake; Munich Agreement; Roman Agriculture; San Esteban de Nueva Tlaxcala; Tania Morales; Vandal Kingdom; Victorio's War; Villa Pehuenia.

2019 (36)[edit]

Abiquiú, New Mexico; Andrée de Jongh; Anne-Marie Walters; Anton Chico, New Mexico; Carnuel, New Mexico; Carte network; Collaborationism; Colorado War; Comet line; El Cerrito, New Mexico; Elsie Maréchal; General Cepeda; Genízaro; George Reginald Starr; Huayopata District; Ignacio Elizondo; Jacques Desoubrie; José de Azlor y Virto de Vera; La Convención Province; List of female SOE agents; Marie-Louise Dissard; Mary Lindell; St. Lawrence Iroquoians; Michelle Dumon; Nancy Wake; Pearl Witherington; 16th century in Canada; Tijeras, New Mexico; Vilcabamba, Peru; Villanueva, New Mexico; Virginia d'Albert-Lake; Vitcos; Washunga, Oklahoma; Wells of Baján; Yvonne Cormeau.

2020 (34)[edit]

Benjamin Cowburn; Carte network; Climate of Peru; Claude de Baissac; Coviriali District; Englandspiel; Francis Cammaerts; Francis Suttill; Fréteval; Georges Bégué; Gila, New Mexico; Ginette Jullian; Henri Déricourt; Huancabamba River; Janos, Chihuahua; Juan Santos Atahualpa; Julienne Aisner; Kay County; Lise de Baissac; Maquis du Vercors; McDowell County, West Virginia; Nanchoc District; Odette Sansom; Krystyna Skarbek; John Renshaw Starr; Oxapampa; Oxapampa Province; Pierre de Vomécourt; Richard Harry Heslop; Shelburne Escape Line; SOE F Section timeline; Special Operations Executive; Villa Rica District; Virginia Hall; Yvonne Fontaine

2021 (35)[edit]

Anthony Brooks: Antonine plague; Blanche Charlet; Bluff War; Bosques Nublados de Udima Wildlife Refuge; Chefoo School; Civilization; Columbian exchange; Comanche history; Continental Divide Trail; Cradle of Civilization; Edwards Archaeological Site; Harold Cole; History of Agriculture; Jack Agazarian; Josef Kieffer; Late Antique Little Ice Age; Lauricocha Province; List of SOE F Section networks and agents; Louisa Wade Wetherill; MI9; Maurice Southgate; Medicine Creek (Republican River tributary); NWSL records and statistics; Operation Pegasus; Mary Katherine Herbert; Puquios; Richard Wetherill; Riverton Site; Roger Landes; Santa Rosa de Ocopa; 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich, SOE F Section networks, University of California, Hastings College of the Law; Weixian Internment Camp

2022 (27)[edit]

Aleixo Garcia; Amy Elizabeth Thorpe; Andrée Borrel; Blas Valera; Borja, Peru; Doreen Warriner; Early history of the Arkansas Valley in Colorado; Fort Robinson breakout; Francisco de Toledo; Greenhorn Valley; Henry Mountains; Historiography of the fall of the Western Roman Empire; History of Paraguay; History of slavery in New Mexico; Jacqueline Nearne; Jesuits; Michael Creswell; Nathan Meeker; Oklahoma; Rio Culebra; Robert Lapham; Serranus Clinton Hastings; Tercio, Colorado; Trevor Chadwick; Turley Mill and Distillery Site; Wendell Fertig; Wet Mountain Valley; White Buses

2023 (25)[edit]

Antoine Lavalette; Denise Bloch; First Battle of the Marne; Folsom tradition;Gorky Park (novel); Hugo Bleicher; Huronia (region); Jornada del Muerto; Land grants in New Mexico; Lilian Rolfe; List of national parks of Costa Rica; Madeleine Damerment; Marqués de Rubí; Mathilde Carré; Maxwell Land Grant; Oscura Mountains; Operation Market Garden; Peach; Purgatoire River; Sabinoso Wilderness; Santa Fe Ring; Spanish Texas; Thomas B. Catron; Three Sisters (agriculture); Tomás Manso.

2024 (6)[edit]

Assassination of Karl Hotz; Hermann Giskes; Manuel Armijo; Mountain Fork; Robert Benoist; William Grover-Williams;

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