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    MR SLATER (or Lord Slatersteven as he is known in India). IS RETIRED AND ON A WIKI BREAK, HE WILL KEEP EDITING, BUT HE IS RETIRED, ITS TRUE SO IT IS, it says so in black and white!!!!

    A personal statement Corona Virus[edit]

    In the first time in our (as in Wikipedia) history we are actually living (and writing about) events that have a truly global scale that will have repercussions decades (if not 100's of years) from now. Every article we have related to this is far more important and significant than any article we have ever written before, both from a historical as well as contemporary viewpoint. What we say will have a very real impact on people living. We must all ensure that disinformation is not allowed to be expressed here (no matter the source, and even a hint of it must not be tolerated, this is too important), and we must expose it when it occurs. We must ensure that our readers are not only informed about the virus, but about those who would (and/or have) mislead them. Now we actually are important, in a way we have never been before. What we write here will be of historical importance, both as an example of how society dealt with this crisis, and a record of it.

    If anything deserved and warranted the invocation of WP:IAR this is it, every article about this pandemic (and is about the only time I think it can ever really be invoked), This is not about civil POV pushing or fringe science or whatever else its invoked for. This is actually about (potentially) saving lives. If one person comes here thinking the "disinformationaists" knew what they were talking about and goes away with that opinion changed that is far more valuable than all the other fights over pseudoscience we have ever had here put together.

    WE! are not important, how we deal with this one issue is. Nor are the feelings or reputations of the "disinformationists" if you spread lies that kill you deserve no consideration, and neither do your opinions.

    white privilege is a term used to invoke white guilt, even in those that have never been bigoted.[edit]

    I almost felt that a month ago. Then I was forced to face up to the fact that even though (In my youth) I was stopped on sus maybe twice A year I never feared the interaction might lead to my death. That is white privileged, not having to fear the police.

    Personal profile[edit]

    He is an "angloid" and proud of it.

    Everything is about him, even when it is not, he knows you are all watching him, and knows that whatever you say must be about him (even if he is not named, and it could apply to half a dozen other users (and does)). Its not paranoia cause its true. Nor is he four years old, so does not act like one.

    He must be stalking you, he must be, its the only answer.

    Do not think he is on your side, if you have a side he is unlikely to be on it (see below). Even if he is a bollocks argument is still bollocks.

    Steven Slater in his late 40’s and lives in southend Essex, UK. He is educated to college level, He owns a computer. He has read books. He has also seen some films. He is also an independent country (called Steve) but allows the UK to exercise all forms of authority to make life easier.

    He belongs to no political parties, but supports Labour. He believes that political parties are fundamentally un-democratic, but supports Labour. He distrusts single issue protest groups (of any kind, but especially those who are so childish as to vandalize Wikipedia user pages, or indeed anyone who would go out of their way to break the project) and considers all forms of censorship and political restriction the anathema of Freedom (Expect telling outright lies). He believes you campaign against ideas not people (organisations are not people). He is (conversely) a Monarchist, but supports Labour . He is a member of Rochford Councils Public consultation group, but supports Labour. He does not care if who you think you are (copulating Nazi or otherwise) as long as you obey policy. By the same token he has no sens of humour that he is aware of, so does not get the joke.

    He has never jumped off of a plane for any reason.

    He has no religious affiliations. He is an agnostic. he is (however) one of the "Usual Suspects" as well as A filthy, repulsive degenerate buffoon (but then that sort of person would say that, even if as a "joke").

    He is un-married, and has no children (to his knowledge), despite his filthy, repulsive degeneracy.

    He is an SF (except of the work of Tom Kratman) and horror fan and plays with toy soldiers, and has read a book.

    Tom Kratman has claimed that Mr Slater has,

    despite his self-stated belief that one should campaign against ideas and not people, chosen to baselessly attack Tom Kratman over comments that Mr. Kratman made after becoming aware of a 2015 Hugo Award nomination.[1]

    In response to Mr Slaters inclusion of accusations made by third parties on his bio page. Mr Kratman obviously thinks Mr Slaters opinions are of note. As well as being some Orwellian monster who controls Wikipedia [[1]].

    The Daily Mail consider his opinions worthy of note [2].

    He has no pets, none of whom are called Algenon. He does however own a Plush Cthulhu (which might explain his filthy, repulsive degeneracy, Iä! Shub-Niggurath! Iä! Shub-Niggurath!), which the Daily Mail does not consider of note.

    He is not always 100% honest but he is an angel of fallacy. He has shown by logical argument that the sea is only alleged to be wet. He may be as dumb as some of you think he is.

    Oh look... is it a stockbroker?

    Is it a quantity Surveyor?

    Is it a church warden?

    No its article repair man, our hero.

    If both sides are unhappy that means we have what we should have, balance

    Pet Peeves[edit]

    That notability and merit are not the same, but that is how it is.

    People who do not get that everyone deserves ONE! chance.

    wp:iar, if we can ignore them why have them, hell can I ignore IAR?

    People who use odd or foreign characters to make it hard to write their user name.

    People who claim they can speak a language how she is spoke.

    People who know who they are.

    People who do not STFU and manage to get me to argue myself around to the opposite viewpoint. If I am agreeing with you do not try and find fault.

    Not being your enemy, so do not ask if I want to be one (most likely I do if you have to ask).


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    Please do not think making legal threats against me will earn anything more than my utter contempt (see Draft:Wikipedia:We are not as dumb as you think we are), but go ahead, I could do with a laugh.


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