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I'm Skarmory! Hi! My time on Wikipedia is currently spent helping out wherever I can – my current main focuses are on requested moves and redirects for creation, but I go wherever the wiki takes me. Other areas you might spot me at include other redirect-related areas such as redirects at new pages patrol or redirects for discussion, possibly articles for creation reviewing or general new pages patrol, user help areas such as the help desk, general fixes across the wiki, reverting vandalism, and some content creation when I feel like it – this is still an incomplete list, however, and it probably always will be as I routinely edit in new areas. I am a pending changes reviewer, rollbacker, new page reviewer, and page mover as of now.[1]

I'm not perfect and have not memorized every single policy and guideline, so if I make a mistake or do something stupid, tell me (and feel free to trout me if necessary!). If something is broken on this page, you can fix it if you want – the edit button is right there! If you'd like to talk to me, my talk page, discord and email all work, though I'm probably slightly more likely to respond to the former two (and I would prefer to keep conversation on-wiki unless otherwise necessary). I may slow down editing at times and pick up at other times, as it really depends on whether I feel like editing – it's in my nature as a WikiSloth.

I try to assume extreme good faith at all times, and attempt to hold myself to a sort of self one revert rule, though that's a bit looser. I don't like getting into arguments, because that's not fun, and instead I try to focus on things which are fun for me. I also would like to make Wikipedia editing more fun for others, which is another reason I try to go that extra extent of assuming good faith – maybe I can help someone become a regular contributor like me! I'm always willing to help you out if you pop over to my talk page. My signature is Skarmory (talk • contribs) use that to spot me in a conversation.

Articles I've made major contributions to:

WIPs and potential future articles (feel free to help out!):

Here are some problems I'm looking to fix, whenever I get around to them (you are encouraged to fix these yourself if you can!):


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