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    Tristan Henderson
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    Tristan holding a plant.
    Tristan holding a plant.
    NameTristan Henderson
    Born (1998-10-07) October 7, 1998 (age 24)
    Danbury, Texas, United States
    Current locationHouston, Texas, United States
    Family and friends
    Marital statusSingle
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    Editing Wikipedia
    Composing Music
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    SignatureSingle Eukaryote T / C
    Morpho menelaus.pngThis user is a biologist.
    202002 Microorganism amoeba.svgThis user is a member of WikiProject Microbiology.


    • Provides microscopy and text to neglected organism pages, usually cephalochordates and protists.
    • Contributes new content to Wikipedia, focusing on effective science communication and visualizing life with quality microscopy.
    • Most interested in projects pertaining to microbiology. Currently specializing in Amoebozoa.
    • Fights against human and medical research bias in articles not pertaining to humans or medicine. Biology as a field is full of human-centric bias, which is not always bad, but it leads to something called "hidden biology".

    Major Contributions[edit]

    [Jan/2/2021] Updated the anatomy diagram for lancelets and added a section showing that they produce fluorescent proteins. Additionally, I added ties to copepods and lancelets in the GFP page, as it was jellyfish-centric.

    List of Contributions

    Planned Projects[edit]

    Fix and holistically address the Fimbria (bacteriology) and Pilus content/merge situation.
    Turn Fluorescent protein into a fledged out article, as knowledge of fluorescent proteins changed drastically in the past few years.
    Add content to the section on myobacterium evolution, as this topic is not addressed holistically in context of the genus.
    Update the situation of Pantanal Matogrossense National Park. 100% of it is burnt according to this article in nature. Very sad indeed.
    Update the protistology article with modern information and create an article on ISOP, which is the largest society of protistologists.
    The cause of Schindler Disease. (empty section)
    Create and develop the article on Intracellular bacteria, as it is extremely low in quality.