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    Hi, I don't have a lot to say about myself, really. I was born in 1978, I'm from Sokndal, a small municipality in the county of Rogaland in Norway. Oh, and I'm male. I think people sometimes think my nickname is some mutation of "Cherol" or something and get the wrong idea... The name is just something the random name generator at the Discworld MUD spit out a number of years back, no special meaning I just kinda like the "sound" of it (although I'm not sure how one would pronounce it).

    Most of my actual contributions are in areas of science fiction, fantasy (though most seems to have ended up deleted or redirected as "fancruft" by now) and things computer related, seeing as those are my main interests. I also find science and history interesting, but I'm more of a reader than a contributor in those areas.

    By far the most of my edits are "janitorial" though, fixing broken links, sorting stubs and categories, the occasional wikifying of new articles. Lately I've been focusing mostly on image related things, tagging images that lack sources, confirmation of license from 3. parties non-compliance with the non-free content policy and stuff like that.

    Ongoing projects[edit]

    I often work on cleanup in various categories for images tagged as free licensed or public domain. There is a staggering amount of images in these categories that either lack the required source or the license information required to justify the license tag applied to them. A fair number are also plainly mislabeled as they include statements about commercial use not being allowed next to a license tag that says it is and such.

    Useful/helpful pages in no particular order[edit]

    Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types
    Use the most appropriate stub tag when possible.
    Wikipedia:Image copyright tags / Wikipedia:Template messages/Image namespace
    How to tag images you upload.
    Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace
    Template messages for warning users about various policy violations and similar.
    Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not
    Stuff you should not add/include in the Wikipedia.
    Wikipedia:Avoiding common mistakes
    Things to avoid.
    Wikipedia:Naming conventions
    How to properly name your articles.


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