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I live in a small seaside town in England which now has its very own article! I came to Wikipedia via a link on

My interests include embroidery, especially free style embroidery, and I'm learning stumpwork and Wessex stitchery. I'm interested in religion particularly in the Bahá'í Faith although I am not religious myself.

I'm also interested in keeping fish. My aquarium seems to be going quite well and now contains ten White Cloud Mountain Minnows, a Ancistrus called Fred, six Ghost Shrimp, five Cherry Barbs, five tiny Pygmy catfishes ,and one Platys.

I suffered from depression for more than four years, but now am well on the way to recovery thanks to the magic of lithium carbonate.

I can be contacted using Wikipedia e-mail, directly at, or on my talk page. For questions relating to Fandom, please see my Fandom user page.

On Wikipedia[edit]

I joined Wikipedia in December 2002 was active almost daily until 2006. I was an admin from March 2003 until September 2012 and was a member of the Mediation Committee until the end of 2004. I was then on the Arbitration Committee until November 2005. I also answer email inquiries for the Wikimedia Foundation under the name Lisa Carter and am on the Foundation communications committee.

My usual activity on Wikipedia has been removing the links to disambiguation pages. I find this sort of tidying satisfying without being too much like hard work. I'm also involved in the dog breeds Wikiproject, mostly in adding tables and checking additions to the list of dog breeds. So far I have a list of over 500 breeds of dog, many not yet listed. I have worked extensively on the Grammy Award pages and we now have full listings by year and award title.


Ring-tailed Lemur
Ring-tailed Lemur
I'm very interested in contributing images to Wikipedia. I strongly believe that homegrown images are vastly better than "fair use" or "with permission" images. I would rather we had a moderately good image taken by a Wikipedian than a perfect image under a dubious "fair use" claim. My full view gallery is at User:Sannse/photos (full view).

My Yellow-rattle, Large White caterpillar and Ring-tailed Lemur images have been made featured pictures.

All my wildlife photos are identified using various books and websites. I've tried to be very careful, and have only uploaded images I am confident I have identified correctly (there are many others I have taken but am not sure enough about to upload). But I am an amateur and a beginner so please let me know if you feel I've made any identification mistakes.

Off Wikipedia[edit]

I now work as part of the community support team over at Fandom. One of the things I'm working on there is the Depression Wiki. Hopefully it will one day be a very useful resource for people suffering from depression. If you ever fancy a wander over to a non-Wikipedia wiki, you would be most welcome there!


In an attempt to make my watchlist manageable, I'm mostly using related changes instead. The sub-pages below are my new watchlists. That doesn't mean that if it's on this list I will be paying attention, I'm very behind on checking these.

Other sub-pages[edit]


You've done so much good work for the Mediation Committee that the least I can do to recognize your dedication and efforts is to award you this lovely barnstar! Peace, BCorr|Брайен 02:41, Apr 15, 2004 (UTC)
Winner of this fine tractor, for predicting the date we would reach 1 million articles (1).
Winner of the name the baby .. um.. admin candidate contest. For inventing ClockworkTroll's new name ClockworkSoul

Nemo of Honour for being a generally cool person – User:Rama


A pressy from Santa on Sleigh

A traditional carnation for the 8th of March, from Zocky

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