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    Paraphrase material from reliable sources in a way that is neutral in tone and does not introduce synthesis. Samsara 1 March 2019

    For the 2016 Community Wishlist Survey, I made the following proposals:

    The first two are long-known flaws of MediaWiki. Both currently put vandals at a slight advantage and need to be fixed.

    The last two are trivially easy to implement, but will make a difference to ease of use.

    But the real headliner is would be could have been this one:

    Another bug of note:

    Some of what I did for Wikipedia in 2017[edit]

    During the course of 2017, I became the top contributor over the last 50,000 edits to Wikipedia:Requests for page protection (RfPP), bringing my total of page protections to almost 2,000, with 500 reprotections and a pending changes log also numbering close to 500 entries. I may be the originator or principal populariser of the idea of enabling long term pending changes on pages that have required semi-protection for a definite period, and I also wrote the original draft of the rough guide to extended confirmed protection. As a side-effect of my activity at RfPP, I was also the tied-second most prolific contributor to Wikipedia:Arbitration enforcement log/2017. 50,000 is almost exactly the number of edits made to RfPP in 2017.

    In honor of Samsara: Radiolarians, whose beautiful mineral skeletons remain long after the organism is gone --ragesoss 03:44, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

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