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Hiya, I'm a 16-year Wikipedia veteran with more than 600 DYKs. I speak and write Spanish pretty well and have done copyediting and article writing based on Spanish sources. In addition, I'm one of Wikipedia's largest users of (12,385 links added as of July 9, 2022, #2 overall) and NewspaperArchive (329 links added as of April 26, 2022, #2 overall).

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  • WBPX-TV (September 28, 2022 • TFA November 1, 2022)
  • WSNS-TV (August 19, 2023 • TFA October 4, 2023)
  • KCPQ (September 22, 2023)

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As of August 30, 2023, I currently have 97 Good Articles.

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Some pages may not be at GAN but are intended to be nominated soon.

ON TV (TV network) (9 of 9)[edit]

ON TV was an American subscription television (STV) service that operated from 1977 to 1985, mostly owned by Oak Industries. ON TV represented the equipment manufacturer's foray into the communications industry. Subscribers paid money to rent a decoder box and receive monthly service, which was broadcast in scrambled form over eight UHF television stations and featured movies (including softcore pornography for an extra charge), sports, concerts, and special events. While ON TV operated the most successful STV service in the United States, in Los Angeles, the business dwindled after 1982 due to the rise of cable television, signal piracy, and a poor economy, as well as several content disputes with individual stations over airtime and adult programming. The last ON TV operation, in Chicago, closed in 1985; the eight stations each reverted to commercial programming, three of them becoming Spanish-language stations.

Milton Grant (16 of 16)[edit]

Milton Grant (1923–2007) was an American disc jockey and owner of television stations. Born in New York City, it was in Washington, D.C., where he made his mark as a disc jockey at radio stations WINX and WOL. Beginning in the early 1950s, he began appearing on Washington television station WTTG, hosting the six-time-a-week The Milt Grant Show from 1956 to 1961. It was Washington's primary teen dance show on TV and made him a Washington icon of the period. After continuing in radio, he turned to broadcast station management, founding Washington's WDCA-TV in 1966; he sold it in 1969 but remained general manager until 1980. He then owned TV stations primarily by way of three vehicles: a partnership with Sidney Shlenker that started two highly successful stations in Texas; the Grant Broadcasting System, which lost its three stations in bankruptcy; and Grant Communications/Grant Broadcasting System II, which operated in midsize and smaller markets and continued in business after Milton Grant's death until 2014.

TVX Broadcast Group (6 of 16)[edit]

TVX Broadcast Group was an American broadcasting company that operated from 1979 to 1991. Founded with the launch of WTVZ-TV in Norfolk, Virginia, by local investors, the group (known initially as Television Corporation Stations) later expanded to establish or purchase independent stations in mid-sized Southern markets. TVX was reputed for its cost-conscious and cookie-cutter philosophy toward station management, particularly its standard station employment plan with exactly 37 employees. While TVX always envisioned entering larger markets, the acquisition of five major-market independent stations from Taft Broadcasting in 1986 proved to be its eventual downfall. TVX incurred substantial debt in the purchase just as the independent station market soured and investors shied away from its junk bonds. The firm struggled to recapitalize while selling off many of its mid-market stations. Gulf and Western Industries, the corporate parent of Paramount Pictures, acquired 79 percent of the company from Salomon Brothers in 1989. TVX became wholly owned by Paramount in 1991 and became Paramount Stations Group.


Since 2014, I have produced more than 600 articles that have appeared at Did You Know?, mostly on broadcasting stations and Mexican politicians. This puts me within the top 20 most prolific contributors to DYK.

Other large projects[edit]

Aside from my DYKs, I maintain articles on broadcasting topics in Mexico, including List of television stations in Mexico and its dependent state lists, which were dramatically rearchitectured in 2016. I also produce short descriptions.

Some of my personal favorites[edit]

  • Windsor Park Mall — one of my first DYKs, about a mall that found very new life
  • LaMia — extensive work in the wake of the Chapecoense air disaster
  • KIKX (Arizona) — the station that lost its license because of a hoax
  • Coatzacoalcos Underwater Tunnel — the "monument to corruption" that took 13 years to complete
  • KARW (Texas) — from /r/todayilearned to DYK
  • KTTL — it's a wonder this station had been forgotten!
  • WSWO-TV — the owner who rebuilt his TV station using stolen equipment
  • CFVO-TV — Canada's TV cooperative
  • Programadora — a gateway to the complicated world of Colombian television's old "mixed system"
  • KVDO-TV — this station had it all in terms of controversy

Useful pages[edit]

  • /Commas in sentences — a guide on when compound and compound-type sentences need commas (and when they don't)
  • /One or Two — essay on when multiple articles may cover one license, or when multiple licenses may be covered in one article, in broadcasting topics
  • /Radio naming — essay on radio and television article naming in the US and Canada