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    e collegio D. Catharinæ, eligit Honoratissimum Virum Dominum Sainsbury de Turville in Cancellarium hujus academiæ


    "How can you read an encyclopaedia at a time like this?"

    Sam Blacketer is the literary pseudonym of someone who lives in London and served on the Arbitration Committee for a time. 00BKGU 1713

    A five year old vandalism revert

    On 19 September 2005, IP user added to List of Latin phrases, in relation to the term ecce homo: "Oscar Wilde thus opened his defense on trial for sodomy, characteristically using a well known Biblical reference as a double entendre." After some re-editing the claim was still there until 26 November 2010.

    Nice try. The three trials (Wilde's libel prosecution of Marquess of Queensberry, an aborted first trial for gross indecency, and the second trial in which he was convicted) were recorded in shorthand at the time and the shorthand record was then written up and published for the Notable British Trials series in June 1948. A fuller record of the libel trial was discovered much later and published as 'The Irish Peacock and the Scarlet Marquess' in 2003. This statement appears nowhere in any of the trials. Nor does any book about the trial or about Oscar Wilde mention it.

    It must be remembered, first, that Oscar Wilde was represented by counsel at his trial, not appearing in person, so he made no speech; he went into the witness box to be examined and cross-examined, but that was to answer questions. It must also be remembered that the term 'homosexual' was in 1895 a relatively new one: it had been coined in 1869 but was confined to academic books (mostly in German) until the 20th century. The libel which Wilde took action over described him as a 'somdomite' (Queensberry misspelling 'sodomite' due to his anger), and that was the usual term.

    This was, in short, really a piece of vandalism (possibly from an Uncyclopedia user?) which amazingly managed to last five years before detection.

    Prosopography target list

    Please note that I am not "reserving" these articles for me to create; feel free to write them yourself. It is just a way of focusing my attention and reminding me of what needs to be done.

    MPs elected in 1955

    UK Members of the European Parliament

    Monitoring links

    1964 1966 1970 Feb 1974 Oct 1974 1979 1983 1987 1992 1997 2001 2005

    Articles I would like to write or expand some day

    Surviving MPs

    The twenty former MPs whose service dates back the furthest are:

    Rank Member Date of first election
    1 John Eden 18 February 1954
    2 James Ramsden 11 March 1954
    3 Lord Balniel 26 May 1955
    4 Tom Mitchell 26 May 1955 (did not take the oath)
    5 John Morris 8 October 1959
    6 Timothy Kitson 8 October 1959
    7 Stratton Mills 8 October 1959
    8 Michael Shaw 17 March 1960
    9 Dick Taverne 8 March 1962
    10 Bill Rodgers 5 April 1962
    11 Patrick Duffy 21 March 1963
    12 Ben Ford 15 October 1964
    13 Michael English 15 October 1964
    14 Michael Jopling 15 October 1964
    15 Stan Newens 15 October 1964
    16 Brian Walden 15 October 1964
    17 Shirley Williams 15 October 1964
    18 Marquess of Hamilton 15 October 1964
    19 Robert Howarth 15 October 1964
    20 Robert Sheldon 15 October 1964

    Note that ties are broken by an examination of which MP took the oath of allegiance first. Thanks to Timrollpickering for this suggestion.


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