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    Articles to improve[edit]

    I have this odd interest in old IBM mainframe stuff. I try to improve articles with references (mostly Computerworld, just because it is so easily accessible via Google Books – I wish other old magazines were as easy to access). These are some articles I plan to work on:

    • IBM Power (software)
    • Grasp (software)
    • The Spooler
    • Edos – confused about relation between "Edos/VSE" and "NIDOS/VSE", is NIDOS just Edos renamed by Nixdorf, or is the relationship between them something else? If Nidos is just a new name for Edos, Computerworld has some articles talking about Edos. This page contains some Danish text which mentions both Edos and NIDOS, I am not sure what (if anything) it says about their relation–I don't read Danish, and the results of Google Translate aren't very good–and the website looks suspicious (it looks like it has real Danish periodical articles on it, but without sources and almost surely the wrong dates too.)
    • Westi
    • DUCS (software)
    • Valour (software)
    • Virtue (software)
    • WDU (software)

    Not explicitly mainframe related:

    • ML/I needs refs, I can find some