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Most of my time here is spent on technical work – writing bots, user scripts and gadgets, reviewing bot approval requests, and occasionally making edits to modules and templates. I have largely stopped writing user scripts, in favour of more high-impact technical changes. I have written some MediaWiki namespace scripts, a couple of gadgets and contributed to existing ones like Twinkle and AFCH. I've also made some contributions to core MediaWiki. I can be reached via talk page, email or discord.

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  • Dairy in India - look into FAC feasibility
  • GAN/GAR closing helper script; improve GAR-helper
  • Database reports bot

Quotes to be wary of[edit]

I worry that Wikipedia, as we know it, might not last. That its feisty democracy might ossify into staid bureaucracy, that its innovation might stagnate into conservatism, that its growth might slow to stasis.

— Aaron Swartz, August 31, 2006 (blog post)

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