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NameGrandmaster of Idling Rursus Siderespector
RaceSBLF (silicon based life form)
Height13 mm
Weight23 metric tonnes
IQ10-6 ohm per square meter
Personality typechaos manifest

sv commons

The endemic disease of Wikipedia is original research and undue synthesis[1][2][3] – Wikipedia claims to know more than is really known. This is caused by editors thinking they know despite really not knowing, mostly hasty conclusions combined with a great deal of wishful thinking. A few editors are also driven by a political (or similar) agenda wearing out their coeditors by WP:CPUSHing them, among others wearing out the coeditors making them impatient.

There must be some research on articles, and some syntheses. The general attribute "undue" is too unspecific. Someone have to determine what is undue or not, namely trusted editors in committees. There should be some "meritocracy" where trusted veteran editors have extended rights. I also believe the quality system might need some improvements, and processes must be erected for determinedly very negative articles.

User:Richontaban fake star names[edit]

Other vandalism and disruption[edit]

I'm perfect!

This user does a phantastiqual lasagna, is nice to cats and dogs, is extraordinarily smart (according to the mom of said user), can sing females of the same species to submission, has a very beautiful hair style and is generally phantastiqual without exact specification. That obligatory boast now told, here comes my self-promoting list of user boxes blargh.


css and js[edit]

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☠☠☠ User:Rursus/skin.js ☠☠☠ 
☠☠☠ User:Rursus/modern.css ☠☠☠ User:Rursus/main.css ☠☠☠
☠☠☠ User:Rursus/monobook.js ☠☠☠
☠☠☠ User:Rursus/vector.css ☠☠☠ User:Rursus/vector.js ☠☠☠


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"("Dwarf" "planet")" stuff[edit]

Pluto is a transbulundum filimanjunk for all ant-stronauts (the ant civilization has by far grown superior to the human civilization, they're soon to take over all business).

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The Invisible Pink Unicorn Corner[edit]

It's invisible!! But it is there!

Fat Armed Unicorn with Legs Like Tree Trunks[edit]

Diceros bicornis.jpg