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I kept finding this wonderful Encyclopedia source called Wikipedia when I would search for answers to problems in my Data Communications class at Fox Valley Technical College in the Fall of 2005. This encyclopedia was very accurate, and was written using words that I could understand. I decided that I should do what's right and contribute my in-depth knowledge and organizational skills in racing. I later started adding my knowledge and developing photographic skills to articles about my home state Wisconsin (especially places listed on the National Register of Historic Places). I have also made some contributions in pop/rock/Christian musicians.

I was drafted by then-administrator WJBscribe to run to become an administrator. I initially opposed his suggestion, but he was persistent. My RFA was unopposed, and I became an administrator on November 26, 2007. That means that I have a few extra maintenance buttons that could be dangerous in the hands of the wrong person. I can block users, delete pages, undelete pages, and protect pages. Contrary to what some people believe, it does not mean that my opinion means more than anyone else's. I hate seeing people who fear retribution from me just because I'm an admin. I'm a real person not a power-hungry ogre. Follow the five pillars and you don't have anything to fear!

I have created an alternate account (User:RoyalbroilAlt) for times when logging in with an administrator account could be dangerous. I originally used the buttons mainly to update the DYK section; I now occasionally clean up some backlogs. On April 3, 2010, I became the 48th Wikipedian to have 100 expansions/creations appear on the main page in a triple hook. I don't contribute as much now that I work full-time.

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This user lives in United States, and has visited Canada.

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