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Quotes to live by[edit]

Wikipedia is also a great source of information, but it must be approached with a certain degree of caution as well. Be sure to follow up on references, not just look at articles.

— The Unicode Consortium, Unicode Common Locale Data Repository

A reader is someone who simply visits Wikipedia to read articles, not to edit or create them. They are the sole reason for which Wikipedia exists.

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Things about 130326[edit]

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No RfXs since 13:50, 26 September 2023 (UTC).—cyberbot ITalk to my owner:Online

I am an admin a legacy admin on en. You can look me up on Wikipedia:List_of_administrators. You can also view the log of my administrative actions.

I'm also a (non-legacy) checkuser. You can look me up on some nifty special page that does some magic that I don't understand. Most of you can not view the log of my checkuser actions. Those of you who can know who you are.

Contacting me[edit]

  • The best way is to leave a message on my talk page or just ping me. You can also send me email, but I much prefer on-wiki communication; I may or may not respond to email, and certainly don't promise I'll keep anything you send me confidential.
  • I exist on IRC as roy649 on Libera Chat, but I often don't pay attention to that.
  • I also exist on Discord as Roy649#7240, but often don't pay attention to that either.

Alternate accounts[edit]

I am a member of Harlem Yacht Club. I am not an employee or otherwise compensated by the club. I have, however, created an alternate account, User:RoySmith-HYC. Should I decide to do any editing of material related to the club, I will use that account to emphasize the COI relationship.

I also have created User:RoySmith-Mobile. I use this on mobile devices and other insecure locations, where I don't want to login using my admin credentials.

User:RoySmith-testing is me as well. It's for testing stuff. And User:RoySmith-RenameTest1. Not to mention the infamous User:RoySmith-YetAnotherSockForTesting.

I also run User:DYK-Tools-Bot.

Articles of interest[edit]




Tool ideas[edit]

  • Ref order checker

Not advertising???[edit]

A random assortment of amusing quotes on the topic of WP:G11

  • We aren't trying to advertise but rather provide a description of our community.
  • not meant at all for advertising purposes, more so fans can search and find out a little bit more about ourselves.
  • I tried to make this page so it's not a advertisement. I just want to make it for my company.

Some things I'm interested in[edit]

Wiki Sadness[edit]

Reproduce by:

  1. Make an edit
  2. Provide a useful edit summary
  3. Copy edit summary
  4. Make a similar edit
  5. Paste the edit summary you copied in step 3
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 many times

Expected results:

  1. You will have generated a bunch of useful edit summaries while saving time

Actual results:

  1. Discover that you made a typo in step 2


After a lifetime of using computers in all sorts of useful ways, I finally got around to figuring out how to customize my shell prompt today. I ended up with

\[\033[1;31m\]\u\[\033[00m@\[\033[1;34m\]\h\[\033[00m\] [\[\033[1;35m\]\W\[\033[00m]

whis is both wonderful and frightening, and a little bit sad.