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Mainly use Wikipedia for reference - occasional updates and copy-edits to pages - becoming more frequent.


- antibiotics, Vitamin D, targeted therapy (eg. Antibody-drug conjugate),

- HDAC inhibitor, PI3K inhibitor,

This user is a member of WikiProject Molecular and Cell Biology.

- immunology, immuno-oncology,


- vaccines, oncolytic viruses,

- cancer, diseases of the elderly, atheroma, Immunotherapy

This user is a participant in WikiProject Physics.

- high temperature superconductivity, oxypnictides/ferropnictides, magnesium diboride

- Dark matter, Materials science, strength and hardness, Shear_modulus, graphene

History of science : Early electrical, ...

Energy/power generation : Nuclear power, Fusion power, tokamak, solar-thermal, solar-PV, wind, Hot-Dry-Rock

- Spacecraft missions and astronomical instruments. (gamma-ray astronomy, pulsars )

- Rocket technology, Saturn V to Falcon 9 etc

Colour, pantone, CMYK, gamut etc

Economics : Recession, hyperinflation

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NB: To scale thumbnails (default to 220 wide) use |upright=2.0 rather than 440px
NB: Super/subscript: Use A^ and Av on the edit advanced bar - (like nowiki)
Follow/discuss Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style_(medicine-related_articles), WP:PHARMOS
Use  {{R with possibilities}} {{R to section}} {{R from subtopic}}  more on redirects
   Maybe rather than {R to subtopic} make into stub ?
image left wont place image overlapping any infobox on the right ? See talk:riboflavin
Use {{short description| text}} for {{annotated link| article}} to show eg in See also






special chars[edit]

 Registered : ®           TradeMark : ™         °C     mid-dot : μΩ⋅m    
 . Greek "Special chars"
1   Α α  Alpha     Β β Beta 	 Γ γ Gamma 	Δ δ Delta    Ε ε Epsilon 
6   Ζ ζ  Zeta 	    Η η Eta 	 Θ θ Theta 	Ι ι Iota     Κ κ Kappa 
11  Λ λ  Lambda    Μ μ Mu       Ν ν  Nu        Ξ ξ Xi       Ο ο Omicron   
16  Π π  Pi        Ρ ρ Rho      Σ σ ς Sigma    Τ τ Tau      Υ υ Upsilon   
21  Φ φ Phi        Χ χ Chi      Ψ ψ Psi        Ω ω Omega
Accented chars inc Angstrom (Ằ) :  see Latin-extended
Symbols : Euro (€), infinity (∞) ≈ ≠ degree(°)

Phonemic transcription for pronunciations[edit]

  {{IPAc-en|audio=En-us-Oncovin.ogg|ˈ|ɒ|n|k|oʊ|v|ɪ|n|}}     /ˈɒnkvɪn/ 

templates eg for cleanup[edit]

See more at Wikipedia:Template_messages/Cleanup
 [citation needed]   {{fact|date=now}} or {{cn|date=now}} {{cn|date=January 2016}}   
 Arb text[citation needed]    {{cn span|text=Arb text | date=July 2015}}   
 in intro use : [not verified in body]    {{citation needed (lead)|date=March 2016}}
 [non-primary source needed]    {{npan|date=now}}    
 [better source needed]   {{better source|date= }}  
 [third-party source needed]     {{Third-party-inline|date=July 2013}}
 [unreliable source?]     {{rs|date=September 2012}}
 [failed verification]    {{failed verification}}
 ref-to-entire-book[not specific enough to verify]   {{Nonspecific|date=April 2010}}  
 [page needed]           {{Page needed|date=July 2013}}
  [full citation needed]     {{full|date=February 2015}}
 [full citation needed]      {{Full citation needed|date=July 2013}}

  dated-text[needs update]          {{update after|date=2011}}
 [clarification needed]  {{clarifyme}}  or {{clarify}}   
 some ambiguous phrase[clarify]    {{cl-span|some ambiguous phrase|date=May 2012}}  
 Text[Description of problem]   {{fix|text=Description of problem}}  
  To emphasise (in pale blue box)  a snip of code  within normal text.   ... <code> a snip of code </code> ... 
  Can use eg  dubious phrase [original research?][citation needed]    ... <code> dubious phrase </code>{{OR}}{{fact}} ... 
  or  dubious phrase [original research?][citation needed]    ... <i> dubious phrase </i>{{OR}}{{fact}} ... 

Stub types & categories[edit]

   {{med-stub}} {{pharma-stub}} {{biochem-stub}}   {{antineoplastic-drug-stub}}  {{oncology-stub}}   
   [[Category:Monoclonal antibodies for tumors]] [[Category:Antibody-drug conjugate]]? ... ??


 text[why?]  {{Why|date=Sept 2009}}     <!-- comment-text --> 
 text[when?]   {{when|date=}}  
 [dead link]     {{dead link|date=Nov 2014}}   
 as of 2015  {{As of|2015|lc=y}} 

[self-published source?] {{self-published inline|date=April 2015}}

   This is a redirect from a title that potentially could be expanded into a new article...
      {{R from trade name}}      From (or to) drug trade name to INN 
      {{R from alternative name}}    eg from old code name to INN

===ICD-9{{Anchor|ICDM 9|ICDM-9}}=== {{see also|List of ICD-9 codes}}<!--The above anchor has incoming links from other articles; please don't remove it from the section header.-->

hatnote eg:

For other topic, see other article.      {{For|other topic|other article}} 
This page is about this-subject. For other-topic, see Other Article.     {{about|this-topic|other-subject|Other Article}} 
 "xyz" redirects here. For the-ppq-thing, see ppq
 See Help:Footnotes
 eg To do a variety of page nrs in one long source put  a {{rp|7}} right after each end-ref - see Help:Footnotes#Footnotes: page numbers

talk page show/hide[edit]

 [show] description  {{hidden begin|toggle=left|title=description}}
                          stuff to hide
                       {{hidden end}} 
   {{cot|title=[[WP:OR|original research]] removed (hidden) per [[WP:TALK|talk page guidelines]]}}
    xxx content to hide xxx
  {{cob}}   See template:cot (collapse top)

Talk page : reflists etc[edit]

  2 columns :  {{reflist|35em}} 
  Local ref list (eg for talk page) :   {{reflist|close=1}} 
        The "close=1" argument causes the references not to be carried past that list 
        into a subsequent list.   Obsolete since 2014 - now use   {{reflist-talk}}  
      Didnt work in Talk:Cyanocobalamin#This_article_in_desperate_need_of_clean-up_from_bad_edits maybe as after list of after signature ??

  or try   {{reflist-talk}}  
     Simpler (and includes link) : On talk pages, the {{reflist-talk}} template can be used to display refs in a box
  To notify a user of a talk page comment include :   {{ping|Elvey}}     {{U|JohnSmith}} didn't work


  box:  Article needs more citations    {{Refimprove|date=}} 
  box: Section needs more citations    {{Refimprove section|date=}} 

  box: article does not cite any references  {{unsourced|article|date=}}
  box: Section needs sources    {{Unreferencedsection|date=}}

  box: This article includes a list of references, 
       but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.  {{more footnotes}}

  box: Article needs updating {{Update|date=}} <!-- comment --> 
  box: Parts of this Article needs updating {{Update|topic-out-of-date|date=}} <!-- comment --> 

  box: This article is missing information about {{Missing information|the programming language's syntax and examples|date=April 2017}}

  box: This article may be confusing ...    {{confusing}}
   box: This section may be confusing ...    {{confusing section}} ??

  small box : {{Expand section|date=...}}  {{Empty section|date=...}}

  wordy box (this section duplicates another article) : {{Duplication}}

  box: Article could be split  {{Split-apart|Metallicity|Stellar population}} 
  box: This section should be new page (discuss)  {{Split section}}  eg {{Split section|proposed-name}}

  box: not worldwide view   {{globalise}}
  box: ... this section deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject. {{Globalize/US|section|date=December 2010}}

 more at Wikipedia:Template_messages/Splitting

 This article has multiple issues : 
  {{Multiple issues|
              {{refimprove|date=February 2010}}
              {{expert-subject|Animal|date=March 2011}}
or "This section has multiple issues :..."
 {{multiple issues|section=yes|
   {{Expand section|date=April 2014}}
   {{Unreferenced section|date=April 2014}}
    See more at Wikipedia:Template_messages/Cleanup

When summary section needs update to match 'main' article it summarises: {{subst:sync|article|date=}}

When summary updated and new content from summary needs to [also] go in the main article - put sync in the main article and refer to summary section eg {{sync|over-detailed summary section|date=}} ) (is there a way to see which sections say {{main|this-article}} ? see 'what-refers-here' - should be listed on talk page using Template:Summary_in eg {{summary in|natural selection|evolution}}

try {{Move portions from}} {{tl|''template name''}}


checkY {{tick|18}} or  Done {{done}}

 Not done {{not done}}

Not done:  :[[File:Red information icon with gradient background.svg|20px|link=]] '''Not done:'''
 Scalable Image thumbnail : [[File:name.jpg|thumb|300px|Caption-text]]  left/right ?


A1 B1 C1 D1
A2 B2 C2 D2

Or use the table icon in the edit window (choose #rows, #columns)

Emphasising paragraphs[edit]

Arb content using wikitable for a box {|class="wikitable" | ...|}

Para 2

{{quotation|arb-content does NOT autowrap}}


Round cornered box - using div & border-radius:[edit]

  • arb text
  • more text

{| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 100%" |- !class="unsortable" width="75px"|Name !width="45px"|Dates !width="60"|Duration !width="68"|GDP reduction !class="unsortable" width="160"|Causes !class="unsortable"|Other data



 line 1
 line 2

<div style="-moz-column-count:3; column-count:2;"> ... </div> Doesnt seem to work in IE8 or Chrome 23.0

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

{{colbegin|colwidth=22em}} ... {{colend}} Doesnt seem to work in IE8 - eg Ébéniste - (defaults to 2 ? )

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

{{columns-list|colwidth=22em| ... }} Doesnt seem to work in IE8

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

{{div col|colwidth=20em}} ...{{Div col end}} 30em=2 col, 25em=3 col in Firefox, 2 in Chrome

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Fancy signatures[edit]

Many more at Wikipedia:SOPA_initiative

Useful docs[edit]

 <ref name=>{{cite web |url= |title= |year= |author= }}</ref> 
 <ref name=>{{cite journal |url= |title= |year= |author= |journal= |volume= |page= }}</ref> 

If you need help, check out Wikipedia:Questions or place {{helpme}} on your talk page and someone will show up shortly to answer your questions.



For access to paywall journals, try a request at Wikipedia:WikiProject Resource Exchange/Resource Request.