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This is a to-do list for when this user has high-speed access and can run scripts and tools.

GOCE task list[edit]

From GOCE Coord tasklist


  • Requests page:
    • Check the page and its talk page for any issues.
    • Archive completed requests.
    • Move any conversations to the Requests talk page. Respond as appropriate.
  • Drives and blitzes:
    • If a backlog elimination drive or blitz is in progress, update its daily totals at 00:00 UTC, or as close to that time as possible.
  • Other daily tasks:


  • Keep an eye on the main GOCE page left panel, especially for necessary updates to the "oldest backlogged articles" link.
  • Update the Ombox with news of upcoming drives, blitzes, elections or special events.
  • (First day of the month) Add a month header (e.g. ==June 2016==) to the bottom of the Requests page
  • (First day of the month) Update the monthly progress box.
  • (First day of the month) Open or close the active drive or blitz, including taking a screen shot of the backlog status and putting it on the drive page. See these instructions.
    • Upload drive screenshot at Special:Upload. Use a filename like Guild of Copy Editors backlog status yyyy-mm-dd.png described similarly along with Screenshot of en.wikipedia.
  • Compile totals and give out awards for all Guild events.
  • Prepare and update newsletters to inform members of impending or ongoing events, drive and blitz results, election notices and results, and any other relevant happenings.
  • Delete (or request G6 speedy deletion for) old, empty monthly category pages (if a bot hasn't gotten around to it).
  • Update the Blitzes tab or the Drives tab to link to the current drive or blitz.


Copy Editing[edit]

Find articles from: December 2021, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December 2022

Find minor tags: copy edit section, copy edit inline, and Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Awkward.

Make some time to review Tony1's exercises at How to Copyedit.

Mailing lists[edit]

As a mass message sender (MMS) be prepared to receive requests for mass mailings. Guidance can be found at this page, with additional technical notes at m:MassMessage and mw:Help:Extension:MassMessage.

Advise requesters of Wikipedia:talk page guidelines, particularly with technical and formatting standards.

  1. Enter the message at Special:MassMessage.
    • The first field is the delivery list, the name of a page or category pointing to the user or user talk pages. (By default, user page links are converted to user talk page equivalents.) The GOCE mailing list is at Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors/Mailing List
    • The subject of the message, used in edit summaries, is limited to 240 bytes.
    • The body of the message accepts valid wikitext. If using a prepared page, substitute it in braces like {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors/Newsletters/November 2018}}.
    • Add four tildes ~~~~ at the end of the message. This will sign the delivered messages from User:MediaWiki message delivery with a time stamp. (Without a time stamp, bots may not archive the message from user talk pages.)
      • Alternatively, if the message does not have an opt-out, consider signing with <small>Sent by ~~~ on behalf of [[Wikipedia:WikiProject]] at ~~~~~. If you do not wish to recieve future notification, please remove your name from the [[|mailing list]].</small>
  2. Double- and triple-check the fields for errors
    • Make sure that every <div>, <span>, <font> and <center> has a matching </div>, </span>, </font> and </center>. Having too many or too few can upset the formatting on the rest of the talk page.
    • Verify that all images in the message are public domain or under a creative commons license.
    • Make sure that any user links use {{noping|example}}. Otherwise, the user could be flooded with a notification for every message delivered.
  3. Preview
  4. Modify if it needs to be changed and repeat the steps above, or otherwise
  5. Send, which adds it to the delivery queue.

The delivery queue can be monitored at Special:Statistics, to see when all messages are delivered. The error log is at Special:Log/massmessage.

Watchlist Wikipedia talk:Mass message senders and consider responding to requests.

Million Award[edit]


  1. From article's history page, get pageviews for the previous year. Minimum daily threshold is 686 views.
    • If there was a page move, multiple page names may have to be checked.
    • Discount pageviews from main page appearances, found by searching for the article title with prefix:"Wikipedia:Main Page history"
    • Discount any one- or two-day spikes
  2. From article's history page, get page stats and verify authorship by nominator.
    • With significant shared authorship, consider awarding each contributing user.
  3. From article's talk page, get the GA or FA review and verify nominator.
  4. Check user talk pages to be certain nominator has not already received the award.
  5. Give the award(s) on user talk pages with:
  6. For any top-tier awards (one million views or more), list at Wikipedia:Million Award by promotion date

Wikiproject Canada[edit]

  • Keep an eye on recent additions to the article achievements list for editors new to the challenge. Check their first article(s) and thank them or offer guidance.
    • Go through the diffs for the recent additions and check for any mistakes, vandalism, or cleanup. Update the progress bar for each hundred articles.
  • Keep an eye on the talk pages and offer advice and support with the banner template used to categorize articles from the achievements list. Watch the signup list at User:Reidgreg/sandbox.
  • Prepare a report with results from advertising to close-off that section on talk page.
  • Gather data to make an activity chart to show achievements added to the list over time.
  • Promote to others with the quick submission link: link

Totals for first year of challenge:

  • 1348 articles improved:
    • 229 new articles submitted by 35 editors
    • 555 article expansions or destubs by 35 editors
    • 135 article cleanups by 11 editors
    • 379 updates by 5 editors
    • 43 sourcing / reference repair by 8 editors
  • 50 participants
  • 49 maple leaf awards given: 1 gold, 5 silver, 16 bronze and 27 red.

Check Template:Graph:Chart and get the other pages for date formatting.


Good Article assessment[edit]

Useful links:

Special-event DYKs[edit]

April Fool's:

Canada Day (July 1):

World Spinal Cord Injury Day (Sept 5)

Main Page archives[edit]

The Main Page is archived by User:ProcBot. If it should falter, notify the bot operator both on their talk page and via email.

To reconstruct the Main Page for missing archive slots, use the most recent version as a guide and drop in the individually archived segments (if extant). When they have their own page, or their own section of a page, these can be substituted, e.g.: {{subst:Wikipedia:Recent additions/2022/March#30 March 2022}}

Missing articles[edit]


Former featured articles[edit]

Wikipedia:Featured article criteria, Featured article candidates

  • Montreal screwjob (FAR) – 8140 words, sports, stripping of Bret Hart's title
    • Copyedit for tone, flow, and "blobs of text"
    • Evaluate last section added after FAC
    • Reliance on Metzer's report (most cited source)
    • dead link source that may be unreliable
    • other questionable sources: Hitory of WWE, Wrestling Information Archive,
  • BC Rail (FAR) – 5316 words, private railway succeeded by CNR
    • lacked inline citations, need high-quality sources
    • broken wiki links
    • template box layouts for locomotive section per Virgin Trains
    • questionable use of non-free images
  • Monty Hall problem (FAR) – 4539 words, counterintuitive probability puzzle
    • problems presenting a topic involivng tension between WP:MTAA and WP:NPOV policies. (controversy in phrasing between editors)
    • construction of lead
    • notability should include the confusing language in original formulation (making assumptions about game show procedures) which caused disagreement among mathematicians on the problem to be solved.
    • Use a less confusing case for the mathematical proof
    • Consistent terminology
    • Organize presentation and maintain focus
    • Neutralize POV war detritus
    • Separate confusion over definite math problem from ambiguous formulation
    • Provide a serious formal game theory treatment in the article rather than trivial STAT101 perspective
    • Address interpretation of probability
    • Address bounded rationality
    • Be cautious, noting arbcom cases.
    • Be cautious, noting WP:Lamest edit wars#Monty Hall problem
  • Firefly (TV series) (FAR) – 7000 words
    • Update and re-evaluate media franchise (esp in since 2007 FAC)
  • Night of the Living Dead (FAR and failed GAN) – 6000 words
    • address GAN comments, renominate and DYK
  • Weather lore (FAR and GAR) – 3100 words
    • Already had a DYK
    • Excessive quotations, verses, poems – need sources for all of these, for who believes in them, and for the commentary on them
    • Check for worldwide view
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic (PR and FAR) – 12,600 words
    • Large sections lacking sources
    • Check pictures/media for permissions
    • Alt text
    • WP:WIAFA Requirement for high quality sources
    • Rambling article needs better organization
    • Cut trivia
  • Rush (band) (FAR) – 8852 words
    • Citations needed, broken links, some copyediting issues
  • Roche limit (FAR)– 5400 words
    • tagged for urgent attention
    • better referencing
    • Move lead down to body and rewrite lead.
  • Rainbow (FAR) – 6500 words
    • Inconsistent referencing styles
    • image farm and external link farm
    • Lede needs to summarize whole article
    • remove 'remembering the sequence of colours' covered in articles visible spectrum, color, and ROYGBIV.
    • Expand see also with similar phenomena
    • consider removing or heavily culling 'in culture' section
  • Read my lips: no new taxes (FAR) – 2400 words
    • poorly written trivia in 'popular culture'
    • better citing
  • Space opera in Scientology (FAR PR, GAN fail, GAN pass) – 2600 words
    • mixed reference style, NPOV, copyedit, focus
  • Papal tiara (FAR) – 3300 words
    • Expand history to earlier centuries, Usage to the changes in its use over time
    • trim conspiracy theory, speculation
    • Remove image clutter
    • Rewrite lead
  • Military history of Canada (FAR, PR) – 12,000 words
    • Style issues, huge TOC, information unverifiable in reliable sources
    • Images lacking proper tagging
    • Disproportional weight of material
    • Focuses on deployments with little on changes to structure and equipment. eg: amalgamation of services into the Canadian Forces.
    • Inappropriate popular culture references

WIR World Contest (concluded)[edit]

Translate and expand some biographical articles. List generated from articles on other Wikipedias which are not present on the English Wikipedia – largely French-Canadian women and female athletes who compete in Europe.

  • consider copying the list and making a variant with links to the fr.wikipedia to speed lookup.


Women in Literature

Women in Art

Women in Science, Engineering and Technology

Women in Entertainment

Women in Feminism

Women in Leadership

Women in Education

Women in Healthcare

Women in Exploration and the Military

Women in Sport

Total: 47

Drafts saved:

Under consideration:



Danzig Street shooting[edit]

  • Try looking for sources for the court cases.

For multiple locations on map, use:

Map markers:

WikiProject Women Template[edit]

Download the source for Template:WikiProject Biography and Template:WikiProject Canada, and try to code a new one for Template:WikiProject Women with parameters to incorporate the following sub-projects:

CanCon Award[edit]

Look up Template:Superimpose and see if there's a way to overlay a SVG image with an animated GIF. Also, look for tools to make an animated GIF.