User:Reaper Eternal/Block Requests

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So you really want to be blocked? Are you sure? If you are, my criteria are as follows:

  1. You are not "under a cloud". Basically, if you are being discussed at ANI, arbitration, or anywhere else I will refuse.
  2. You must be a significant contributor. I will without a doubt ignore your request if you have fewer than 1000 edits.
  3. You will be blocked, and it will be as if you had earned a block for misbehavior. In other words, expect the block to reflect badly on you.
  4. You will be hardblocked. No block evasion with IPs or sockpuppets will be tolerated—I will indef you and block them too.
  5. You will be blocked without talkpage or email access. Yes, I know that this prevents you from appealing the block, so don't request it if you aren't 100% serious.
  6. You must have a specific endpoint, and the block must be of sufficient length. Indefblock requests will be ignored. See WP:RTV for that.

If you still want to be blocked, then ask me on my talk page.