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Please do not revert this bot! It will just make the edit again. Instead, mention it on User talk:Qwerfjkl. Or, if the edit was made via AWB then add {{Bots|deny=AWB}}. If the bot gave a notification of a reference error (task 17) add {{bots|optout=cs1-errors}} at the top of the talk page to opt out. Thanks! Note: I will run any cleanup task (e.g. task 1) on demand, just leave a notice on my talk page.

If you ended up here because of a reference error, you can ask at the Help desk for help, and I am always happy to help if you leave a question on my talk page.

If you would like the source code for any of my tasks, please ask me on my talk page; I am happy to provide it, and editors are free to reuse it however they like.

Bot Task Status Description Activity
Task 1  Approved. Fixes self links.     -Active
Task 2  Approved. Fixes 1st → 1st and similar edits.     -Active
Task 3 Withdrawn by operator. Clean-up short descriptions.     -Inactive
Task 4  Approved. Merge WikiProject banner templates. Complete Complete
Task 5 Withdrawn by operator. Mass-categorise pages with Category:International airports.     -Inactive
Task 6  Approved. Capitalise short descriptions.     -Active
Task 7  Approved. Remove redundant short descriptions.     -Active
Task 8  Approved. Template-ify US County Election tables. Complete Complete
Task 9  Approved. Remove "Before 1945 the area was part of Germany..." Complete Complete
Task 10  Approved. Convert deprecated <source>...</source> to <syntaxhighlight>...</syntaxhighlight>. Complete Complete
Task 11 Not Applicable. Preserve categories at User:Qwerfjkl/preservedCategories.     -Inactive
Task 12  Approved. Remove overcategorising country categories. Complete Complete
Task 13  Approved. Substitute {{PH wikidata}} in mainspace. Complete Complete
Task 14 Withdrawn by operator. Tag redirects with rcats.     -Inactive
Task 15  Approved. Add AFC unsubmitted templates to drafts.     -Active
Task 16  Approved. Move GA subpages to match their talk pages. Complete Complete
Task 17  Approved. Notify users of CS1 errors.     -Active
Task 18 Withdrawn by operator. Change weather timescale colour schemes.     -Inactive
Task 19  Approved. Tag untagged talk pages with {{WikiProject banner shell}}.     -Active
Task 20  Approved. Expand a specific reference. Complete Complete