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    The following is a list of edit requests performed during the execution of Task 30, which removes invalid parameters and/or performs template mergers on high-transclusion templates.

    Bot runs will be added in reverse chronological order in their respective category.

    Criteria for this bot run[edit]

    1. Template must have 1000+ pages in a "bad parameters" category and/or be a template merger with 1000+ transclusions
    2. Discussion must be present and consensus agrees that a bot run will be necessary to remove the bad params
    3. A list will be created for the parameters to be removed/changed/updated/etc

    Future tasks[edit]

    This is sort of a to-do list of low-priority, high-volume, or potential tasks that have not yet been done.

    Parameter changes[edit]

    Template:Infobox lighthouse[edit]

    • Remove deprecated parameters - BOTREQ

    Template:infobox television station[edit]

    Template:Infobox radio station[edit]

    Remove |slogan= per discussion

    Template:Infobox UK place[edit]

    Template:infobox film (cancelled)[edit]

    Template:Infobox musical artist[edit]

    Removing |background= - discussion

    Template:Infobox music genre[edit]

    Removing |color= and |popularity= - request

    Template:Infobox NRHP[edit]

    Remove deprecated parameter |governing_body=

    Template:Infobox song update[edit]

    Remove |format= from the template. Links to discussions here.

    Removing Alexa rankings[edit]

    Templates affected: Template:Infobox software, Template:Infobox website, Template:Infobox online service

    RFC, initial discussion, request

    Remove |alexa= rankings from the infoboxes listed (struck infoxes had <100 uses upon check)

    Template:Infobox video game updates[edit]

    Discussion/request (permalink)

    Remove 4 deprecated/removed parameters.

    Template:Certification Table Bottom updates[edit]


    Fix the labels in this table footer to match the content of the table

    Template:Infobox radio station and Template:Infobox broadcast updates[edit]

    Redesign proposal, request

    Template:CBB schedule entry[edit]

    BOTREQ: |w/l= param has been deprecated, removal and/or replacement as appropriate.

    Template:Infobox television[edit]


    • show_name → name
    • show_name_2 → alt_name

    Template:Infobox film[edit]


    • based on → based_on
    • box office → gross
    • Box Office → gross
    • Box office → gross
    • boxoffice → gross
    • cartoon name → name
    • editor → editing
    • film name → native_name
    • film_name → native_name
    • image size → image_size
    • italic title → italic_title
    • Producer → producer
    • production companies → production_companies

    Template:Infobox rugby biography[edit]


    Principally, this will convert parameters such as |proclubs= (which may host multiple clubs) into parameters such as |clubs1=, |clubs2=, etc.

    Template:Certification Table Entry and related[edit]

    Discussion, removal or replacement

    Template:Infobox NCAA team season[edit]

    Discussion - replace deprecated parameters in order to standardize

    Template:Infobox television season[edit]

    request, discussion

    params to remove

    Template:Infobox cyclist[edit]

    Request, original discussion

    Remove |updated= from template following its deprecation

    Template mergers or replacements[edit]

    Conversion of Template:WikiProject Ottoman Empire to a Template:WikiProject Former countries task force[edit]

    Discussion (permalink)

    Convert uses of {{WikiProject Ottoman Empire}} to {{WikiProject Former countries}} with the appropriate task force parameters.

    Conversion of task force templates to use Template:WikiProject New York (state)[edit]

    BOTREQ, discussion at WT:NY.

    Convert uses of WikiProjects that have been converted into task forces of WP:NY to use {{WikiProject New York (state)}}.

    Conversion of Template:CFB Schedule Start to Template:CFB schedule[edit]

    BOTREQ, various discussions at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject College football.

    Add {{subst:#invoke:CFB schedule/convert|subst| at the top of the table, before the {{CFB Schedule Start}} and }} to the bottom after the {{CFB Schedule End}}.

    Template:Infobox Hollywood cartoon to Template:Infobox film[edit]

    TFD, request

    Params to remove[edit]

    • series
    • preceded_by
    • followed_by

    Params to rename[edit]

      • |cartoon_name= converted to |name=
      • |image size= converted to |image_size=
      • |story_artist= and |story artist= converted to |story=
      • |voice_actor= and |voice actor= converted to |starring=
      • |musician= converted to |music=
      • |layout artist= converted to |layout_artist=
      • |background artist= converted to |background_artist=
      • |release_date= and |release date= converted to |released=
      • |color process= converted to |color_process=
      • |movie_language= converted to |language=

    Template:Infobox school merger with Template:Infobox UK school[edit]

    Parameters to remove[edit]

    • dcsfno
    • old_urn
    • old urn
    • dcsfurn
    • deputy_head_label
    • deputy_head
    • deputy head
    • r_deputy_head_label
    • r_deputy_head
    • approx
    • c_approx
    • native_name_lang
    • motto_pl
    • founder_pl
    • specialist_pl
    • publication_pl
    • website_name
    • bodystyle
    • image_upright
    • image2
    • alt2
    • caption2
    • image_upright2
    • size2
    • scottishschoolsonline
    • gaelic_name
    • council_area
    • dms
    • fax
    • latitude
    • longitude
    • phone
    • sex

    Parameters to rename[edit]

    • street → address
    • religion → religious_affiliation
    • size → image_size
    • LEA → local_authority
    • locality → location
    • enrollment → enrolment (note change from two "l" characters to one)
    • website - only if website is populated: change to {{URL|1={{{website}}} }}. Otherwise, leave alone.