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    I have an affinity with spiders and use them frequently in avatars and other personal imagery.

    Hello, I'm Primal Chaos, an online handle which I have been using online for the last decade or so. The handle is derived from Greek mythology, referring to the initial formless mass that existed before the creation of the universe.

    I am an American college student from Austin, Texas, majoring in Computer Science. My interests include history, architecture, fine arts, literature, mythology and gaming. I am a student of Aristotlean logic and find logical fallacies irritating.

    My admitted biases include being a Gnostic Christian (which makes me both opposed to mainstream Christianity and rabid atheism) and being a progressive humanist (which sets me at odds with both old school liberalism, the Christian Right and neoconservatives). Let it never be said I walk an easy path.

    Major contributions[edit]

    Large-scale contributions that I am fairly proud of.

    • S-mine - Featured Article. One of my first contributions to Wikipedia. Months later, I went back and severely revised and expanded it, adding a period photograph and a great deal more information about the infamous Bouncing Betty German landmine. After several months of expansion and a peer review, I submitted it as a Featured Article and won the honor.
    • Lapis Niger - Seeing that this notable feature of the Roman Forum was missing an article when I was linked to a a Muslim holy relic instead, I researched and wrote a new article for it.
    • Shotgun - The History section of this article is almost entirely my work. And using mainly online information, I started the section on the specialty ammunition used for shotguns. Other users have since contributed heavily. This was my first major Wikipedia contribution.
    • Military chocolate - My single weirdest and most whimsical contribution. I particularly like the section title "Hershey At War". I resisted the temptation to add an exclamation point (!).
    • Walking City - While surfing pages related to computer CAD drawing, I found a link to an article on this fascinating 'Walking City' concept. Finding Wikipedia lacking an article, and intrigued by the concept, I added it to the melee of information. Giant walking robot cities; As ideas go, pretty damn cool.

    Other contributions[edit]

    • Bootleg turn - I'm fairly proud of how the image I made for this article turned out.
    • Space Rogue - A short article on one of my favorite computer games from my childhood. Led me to complete an article on Paul Neurath, founder of Looking Glass Studios.
    • Crypto-fascism - Article on Gore Vidal's concept of crypto-fascism.
    • Crypto-Christianity - An article related to my research for crypto-fascism.
    • Pak'ma'ra - My geekiest Wiki moment ever, I contributed the section on the diet of the Pak'ma'ra, a fictional race from the sci-fi TV series Babylon 5.
    • Notre Dame de Paris - I was severely disappointed with the article on the famous cathedral when I was writing a research paper on it for an Art History course for my college degree. So, using my other research, I rewrote it following the paper's completion.

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