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My name is Peter Isotalo. I was born in Moscow in 1980 and currently live in Bandhagen, a suburb of Stockholm. I have a bachelor's degree with a major in history. I've also studied Chinese, linguistics and ethnology, all at Stockholm University (SU). I have the equivalent of a Swedish master's degree in archival science from SU.

I mostly work on history-related articles, but have ventured into other areas within the humanities, with occasional forays into other topics.

I have been active on Wikipedia since January 2005.

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Peasants pressing green grapes
Peasants pressing green grapes
A burning cigarette
A burning cigarette
The Galley Subtle as depicted in the Anthony Roll
The Galley Subtle as depicted in the Anthony Roll
Salvage of the Mary Rose in October 1982
Salvage of the Mary Rose in October 1982
Sailing ships battling one another with one on fire.
Painting of the battle of Öland by Claus Møinichen
Line drawing of a square-rigged sailing ship with three masts


The Blondin award of good balance
You have been presented with the prestigious Blondin Award for walking the tightrope with
grace amongst the interwikis. The image represents the amazing Charles Blondin carrying
Jimbo Wales safely across the Niagara Falls. Bishonen | talk 09:57, 16 March 2014 (UTC).[18]

ships, language and cuisine in history
Thank you, Peter, for using your advanced language skills for quality articles on history, such as Kronan, Swedish language and Medieval cuisine, for fighting vandalism and raising understanding for the Swedish Wikipedia, - you are an awesome Wikipedian!

--Gerda Arendt (talk) 06:57, 23 June 2014 (UTC)[19]


It is the nature of man to build the most complicated cage of rules and regulations in which to trap himself, and then, with equal ingenuity and zest, to bend his brain to the problem of wriggling triumphantly out again.

— Barbara Henisch, Fast and Feast: Food in Medieval Society

What the... That's like asking a flock of gulls about where to find something to eat!

— Swedish satirist Jan Berglin about the fact that Wikipedia is written by its own readers

The foundation of this website is to allow all the world's know-it-alls to meet in an ever-lasting joust where everyone is a winner; the know-it-alls can satisfy their self-importance by writing about what they know, everyone else get to share in their knowledge when they feel like it, and neither is forced to socialize.

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