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    Country Singapore
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    JoinedAugust 7, 2013; 9 years ago (2013-08-07)
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    The Wikipedia Adventure

    Hi there! My name is Paper9oll (joined August 7, 2013) and I'm a Singaporean Wikipedian. My name derives from "paper" and "doll" which is collectively pronounced as "paperdoll". I mainly edits articles related to South Korean entertainment industry, aviation, trains, automobiles, buses, and technology. In addition, I'm also a recent changes patroller, pending changes reviewer, and semi-protected edit requests patroller.

    If you have any question pertaining to your edits, needed help on editing or needed advice, please head over to my talk page.

    Articles I've created

    No. Title Year
    12013 Mnet Asian Music Awards2013
    2Genting SkyWorlds
    3Kim Jae-kyung2014
    4Go Woo-ri
    5Keep Running (TV series)
    6Shin Ji-min
    7I (Taeyeon EP)2015
    82015 Mnet Asian Music Awards
    9Pyeongchang station2019
    11Korail Class 210000
    12Seoul Metro 2000 series (VVVF)
    1330th Seoul Music Awards
    14Ha Do-kwon2021
    15SR Corporation
    16Confidential Assignment 2: International
    17Forever (Aespa song)
    18Aston Martin AMR21
    19Lee Young-ji
    20Shin Rin-ah
    21List of awards and nominations received by The Boyz
    22Han Ji-hyun
    24I'm (EP)
    25Jung Hye-in
    26Next Level (Aespa song)
    27A Page
    28Lovin' (EP)
    29Hello (Joy EP)
    30Last Melody
    32Hello (Joy song)
    33Je T'aime (Joy song)
    34Day by Day (Joy song)
    35If Only (Joy song)
    36Perfect World (Twice album)
    37Weekend (Taeyeon song)
    38The Witch's Diner
    39Naver TV
    40The King's Affection
    41Monster Union
    42Jung Hyun-young
    43Lee Eun-ji (swimmer)
    44Moon Seung-woo
    45Kim Woo-min
    46Lee Yoo-yeon
    47Queendom (EP)
    48Baek Seo-yi
    49Second (song)
    51Hate That...
    52The One and Only (South Korean TV series)
    53Crazy in Love (Itzy album)
    54Work Later, Drink Now
    55Stereotype (STAYC song)
    56ASAP (STAYC song)
    57Kim Joo-ryoung
    58Lee Yoo-mi
    59Jo Yu-ri
    60Savage (EP)
    61Loco (Itzy song)
    62Business Proposal
    63Glassy (single album)
    64Savage (Aespa song)
    652021 Mnet Asian Music Awards
    6631st Seoul Music Awards
    6736th Golden Disc Awards
    68Eleven (Ive song)
    69Light a Wish
    70Reborn Rich
    71My Liberation Diary
    722021 Winter SM Town: SMCU Express
    73SM Town Live 2022: SMCU Express at Kwangya
    74Military Prosecutor Doberman2022
    75First Impact
    76Wa Da Da
    77Jinxed at First
    78The Killer's Shopping List
    79Can't Control Myself (Taeyeon song)
    80Midnight Guest
    81DM (song)
    82Crazy Love (2022 TV series)
    84INVU (album)
    85Beam of Prism
    86Horn (Apink album)
    87Link: Eat, Love, Kill
    88Adamas (TV series)
    89INVU (song)
    91Ad Mare
    92Dilemma (Apink song)
    94Eve (South Korean TV series)
    95O.O (song)
    96Thank You (Brave Girls EP)
    97Tomboy ((G)I-dle song)
    98Feel My Rhythm
    99Thank You (Brave Girls song)
    100Cleaning Up (South Korean TV series)
    101Love Dive
    102Love Dive (song)
    103Fearless (Le Sserafim EP)
    104Fearless (Le Sserafim song)
    105The Law Cafe
    106If You Say Your Wish
    107Today's Webtoon
    108Deep (EP)
    109Extraordinary Attorney Woo
    110Girls (Aespa EP)
    111Return of the Girl
    112Into the Light (EP)
    113Op.22 Y-Waltz: in Major
    115Up! (Kep1er song)
    116Flip That (song)
    117From Our Memento Box
    118Stay This Way
    119Last Sequence
    120Summer Vibe
    121Girls (Aespa song)
    122We Need Love (single album)
    123Beautiful Monster (STAYC song)
    124Love Shhh!
    125Glassy (song)
    127Vanilla (Lightsum song)
    128Forever 1
    129Forever 1 (song)
    130The Zone: Survival Mission
    131After Like (song)
    132After Like
    133Sunflower (single album)
    134Dice (Nmixx song)
    135Pandora: Beneath the Paradise
    136King the Land
    1372022 MAMA Awards
    138Troubleshooter (EP)
    139We Fresh
    140Fanletter Please
    141Antifragile (song)
    142Hush Rush
    143Op.22 Y-Waltz: in Minor
    144Red Balloon (TV series)
    145Forgive Me (EP)
    146The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday
    147Cheshire (EP)
    148Birthday (Red Velvet song)
    149Cheshire (song)
    15032nd Seoul Music Awards
    15137th Golden Disc Awards
    152Ditto (NewJeans song)
    153SM Town Live 2023: SMCU Palace at Kwangya2023
    154OMG (NewJeans song)
    155List of Running Man episodes (2023)
    156Jung Bo-min
    157Stamp on It
    158Stamp on It (song)
    159Destined With You
    160Various (EP)
    161Teddy Bear (single album)
    162Teddy Bear (STAYC song)
    163No Secrets (TV series)
    164Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938
    165O (EP)
    167I've Ive
    168Love Me Like This
    170Unforgiven (Le Sserafim album)
    171I Am (Ive song)
    172My World (Aespa EP)
    173Welcome to My World (Aespa song)
    174Unforgiven (Le Sserafim song)

    Templates I've created

    No. Title Year
    1Members of Star Cruises2018
    2Seoul Metro rolling stock2020
    3Infobox filmography list2021
    4Wendy (singer)
    5Episode counter
    6Monster Union
    7SLL (South Korean company)
    8Brave Girls2022
    9Production website
    10Jo Yu-ri
    11Infobox Korean television name2023

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