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Welcome! I've been around for a while, so I dabble in all sorts of areas, and tend to jump from one to another sporadically. My first love, though, is content creation and reviewing.

Content: There are themes here, but not domains. I write a lot about Canadian topics, music, and quirky subjects. However, I don't confine myself to these areas – everything from agriculture to warfare has crossed my contributions list.


  • FAC: I rarely support on the basis of a source or image review, although I may oppose on the basis of either. If I oppose your FAC, I'm open to revisiting if and only if the issues I point out have been addressed, either through edits to the article or with a cogent argument for or explanation of the status quo. If I give a specific example of an issue (particularly if I say "For example"), this is likely not the only occurrence of said issue in the article, and you should check for other instances before asking me to revisit. If any point in my review is unclear, feel free to ask.
  • FAR: I'm a coordinator at FAR, so I review there rarely and beg for updates and more opinions regularly. We need more reviewers. If you're reading this, go review now.
  • DYK: I occasionally review articles in preps/queues at DYK. Any found to contain serious sourcing issues (including but not limited to copyvio, extensive or blatant close paraphrasing, and extensive use of unreliable sources) will be removed unilaterally and immediately, without prior discussion.
  • Elsewhere: many of the FAC points apply. As FAC is where I am currently reviewing most often, my reviews in 'lower' areas may be too strict. If that is the case, feel free to point this out.

Other: I work as the Volunteer Coordinator for The Wikipedia Library on a contract basis, and I'm a former elected coordinator for the Military History WikiProject.