Did you know ... that the 19th-century photographer Eadweard Muybridge created more than 100,000 images for his study Animal Locomotion (example pictured) that included an ostrich and a capybara? On the main page on 16 March 2022
Did you know ... that black-on-black ware has been created by generations of Puebloan Native American ceramic artists in Northern New Mexico? On the main page on 30 December 2020
Did you know ... that the artist Robert Smithson suggested that the boulder in the center of his piece Broken Circle/Spiral Hill was a "warning from the Ice Age"? On the main page on 29 September 2021
Did you know ... that Bucket of Blood Street and the Bucket of Blood Saloon are located in a town that had a reputation as "too tough for women and churches"? On the main page on 16 June 2021
Did you know ... that the fin de siècle photographer James Reuel Smith rode his bike all over Manhattan and the Bronx to photograph the natural springs and wells of New York City before they disappeared? On the main page on 30 July 2021
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Did you know ... that Pueblo pottery has been created by Pueblo people and their antecedents in the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico for almost two thousand years? On the main page on 7 February 2021
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I am interested in many things including contemporary visual art, nuclear legacy issues, the environment, ecology, women in the arts and sciences, geological phenomena, caves and caverns, hot springs, petroglyphs, geoglyphs, shrines, ancient sites, megalithics, waste disposal and storage sites, Indigeneity and indigenous land and cultural issues, rock & roll especially women in punk rock, space-and-place, and Japanese topics related to arts and culture. Working on correcting systemic bias is of deep interest. I also periodically hang out at AfD to try to save salvageable articles on notable people/topics. I participate in several WikiProjects and occasionally attend edit-a-thon events.

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Hot springs articles created

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To do

To do[edit]


  • Maybe create TJ Lewis, a late 19th/early 20th c. Welsh Romani photographer - if sources can be found.[2], [3],

[16], Born into Táchii'nii clan (Red Running into the Water People Clan) and born for Hashk' Hadzohi (Yucca Fruit-Strung-Out-In-Aline Clan). Parents: Helen Natonabah Mc- Cabe and Peter McCabe [17], [18], Collection of the Portland Art Museum [19], [20], [21],

  • Create Alice Clark Myers (architect wife of Datus Ensign Myers), she waste of the first women to receive an architecture degree from the Chicago Art Institute [22], she designed 503 Camino del Monte Sol in 1925, on the National Register of Historic Places,[23], also[24], [25], [26],
  • Create Leonora Frances Curtin Paloheimo / Leonora Paloheimo
  • maybe create Dolores Purdy Corcoran a Caddo/Ho-Chunk ledger artist and maskmaker if enough sources are found.[30] a photo exists at File:Dolores purdy corcoran caddo.jpg
  • Of interest: Yokohama City Library digitized Firework Catalog[31], download site[32],[33], [34]
  • improve Rose Simpson [35]
  • Create article on Cassius McCormick (architect peers: John Gaw Meem and T. Charles Gaastra).
  • Maybe [37] if sources exist. She is the archive exec of Christian Boltanski.
  • Maybe create article on Valentine Schlegel, a ceramicist, if enough sources exist.
  • Create (if enough sourced found) Francis Rivera, New Mexican muralist, born 1983, founding member of Albuquerque Muralist Coalition
  • Jeremy Dennis, Shinnecock photographer
  • Find out more about this print:
    Hiroshige - Lantern Plants as Mitate of Children at Play
  • create: Casa San Ysidro: The Gutiérrez/Minge House in Corrales, NM
  • Maybe create Michael McCabe Navajo artist/printmaker b.1961 in collection of Portland Art Museum,[52] if additional collections, reviews and notable exhibitions can be found. Sadly recently deceased.
  • Maybe create Tigre Mashaal-Lively also known as Tigre Bailando if enough RS can be found. Founded Santa Fe’s Earthseed Black Arts Alliance in 2020. [53],[54], [55],
  • Excellent source for Native American artists (painters) prior to 1968:[56] Snodgrass, Jeanne O. (1968). American Indian Painters: A Biographical Directory (PDF). National Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation
  • Create article on R.G. Smith, aka Robert G. Smith, aka Robert Grant - aviation artist, created over 2000 works. An award was named for him. (see wikilink above.
  • Japanese woodblock print series Two Artists Tour the Seven Hot Springs (Sōhitsu shichitō meguri) by Utagawa Toyokuni III and Utagawa Hiroshige, 1854[64] There should be an article on this series.[65]
  • Improve sourcing on Santa Fe Film Festival
  • If enough sources can be found create article on Nathan Kensinger, urban photographer (NYC)
  • improve Paul Coze article from French (do translation) - tons of images on Commons (his photos, not the paintings or drawings)
  • translate Roland Giguère article from French [66] ---- studied printmaking at the School of Graphic Arts in Montreal; 1949 founded Éditions Erta, specialization: publication of art and poetry books. Also in 1949, first poems appeared in various magazines. 1954 to 1963: lived in Paris, was enrolled at the Estienne School of Arts and Graphic Industries, and at L'Ermitage, Johnny Friedlaender's engraving studio. Participated in activities of Phases group & surrealist movement. Collaborated in several journals: Edda (Brussels), Odradek (Liège), America française, La Barre du jour, Possibles, Liberté and Estuaire. 1970-1975, Responsible for a graphic research workshop at Laval University; same years was vice-president of Association des engravers du Québec. His paintings and engravings were then the subject of several exhibitions in Canada and abroad. 1966, Giguère received the Prix Québec-Paris, the Prix de poésie des Concours littéraires du Québec and the Grand Prix littéraire de la Ville de Montréal for L'Âge de la parole, today a classic of Quebec poetry. An independent activist, he is at the origin of the logo of the Parti Québécois, the first version of which dates back to 1968. In 1974, he refused the Governor General's award he obtained for La Main au feu. He was awarded the Paul-Émile-Borduas Prize for his body of work in art in 1982, and for his literary work, he received the Medal of the Académie des lettres du Québec in 1995 and the Athanase-David Prize in 19991. In November 2012, Quebec singer Thomas Hellman released a record book in which he sets thirteen poems by Roland Giguère to music, taken from the collections L'Âge de la parole et Temps et Lieux2. 2003 died by suicide by walking into the river. [67], [68], [69]
  • Translate Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas from Spanish [70]. Improve the sourcing [71], [72], [73] (academic journal article), [74] - more out there too.
  • Continue to improve articles on ledger art, including making articles for those artists who are notable.
  • Replace some images on Commons
  • Create List of matriarch.... article(s), maybe starting with List of matriarch potters, the Peterson book is a good place to start,[75], [76], [77], [78] ....and/or list of matriarch societies.[79]

Water issues, Hot Springs[edit]

  • Create Fifth Water Hot Springs, Three Forks Trailhead, Diamond Fork Canyon, Uinta National Forest - pix on commons & list if us hs
  • SOURCING - Hot springs books [1] [2] And Hot Springs in Northwest internet archive book: [92] and Springs of California (old USGS) [93]; and for New Mexico HS: [94] and this digital copy of the NOAA Book[95]; An old but viable book on theraputic uses of mineral waters: [96]; also Thermal: Healing with Heat - Saunas, Hot Springs & Baths. Lindsey Bro, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 2022, ISBN 978-1-7972-1857-1
  • Create article on San Marcos Spring, Cerrillos, NM
  • Create Hot springs and tuberculosis - Chasing the Cure in New Mexico: Tuberculosis and the Quest for Health, Nancy Owen Lewis, Museum of NM Press, SFE, 2016, isbn 9780890136133; Saratoga Springs, Teddy Roosevelt, etc. -- This book has a massive bibliography and list of archives. also of interest:[104]
  • Animal use of hot springs Capybara: Inaka, K., Kimura, T. Comfortable and dermatological effects of hot spring bathing provide demonstrative insight into improvement in the rough skin of Capybaras. Sci Rep 11, 23675 (2021). (open access cournal Scientific Reports (pub. by NATURE)[105] ;(monkeys, capybara, etc)[106]; and Matsuzawa, T., 2918, Hot-spring bathing wild monkeys in Shiga-Heights: origin and propagation of a cultural behavior: Primates, v. 59, p. 209-213; Takeshita, R.S.C., Bercovitch, F.B., Kinoshita, K. and Huffman, M.A., 2018, Beneficial effect of hot spring bathing on stress levels in Japanese macaques: Primates, v. 59, p. 215-225.; and [107]; [108]; [109]; [110]; [111]; [112]; scientific study of capybara use of hot springs [113]; [114]; [115]; [116]; [117]; [118] (Natl Park Service);
  • Maybe create article on Soria Moria Sauna (Dalen, Norway) designed by UK-based Norwegian architect David Fjågesund of Feste Landscape/Architecture - "part sauna, part installation": THERMAL book. (Can't seem to find a free image). Also see [130]; Thermal: Healing with Heat - Saunas, Hot Springs & Baths. Lindsey Bro, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 2022, ISBN 978-1-7972-1857-1, pages 84–87; The Manual[131]; InHabitat[132]; Wallpaper[133];
  • Create article: Termas Geométricas, near Coñaripe and/or associated hot springs in this region, as this might be the name of the establishment, and not the actual hot springs system.[3]
  • Japanese woodblock print series Two Artists Tour the Seven Hot Springs (Sōhitsu shichitō meguri) by Utagawa Toyokuni III and Utagawa Hiroshige, 1854[11] There should be an article on this series.[12]
  • create article on Two Artists Tour the Seven Hot Springs (Sōhitsu shichitō meguri) by Utagawa Toyokuni III and Utagawa Hiroshige, 1854
  • create article on Rosoku Onsen has the highest radium content in all of Japan, also known as Yunoshima Radium Kosen Hoyojo (Rosoku Onsen) (有限会社 湯之島ラジウム鉱泉保養所) [136],[137]
  • Create Acequia del Finado Francisco Martinez
  • Improve Beppu article and Beppu Onsen article; make article on various onsen in the Beppu region.
Government reports: USGS/US Dept. of Interior Report on watering places in the Mojave Desert[160]; BLM Report on Mojave Springs and Waterholes[161]; BLM[162]; National Park Service[163]; National Parks Conservation Association[164]
  • Add WikiProject Water template to hot springs articles
  • Create new articles for hot springs that are in town articles
  • Try creating a hot springs page template.
  • Clean up advertising spam from individual hot springs articles
  • ANother source for ALaska h.s. [165]
  • Research and create the Oracle at Delphi (not the literary novel), but the myth/folklore/historical "oracle"

Miscelaneous other stuff[edit]

  • Improve images in Ute people (images in gallery are poor quality)
  • Allan W. Anderson (July 18, 1922–March 11, 2013), scholar of Eastern religions, linguist, poet, educator. (Middle name William) He was professor emeritus of Religous Studies at San Diego State University; was full-professor, founded or helped to found (find out) the R.S. Program itself. Archive of his papers is in the special collections of SDSU Library. KPBS (California public television) aired an 18-part series of interviews between J. Krishnamurti and Allan W. Anderson.[166]. Author of several books. Archives:[167], and Biographic Note details from the archive: Born July 18, 1922 in Hastings, New Zealand, he grew up in England, later moving to the US in 1936. Education: 1944 BA in history & "general science" from Washington Missionary College; 1951 in English Lit from Trinity College (which Trinity College?); 1960 PhD from Columbia U in Philosopy of Religion. 1947-49 instructor at National Academy of Broadcasting, Wash DC; then became a radio announcer & newscaster in Hartford, CT. He also worked as a Social Worker in Hartford. 1962-1985 was a professor at SDSU, where he also was a founder of the Religious Studies department (est. 1969). Courses taught in philosophy of religion (focusing on the Chinese and Hindu canons), ethics, metaphysics, psychology and scripture. Awards: 1970, Cal State Distinguished Teaching Award (? not sure if this is notable). List of publications TK. KPBS aired hour-long 18 segments of dialogues between Anderson & J. Krishnamurti (later published as a book: A Wholly Different Way of Living (Dialogues with Krishnamurti. Other publications: On Krishnamurti's Teachings, Reflections on the I Ching, Self-Transformation and the Oracular. Founded the Metanoia discussion group in La Jolla; Berkeley Regional Seminar in Confucian Studies participant; San Diego Friends of Jung org. regular lecturer. Died March 11, 2013.
  • List of all Fungi articles: [168]
  • A good source [169]
  • Add Category:Native_American_history_of_New_Mexico to relevant articles
  • Create Montroville Wilson Dickeson was an anthropolgist, topographer and physician who excavated thousands of Native American burial mounds to collect and classify (loot) the artifacts, and also collected colonial coins found during his activities. In all he collected over 40,000 artifacts. He wrote The American Numismatic Manual of the Currency or Money of the Aborigines and Colonial, State, and United States Coins.(there;s wikidata on him but no article). [173], [174] copy here [175], [176], [177], [178], [179],
  • Create article on M&J Sanitary Tortilla Factory (New Yorker, NYTimes, ABQ Journal, several books)
  • A curious case: Paul Byron Whipkey [181], [182], more on [183] Battle Creek Enquirer:[184], Pittsburg Post Gazette[185], add to List of people who disappeared
  • Back log of unaccessed BLP Arts & Ent articles: [186]

Place & space, geography, etc.[edit]

  • create Bland, New Mexico, barren ghost town, Destroyed in the 2011 Las Conchas Fire, some foundations remain.[187], [188] 35°45'31.29"N 106°28'2.08"W. established in 1893, abandoned in early 1900s remaining structures burned in 2011. Images online:[189], [190] and other sites. Had a newspaper, the Bland Herald [191], Rio Rancho Observer article [192], [193], SFe New Mexican Ghost town a casualty of Las Conchas Fire | Local News [194], if DYK, possible hook DYK that Bland boomed before succumbing to its ghosts? that Bland was was a boomtown that succumbed to its ghosts?
  • Improve Pearl, Colorado - a yellowcake + coppermining boomtown, now a ghostown.[195], image from 1911 (out of copyright)[196], [197], NPS info here:[198], Govt printing office[199], Image uploaded to Commons of townsite, but no visible bldgs[200] Copper mining town in remote valley at the Wyoming-Colorado border 20m NW of Cowdrey in Jackson County. Had a post office from 1889 to 1919, three saloons, a hotel (still standing) ~700 residents @ peak. ~15 buildings remain. Townsite located on private property, and is posted. It looks like there are a three or four seasonal residents and one year-rounder.
  • Make article on mortar stones, rock mortars, morteros. Check to see if one exists in spanish wp. Photo by Edward Curtis of Cupeño morters:
    Cupeño mortars
  • Create article on Harold Fisk or on the Fisk Meander Maps
  • Create article on GRAV-D Gravity for the Redefinition of the American Vertical Datum [202], [203], [204], Here is a start of an article in which it's redlinked [[205]]
  • Create article on Villages flooded by the damming of the Colorado river. Chemihuevi Landing was formerly a 19th C riverboat landing when there was a vital 19th C riverboat trade on the Colorado River prior to the damming of the river at Parker Dam, that flooded the area, and buried Indian artifacts underwater. Here is an article about some diving excavations to explore Chemhuevi Landing and other landings along the Colorado R. that were flooded. The “fledgling cities” (most likely all of these were former indigencous villages, Castle Dome, Ehrenberg, Williams Fork, Mohave City, Ft. Mohave, Hardyville, Callvalle. This history is described in this newspaper article: [207] Photo of one of the Colorado riverboats. A mention of CL and some photos of the area in this book: [208] See WP article Chemehuevi Indian Tribe of the Chemehuevi Reservation; and Chemehuevi. Also [209],[210],[211],[212],[213] Not the greatest souce, but it states that Chemehuevi Landing was a former Indian Village buried under the waters of Lake Havasu, but was relocated directly across the lake from Lake Havasu City.[214]
  • Create article on Iturup Baransky volcano Hot Springs or Iturup Baransky volcano hot springs in Japanese: Sashiusu-dake (also sometimes spelled Sashuiusudake as per SI NMNH Global Volcanism Prgm) - ask Shari for help with info from a possible Russian article on the area/island/hot spring, and ?? to help with Japanese. See also: [215], [216], Iturup (Russian: Итуруп)—Etorofu Island (Japanese: 択捉島, Etorofu-tō). Photos exist on Commons.[File:Iturup Baransky volcano Hot Springs.jpg]. Geographic coords: [217] Disputed land between Japan and Russia. Also see Baransky, Kuril Islands. Some sources in English: [218], [219], [220], [221], [222], [223], [224], On diatoms in hot springs: [225], [226], [227], [228], [229], [230], [231], [232], [233], many More references:
  • Gorshkov G S, 1958. Kurile Islands. Catalog of Active Volcanoes of the World and Solfatara Fields, Rome: IAVCEI, 7: 1-99.
  • Gorshkov G S, 1970. Volcanism and the Upper Mantle; Investigations in the Kurile Island Arc. New York: Plenum Publishing Corp, 385 p.
  • IAVCEI, 1973-80. Post-Miocene Volcanoes of the World. IAVCEI Data Sheets, Rome: Internatl Assoc Volc Chemistry Earth's Interior.
  • Japan Meteorological Agency, 1996. National Catalogue of the Active Volcanoes in Japan (second edition). Tokyo: Japan Meteorological Agency, 502 p (in Japanese).
  • Japan Meteorological Agency, 2013. National Catalogue of the Active Volcanoes in Japan (fourth edition, English version). Japan Meteorological Agency.
  • Murayama I, 1987. Volcanoes of Japan (I). Tokyo: Daimedo, 315 p (2nd edition, in Japanese).
  • Nakano S, Yamamoto T, Iwaya T, Itoh J, Takada A, 2001-. Quaternary Volcanoes of Japan. Geol Surv Japan, AIST,
  • Rychagov S N, Stepanov I I, 1994. Hydrothermal system of Baransky volcano, Iturup Island: mercury behavior. Volc Seism, 16: 133-144 (English translation).
  • Smithsonian Institution-GVN, 1990-. [Monthly event reports]. Bull Global Volc Network, v 15-33.

This - [234]

The pueblos[edit]

  • Create article on Pojoaque Pueblo, as there isn't one (just on the CDP Pojoaque)
  • Useful historical map re: Puebloan languages:

  • Acoma Pueblo (Aak'u or Aco-Mah) - located in west-central New Mexico, language: Aak'u dialect of Western Keresan.
  • Cochiti Pueblo (Kotyit, or Kotyete) - located in the Rio Grande Valley, Northern New Mexico, language: Kotyit dialect of Eastern Keresan.
  • Hopi - located in northeastern Arizona, languages: Hopi, a Uto-Aztecan language; and Hopi–Tewa, a dialect of Tewa of the Tanoan language group.
  • Isleta Pueblo (Shiewhibak, or Sieh-Wibag) - located in the Rio Grande Valley, language: Southern Tiwa, a branch of the Tanoan languages.
  • Jemez Pueblo (Walatowa) - located in Northern New Mexico, speak the Jemez language Towa, a branch of the Tanoan language group.
  • Kewa Pueblo (K'i-Wa) (Santa Domingo Pueblo) - located in the Rio Grande Valley, Northern New Mexico, language: Kewa dialect of Eastern Keresan.
  • Laguna Pueblo (Kawaika, or Kah-Waik) - located in west-central New Mexico, language: Kawaika dialect of Western Keresan.
  • Nambe Owingeh (Nambé Pueblo) - located in Northern New Mexico, language: Tewa.
  • Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan Pueblo) - located in Northern New Mexico, language: Tewa.
  • Picuris Pueblo (P'įwweltha, or Pikuri) - located in Northern New Mexico, language: Northern Tiwa, a branch of the Tanoan language group.
  • P'ohwhóge Owingeh (San Ildefonso Pueblo) - locaed in Northern New Mexico, language: Tewa.
  • Pojoaque Pueblo (P'osuwaege Owingeh) - located in Northern New Mexico, language: Tewa.
  • San Felipe Pueblo (Katishtya) - located in the Rio Grande Valley, Northern New Mexico, language: Katishtya dialect of Eastern Keresan.
  • Sandia Pueblo (Tuf Shur Tia, or Na-fiat) - located in the Rio Grande Valley, language: Southern Tiwa, a branch of the Tanoan language group.
  • Santa Ana Pueblo (Tamaya) - located in Northern New Mexico, language: Tamaiya dialect of Eastern Keresan.
  • Kha'po Owingeh (Santa Clara Pueblo) - located in Northern New Mexico, language: Tewa.
  • Tesuque Pueblo (Tetsuge Owingeh) - located in Northern New Mexico, language: Tewa.
  • Taos Pueblo (Tu-tah)- located in Northern New Mexico - located in Northern New Mexico, language: Northern Tiwa, a branch of the Tanoan language group.
  • Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (Tigua Pueblo) - located in West Texas, language: Southern Tiwa, a branch of the Tanoan language group.
  • Zia Pueblo (Tsi'ya) - located in Northern New Mexico, language: Ts'ia dialect of Eastern Keresan.
  • Zuni Pueblo (A:shiwi, or Halona-Wah) - located in west-central New Mexico, language: Zuni also known as Shiwiʼma, a language isolate
  1. ^ Berry, George W.; Grim, Paul J.; Ikelman, Joy A. (1980). Thermal Spring List for the United States. Boulder, Colorardo: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Retrieved 3 January 2021.
  2. ^ Gersh-Young, Marjorie (2011). Hot Springs and Hot Pools in the Southwest. Santa Cruz, California: Aqua Thermal. ISBN 978-1-890880-09-5.
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