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    About Me[edit]

    I'm a very strange and unusual person. 'nuff said.

    Brief history of the name "Nerketur"[edit]

    When I first started using the Internet, it was way way back when AOL still had its own software. My first account, I created myself. I created it one day when my parents let me use their master account. Of course, they didn't know this, but that's a different story. That name was "nickofurr" and I still have the account (and use it) to this day. One day, I met a particular person online, and this same person allowed me to define my own name. (around 2006, before I went to college.) There were a lot of names that came around for me to choose from, but in the end, I chose Nerketur, because it "sounded right". To this day, I've kept using that name online, partly because I still don't give out my personal information online, and partly because I felt "nickofurr" was a bit childish at the time.

    Usernames used in other places[edit]


    • PikachuRPer
    • nickofurr
    • pikachu131113
    • nerketur


    • nickofurr


    • nerketur


    • nerketur.kamachi

    Second Life[edit]

    • Nerketur Kamachi


    • the1neo


    • Nerketur

    What I enjoy[edit]



    • Hateful people
    • People that don't believe in Love


    • Fixing computers
    • Programming
    • RPing