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I have been on Wikipedia since February 2006. I like to work on a variety of tasks and topics on Wikipedia, and I've been the most active with WikiProject Film and WikiProject Good Articles. I try to add some variety to the articles I work on, and although I have multiple film/actor GA/FA/FLs, I like to also improve articles on historical events or other topics that interest me. Throughout my travels, I have visited 35 states and seven countries, which has allowed me to contribute both pictures and relevant information to various areas of Wikipedia. If you ever have any questions about my edits around Wikipedia, please leave me a message on my talk page and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You stay classy, San Diego.

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Arizona California Colorado Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illionois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Louisiana Minnesota Missouri Maryland Montana Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York
North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia Wyoming
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Featured article/image/list Article/image/list name Date of promotion Article/image/list before
I started
Article/image/list at
Why I did it
Arnold Schwarzenegger filmography March 7, 2009 Begin Pass I wanted to bring an Arnold Schwarzenegger film up to GA, but figured working on his entire filmography would be better. In addition, I wanted to make an attempt at writing my first FL.
Charlton Heston image January 4, 2011 Begin Pass After the portrait was previously passed as an FP, I digitally retouched the image per suggestions in the FPC. The practice helped me with restoring other images I've come across.
Clint Eastwood filmography April 4, 2009 Begin Pass I had watched a lot of Clint Eastwood films in months prior to working on this list, and wanted to improve the filmography of this American cinema icon to FL status.
Ernest Borgnine image July 27, 2010 Begin Pass I stumbled across the image while adding another to his page. The interesting pose made for great EV and was worth taking a shot at nominating.
Little Miss Sunshine September 27, 2008 Begin Pass A great film and interesting cast. The article had a great start to it, and I just pushed it further up to GA in February 2008. I eventually brought it up to A-class status on August 11, 2008 before reaching FA status on its second nomination. On January 20, 2011, the 5th anniversary of its Sundance Film Festival premiere, the article was featured on the main page.
National Film Registry August 18, 2009 Begin Pass I figured that WP:FILM could use another FL, but didn't want to do another filmography. I stumbled upon this list, and found the topic interesting.
Oklahoma City bombing June 30, 2009 Begin Pass The bombing happened two hours away from where I was living, and I visited the site several months later. This was the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil prior to 9/11, and I believe to be an important moment in American history. I first brought the article to GA on March 5, 2007 before reaching FA on June 30, 2009. On April 19, 2010, the 15th anniversary of the event, the article was featured on the main page.
Raid at Cabanatuan August 31, 2010 Begin Pass After watching The Great Raid, I was interested in improving the article about the daring rescue. This was the first article I worked on that had all free images and predominately book sources. The article reached GA-class on April 8, 2010 and A-class on June 9, 2010.
Stephen Merchant image December 25, 2010 Begin Pass I contacted the actor's publicist and received this high-quality image. I was really impressed with the pose and the high resolution and nominated it for FP.
Tallest buildings in San Diego June 2, 2009 Begin Pass After seeing similar FLs for other cities, I figured San Diego should have one as well. I spent a day walking all through downtown to take pictures of the majority of the buildings. I knew very little about the buildings before starting to work on the list, but now I can easily find my way all through downtown thanks to my knowledge of the locations of these buildings.
Tropic Thunder November 3, 2009 Begin Pass One of my favorite films from 2008. I worked on this up to its release and was able to secure several free images for the article. I first brought the article to GA on October 4, 2008 and then A-class on January 27, 2009. On August 13, 2011, the 3rd anniversary of the film's opening release, the article was featured on the main page.


Good articles Article name Date of pass Article before
I started
Article at
Why I did it
1997 Red River Flood
in the United States
November 19, 2007 Begin Pass This occurred shortly after I moved to Grand Forks AFB, and I wanted to provide more coverage of the natural disaster.
Accounting ethics June 19, 2009 Begin Pass After graduating with a degree in accounting, I decided to develop an article on the topic. I discovered this article, and since it was only a few sentences long, I figured that it definitely needed to be expanded. Hopefully the article is now a better resource for current and future accountants.
Ben Stiller January 21, 2007 Begin Pass One of my favorite comedic actors.
The Blues Brothers December 21, 2006
(with assistance of CTOW)
Begin Pass One of my favorite films; I collaborated with other WP:FILMS members including Hoverfish.
Bruce Willis July 1, 2007 Begin Pass Another one of my favorite actors.
Clint Eastwood January 30, 2011 Begin Pass An American icon who has had quite an impact on various areas of film. I collaborated with Dr. Blofeld who had already nearly fully developed the article.
Deep Impact
July 6, 2007 Begin Pass After reading the article and it already being in good shape, I complied more sources and pushed it to GA.
Drew Carey December 9, 2006 Begin Pass One of my favorite television comedic actors.
Enron scandal September 24, 2009 Begin Pass Article already had a great start to it, and as the scandal was such an important event to the accounting industry, it deserved a better article.
Evan Almighty July 12, 2007 Begin Pass Did not care for the film too much, but the article had a good start to it, so I pulled together multiple sources in a day and brought it up to GA.
Forrest Gump July 4, 2009 Begin Pass One of my favorite films that deserved a better article. I worked on the article as part of the WP:FILMS July 2009 article improvement drive.
Gladiator (2000 film) March 23, 2007
(with assistance of CTOW)
Begin Pass One of my favorite films; I collaborated with other WP:FILMS members on the article.
Grindhouse May 7, 2007 Begin Pass One of my favorite films (still waiting for the full DVD!).
History of San Diego State University January 29, 2009 Begin Pass Shortly before I was to graduate, I became more interested in the history of my university and worked on creating this article.
Hot Fuzz August 14, 2007 Begin Pass An enjoyable film; I worked on compiling a bunch of sources over a few days and brought it to GA.
James Jabara September 3, 2011 Begin Pass Stumbled across this article while uploading images for the pilot, and significantly expanded it over a weekend.
Jumper June 21, 2008 Begin Pass Not a favorite film, but I had previously worked on it prior to its release. I gathered more sources and pushed it to GA.
Kenneth M. Taylor February 19, 2008 Begin Pass After reading his obituary, I was moved by his bravery during the Pearl Harbor attack, and finally brought it up to GA a few months later. I scoured both the Internet and my campus's library to find what I could on this amazing pilot.
Leslie Nielsen April 19, 2007 Begin Pass Improved this after betting some friends I could bring it up to GA after we had watched The Naked Gun trilogy.
Live Free or Die Hard December 3, 2007 Begin Pass This article was well on its way to GA, and I worked on adding a few more sources to get it there.
Matt Damon September 20, 2007 Begin Pass A great actor who needed a better article.
Samuel L. Jackson December 4, 2006 Begin Pass My first GA, and one of my favorite actors. Multiple nominations of this article taught me about the GA process, and jump started my interest in bringing other articles up to GA.

Snakes on a Plane December 20, 2006 Begin Pass My first film GA, about an interesting film phenomenon. I wish it had done better at the box office...
Toy Story March 20, 2009 Begin Pass One of my favorite films when I was a kid, and I worked to expand on the existing information and add more sources to help it reach GA.