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Automatically protects high-risk templates and modules, as specified in the configuration.

checkY Enabled

To disable, set /Run to anything other than true (link)

Errors are logged at /Error log


The configuration file lives at /config. Any changes will require the intervention of an administrator. You can make requests either on the config talk page using the {{edit fully-protected}} template, or at the Administrators' noticeboard. Please include links to relevant discussions.


This contains the thresholds for each available protection level. The available protection levels (keys) include sysop, templateeditor, extendedconfirmed, and autoconfirmed. The values represent the threshold, which is the number of transclusions at which the page should be placed under the specified protection. If the bot should never use a given protection level, set the threshold to null. Naturally, thresholds should increase relative to the protection level. For instance, if extendedconfirmed is set to 500, then template should be greater than 500.

Any changes to the thresholds should represent consensus established at the Administrators' noticeboard.


This is a list of pages that the bot should ignore entirely. The key should be the fully qualified page title, including the namespace. Spaces and underscores within the page title can be used interchangeably. The value is a string that can be used to leave a comment summarizing why you excluded the page. If you feel no comment is needed, leave a blank string as the value, as with "".


Excludes pages matching the given regular expression. Add (?i) at the front of your regex string to make it case-insensitive. Escaped characters must be double-escaped when entering it, e.g. type \\s instead of \s.


This specifies the number of days the bot should wait after a previous protection level change (by another admin) before taking further action. For example, if the value is 7, and User:Admin adds or changes the protection of Template:Foo, the bot will ignore Template:Foo entirely for a week.


IDs of namespaces the bot should check. This should only include namespaces where such pages are commonly transcluded.


The protection summary. The same summary will be used regardless of the protection level or what namespace the page is in. $1 will be replaced with the number of transclusions.