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Carries out the weekly maintenance duties involved with the articles for improvement project.

checkY Enabled

To disable, set /Run to anything other than true (link)

Errors are logged at /Error log


Functionality can be tweaked at /config. Configuration data is in the form of JSON.


  • Do not modify the config files unless you have a basic understanding of JSON
  • Read the documentation first.
  • Do not change the key values.
  • Keys should always be strings, e.g. use "option": true instead of option: true.
  • Strings should be wrapped in double-quotes, e.g. "option" instead of 'option'.
  • Boolean values must be either true or false with no quotations around it.
  • Numerical values must be integers with no quotations around it.
  • The last key/value pair within a hash or the value value in an array must not have a comma at the end of it
  • Essentially if the JSON editor interface says there are any syntax errors or warnings, you have done something wrong