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Hello! I'm Mr. Stradivarius, and I've been editing Wikipedia since 2010. I started out by editing articles on second-language acquisition and language education, but these days I am mostly involved in writing Lua modules and templates. I started learning Lua in 2013, and I've now written more modules than I have articles; check below for an (incomplete) list.

I became an administrator in August 2012 (my RfA) and I help out with administrative tasks from time to time. You are most likely to spot me patrolling Category:Wikipedia protected edit requests or working at requests for page protection. If you have any questions about an administrative action that I've taken, please feel free to ask me about it on my talk page. If I've done something stupid I'll be happy to reverse whatever I have done. (And if it's particularly stupid you can leave me a nice, fresh trout-slap.)

Also, if you were wondering about my username: the "Mr." is so that people can avoid using things like s/he when talking about me, and "Stradivarius" is the name of a camel I once owned. (True story.) That, and I play the violin, although the one I play isn't actually a Stradivarius. A lot of editors here call me "Strad" for short, but I'll answer to most things.

Pages created[edit]

Applied linguistics[edit]


Pages expanded[edit]

These are pages that I have significantly expanded or re-written:



Lua modules[edit]

Modules created[edit]

(List generated from this query on Quarry)

Module Creation date
Module:Administrators' noticeboard archives 2013-07-03
Module:Album ratings 2015-07-08
Module:Anchor 2013-12-15
Module:Arbcom election banner 2013-11-02
Module:Archive list 2013-07-02
Module:Arguments 2013-12-07
Module:Armenian 2013-08-16
Module:Article history 2014-10-14
Module:British regnal year 2013-08-19
Module:Caselist 2014-11-20
Module:Cat main 2014-06-27
Module:Category handler 2013-06-25
Module:Category see also 2017-05-12
Module:Check DYK hook 2020-10-25
Module:Class 2015-01-26
Module:Class mask 2015-01-16
Module:Clickable button 2 2014-06-10
Module:Collapsible list 2013-07-11
Module:Convert character width 2013-08-25
Module:Csdcheck 2013-03-21
Module:Current RfX 2014-01-30
Module:Current events calendar 2014-02-03
Module:DYK checklist 2016-11-05
Module:DYK nompage links 2014-06-26
Module:Delink 2013-04-03
Module:Demography 2014-01-19
Module:Drvlinks 2014-11-01
Module:Energy meter 2015-04-14
Module:Error 2013-03-28
Module:Exponential search 2015-02-25
Module:FeaturedTopicSum 2014-10-18
Module:File link 2014-05-30
Module:Find sources 2014-09-26
Module:Fixme 2013-08-20
Module:For loop 2013-06-10
Module:GAN link 2016-12-15
Module:Good article topics 2014-02-19
Module:Hatnote 2014-04-15
Module:Highest archive number 2014-10-05
Module:Highlighted date list 2015-03-26
Module:IP 2016-07-12
Module:IPAc-en 2015-06-17
Module:Icon 2015-01-23
Module:In5 2013-06-27
Module:IncrementParams 2013-06-13
Module:Indent 2013-06-26
Module:InterwikiTable 2013-04-09
Module:Interwiki extra 2013-08-04
Module:Italic title 2013-06-17
Module:Japanese calendar 2013-08-20
Module:Jf-JSON 2016-09-15
Module:List 2013-11-13
Module:Listen 2014-06-02
Module:Lua-mock 2019-05-01
Module:Lua banner 2014-06-03
Module:Mass notification 2014-07-01
Module:Message box 2013-09-19
Module:Mock title 2021-02-21
Module:Multi-section link 2015-03-23
Module:NLLDivisionStanding 2016-03-30
Module:NLL game log 2015-09-17
Module:Namespace detect 2013-06-24
Module:NewDYKnomination 2015-03-30
Module:No ping 2014-02-12
Module:Ns has subpages 2014-12-10
Module:NumberSpell 2014-01-13
Module:Official website 2016-01-05
Module:Outdent 2014-03-07
Module:PTV route 2015-08-10
Module:Page tabs 2013-12-20
Module:Pagelist 2013-07-09
Module:Pagetype 2013-10-23
Module:ParameterCount 2015-11-24
Module:Parameter names example 2014-07-17
Module:Portal 2013-03-30
Module:Portal bar 2013-09-14
Module:Progress box 2015-05-14
Module:Protected edit request 2013-09-30
Module:Protection banner 2014-02-25
Module:Purge 2015-05-14
Module:RFPP 2014-05-13
Module:RFX table 2013-07-26
Module:Random 2013-11-12
Module:Random portal component 2013-11-29
Module:Redirect hatnote 2014-05-06
Module:Repr 2021-02-21
Module:Request redirect 2015-07-22
Module:Requested move 2014-02-17
Module:RfX template maker 2014-01-30
Module:Rfx 2013-07-15
Module:Roman 2013-08-16
Module:STikiLeaderboard 2013-06-07
Module:ScribuntoUnit 2013-12-05
Module:Search link 2014-10-01
Module:Section link 2014-12-09
Module:Sensitive IP addresses 2016-08-23
Module:Series overview 2016-07-06
Module:Set 2013-12-20
Module:Shortcut 2014-03-07
Module:Side box 2014-06-01
Module:Signpost 2015-03-01
Module:Signpost poll 2015-03-06
Module:Su 2014-06-17
Module:Subject bar 2013-10-14
Module:Submit an edit request 2014-06-10
Module:Suppress categories 2013-07-05
Module:TOCyears 2014-10-03
Module:TableTools 2013-12-15
Module:Table row counter 2014-06-21
Module:Tasks 2014-06-12
Module:Template invocation 2014-11-23
Module:Template test case 2014-11-21
Module:Tlm 2014-01-12
Module:Toolbar 2013-06-11
Module:Top icon 2015-03-27
Module:Track gauge 2013-07-30
Module:Track listing 2015-10-20
Module:URL to diff 2015-01-01
Module:Urltowiki 2013-04-08
Module:User 2014-04-06
Module:UserLinks 2013-06-12
Module:Userbox 2014-01-05
Module:WikiProjectBanner 2013-06-06
Module:Xpsoc 2014-10-28
Module:Year in various calendars 2013-08-16

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